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SCP-2785 following a SCP-2785-1 event on 01/14/2014. Foundation markings redacted.

Item #: SCP-2785

Object Class: Humanoid

Containment Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The current instance of SCP-2785 is to be kept within a standard Euclid-class containment cell without furnishings. Observation of SCP-2785 is to take place using security cameras behind bulletproof glass. SCP-2785 does not require sustenance. No materials containing metal of any kind are allowed within SCP-2785's cell. The outer layer of SCP-2785's cell is to be lined with a layer of lead that is to be inspected biweekly for damages.

SCP-2785 has displayed a marked interest in mathematics and engineering; as a reward for good behavior, it may be provided with textbooks in these subjects and non-metallic contraptions. These materials should not contain any information dated after 1960.

Containment Breach Protocol: SCP-2785 poses little to no danger to anyone except for itself in the event of a site-wide containment breach. If found, it should be routed to the nearest secured exclusion area and preferably kept away from electronics. Security personnel should only exercise force on SCP-2785 if it makes its way towards any computer installations.

If an SCP-2785-1 event occurs during a containment breach, the materials used must be cataloged and any new capabilities of SCP-2785 must be audited.

Description: SCP-2785 is a fully functional automaton made entirely out of mechanical parts. SCP-2785 is 1.2 meters tall and is fully capable of movement and speech1. Although SCP-2785's appearance varies, it has always maintained a humanoid shape. When not in the process of an SCP-2785-1 event, SCP-2785 is polite to Foundation staff, often offering to help when it feels that it is needed.

The internal core of SCP-2785 appears to be a set of three gears, colored a light shade of green. It appears to be the source of SCP-2785's anomalous properties, using an unknown energy source to power SCP-2785. Direct analysis is impossible, as SCP-2785 has stated that removing this core would likely render the anomaly inert. However, long distance analysis has implied that the core is made of organic material.

Once a year, on January 17th, starting at 0412, SCP-2785 will enter an SCP-2785-1 event. This event occurs in four phases:

  • Collection: SCP-2785 will move around to find suitable materials in the general vicinity. While in this trance state, SCP-2785 will disregard personnel, and has been noted to actively avoid obstacles in the search of materials. These materials are usually various metals, types of rocks and strips of cloth. Once SCP-2785 has a collection of materials deemed suitable, it will move on to the next phase.
  • Construction: SCP-2785 will use said materials to construct the basic frame of a similarly shaped automaton. SCP-2785 has often used its bare hands to craft tools2 for use in this construction.
  • Transfer: SCP-2785 will then take its core out of its chest cavity and put it into the automaton. Approximately eight seconds later, SCP-2785 will cease animation, and the new automaton will begin moving. For all intents and purposes, this new automaton is now SCP-2785, as the previous instance of SCP-2785 no longer demonstrates anomalous properties.
  • Finalization: SCP-2785 will transfer internal parts, such as gear systems and previous modifications, from the previous instance of SCP-2785 to itself. When SCP-2785 has been completed, it will resume its former behavior.

In all recorded SCP-2785-1 events, 25% have resulted in a new SCP-2785 instance with no notable changes, while 75% have resulted in variable changes designed to improve SCP-2785. Some of these changes include replacement of one of SCP-2785's hooks that was formerly used to manipulate objects with a fully functional, humanlike hand, shrinkage of SCP-2785, implementation of several clockwork devices, replacing a portion of SCP-2785's system of gears and pullies, replacement of its left hand with one of several tools (this improvement is the most common of SCP-2785's improvements), and implementation of electronic devices within SCP-2785, replacing several of its mechanical components. This includes motors, various sensors, and processing units.


Inner electronic components of SCP-2785. Recovered from a former instance of SCP-2785.

Addendum 2785.1:

Records have shown that SCP-2785 was created in 1954 by Russian engineer Kolya Baranov. After his wife had a miscarriage, Baranov fell into depression, and spent most of his time creating sculptures. He created an approximate 82 sculptures out of various materials, one of these sculptures being SCP-2785. None of these sculptures have shown any anomalous properties except for SCP-2785. Baranov disappeared at some point in 1956. KGB records indicate that Baranov was under observation as a person of interest. However, any further records, including those of Baranov's fate, have since been destroyed.

SCP-2785 came to the Foundation's attention in 1960, when denizens of the village of Visoko, Bosnia reported a "monstrosity made out of metal" stealing their belongings. SCP-2785 was captured by the Foundation and brought to Area-44, where it remained until the construction of Site-91 in 1963, when it was then moved there at the request of Project Supervisor Daniels. SCP-2785 has been in Foundation custody for 43 years and has undergone a corresponding number of SCP-2785-1 events.

Addendum 2785.2:

Addendum 2785.3:

On 01/15/2014, two days prior to an SCP-2785-1 event, SCP-2785 requisitioned a large amount of copper for its transformation, in addition to other metals. However, for the first time in its containment, SCP-2785 did not requisition cloth or wood parts.

The SCP-2785-1 event took three hours longer than usual, mostly due to SCP-2785 using its tools to shape materials into electronic devices, then integrating them into the new instance of SCP-2785.

When SCP-2785 was interviewed following the event, SCP-2785 reported that it had wanted to match its progress with that of contemporary machines. Following this event, the gap between SCP-2785-1 events shortened from one year to thirty days, though SCP-2785 requisitioned far less material for these events. Exposing SCP-2785 to modern electronics is strictly forbidden from this point.

Addendum 2785.4:

As of 07/21/2014, SCP-2785 has integrated electronic components fully into its form, replacing about 94.61 percent4 of its mechanical components. Radio analysis has revealed that SCP-2785's core no longer spins in its former fashion; rather, it emits electricity at approximately 250 volts. Some upgrades to itself include replacing gear systems with electronic motors, replacement of its tool hand (which was formerly a shovel), with a regular hand, though with several more tools integrated into it, and the replacement of its mechanical voice-box with an electronic synthesizer.

On 08/23/2014, SCP-2785 asked to meet with SCP-1360, asserting that it wanted to "make sure it wasn't sad anymore". It is of note that SCP-2785 was not informed of SCP-1360's existence. An observation of SCP-2785's innards revealed an electric signal interception system in the model of a standard Foundation radio. This created the possibility of SCP-2785 gaining knowledge of technologies with the potential of causing a containment breach. SCP-2785's containment procedures have since been revised.

Addendum 2785.5:

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