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Item #: SCP-2783

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Complete information regarding SCP-2783 is restricted to individuals with Level 5 Security Clearance. Physical access to SCP-2783 is likewise restricted to personnel with Level 5 Security Clearance and requires Overseer permission. Personnel assigned to SCP-2783 must undergo appropriate amnestic therapy upon reassignment. Exploration must be carried out by personnel qualified in basic extradimensional exploration procedures. Standard non-hostile environment exploration equipment and supplies are required for all explorations. Man-portable exploration drones, man-powered vehicles (such as bicycles), and other surveying equipment may also be permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Description: SCP-2783 is an extradimensional anomaly accessible through the door of the former Laboratory 37 of the Artificial Intelligence Wing at Site-43. Individuals who cross the threshold of Laboratory 371 will be transported to a location outside of regular three-dimensional space.2 GPS tracking devices identify the location as existing in a tomb in southern Iraq. Foundation archaeologists have identified several artifacts connected to at least two previously undocumented pre-Mesopotamian civilizations at this site. Joint Foundation-ORIA quarantine of the area was put into effect shortly after discovery.3 No physical evidence of SCP-2783 has been uncovered at this location to date.

The interior of SCP-2783 visually resembles a graveyard. Subjects manifest inside of a fence approximately 1 meter past a gate; walking through this gate returns subjects to the Artificial Intelligence Wing at Site-43. Subjects have reported a variety of disparate, mutually exclusive conditions within SCP-2783.4 These disparities include climate and meteorological conditions within SCP-2783, generally conforming to contemporary seasonal conditions typical of the current subject's place of birth, or a locale they strongly culturally identify with. All graves in SCP-2783 are near-uniformly marked, with markers again conforming to customs typical in the current subject's place of birth. Many subjects have noted an apparent similarity to military graveyards. All epitaphs and other markings are in the current subject's native language. All graves have, to date, remained consistently dedicated to the same or similar persons.

Graves will always appear in square grids, 300 graves to a side, 90,000 graves per grid. For ease of documentation, grids are assigned a two-letter designation with individual graves given a numeric designation. For a full map of the interior of SCP-2783 with current grids and grave numbers, consult Document SCP-2783/B.

The number of graves increases at a seemingly arbitrary rate, with the apparent borders of the graveyard expanding to accommodate these changes and new grids beginning as necessary. At time of writing, SCP-2783 contains an estimated one million graves. The border of SCP-2783 is a fence or other marker that also conforms to customs from the current subject's place of birth. All attempts to pass this barrier to date have failed. The apparent climate outside the borders of the graveyard appears to match the climate within.

Ground-penetrating radar tests indicate that approximately 30% of graves contain human remains; the remaining 70% are unoccupied. The significance of this is unknown.

Origins/Recovery: On 13 October ████, simultaneous Containment failures of on-site copies of SCP-079, SCP-2522, and SCP-2999-A occurred as cognition testing was being conducted with Marvin.aic and experiments were being conducted with SCP-1073 samples. Recovered data and audio logs and security footage indicate that SCP-███, SCP-████, and SCP-████-█ had pre-coordinated the containment breach through as-yet undiscovered means. While a full timeline of events has not yet been established, it has been determined that ██████.aic and SCP-1073 provided assistance to site security that proved essential in limiting damage caused by the mass breach. ██████.aic was rendered inoperable, all SCP entities were neutralized, and three site security personnel were killed as a result of this incident.

Following the recovery of the remains of the deceased site security personnel, materials relating to the terminated SCP entities and AI construct were moved to a secure locker within Laboratory 37. Following the conclusion of the incident investigator's shift, the Laboratory was locked. When maintenance personnel attempted to enter the Laboratory in order to inspect and clean it, the anomaly was triggered and site security notified.

Following initial explorations into the anomaly, current containment procedures were put into effect with Level 5 security measures being effected following more extensive exploration.

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Exploration Log 926:

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