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618 Evergreen St., photographed during pre-containment evaluation.

Item #: SCP-2780

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The house containing SCP-2780 is to be occupied by Foundation security officers belonging to the Temporal Division to prevent unauthorized access. To prevent unnecessary attention from neighbors and municipal authorities, the on-site security officers should portray themselves as a couple in a committed relationship to all neighbors and passers-by; the house will be deeded in their name for legal purposes. All doors, windows, and locks have been upgraded to bullet- and shatterproof variations. Security officers are encouraged to continue regular maintenance of the house over the years of occupation duty. The Foundation will arrange a transfer of possession between sets of security personnel that resembles conventional moving-out and moving-in activities over the course of the Foundation's period of active occupation.

To avoid potential manifestation of temporal paradoxes, the Foundation must cease active occupation of the house by 2089 February 11 and put the house for sale. The Foundation must also ensure that the house is purchased by Sahrah Fulvia at an affordable price (no more than 14,000 AND, slightly below median rates in the neighborhood). Recording devices throughout the house will continue monitoring activity within the house to ensure that the timeline remains coherent.

The rear bedroom of the house (the active zone of SCP-2780) is to be monitored for continued activity during present containment. Because SCP-2780 was contained successfully on 2016 August 06, based on the Foundation's current understanding of the anomaly, Foundation agents should be able to arrest Sahrah Fulvia, remove her nightstand, and resume active occupation of the house by 2091 August 06 without consequences to the timeline. However, because Sahrah Fulvia appears to remain in the house without any Foundation intervention as late as 2092 April 30 (based on the time of this writing + 75 years) and appears to have gained some awareness of the Foundation's containment efforts through unknown means,1 monitoring of SCP-2780 will continue.

Description: SCP-2780 is an auditory anomaly isolated to the rear bedroom of the house presently located at 618 Evergreen St. in Dresden, TN, United States. While in the rear bedroom of the house, an individual or recording device will hear any sounds or conversations occurring in that room at that time exactly seventy-five years in the future after that point. Individuals outside the room will not hear anything anomalous; individuals standing in the threshold of the door will hear sounds only if one or both of their ears is inside the confines of the room.

Additionally, if a brown wooden nightstand with a drawer is placed in the northeast corner of the room, with the drawer opening towards the west, an individual occupying the room seventy-five years in the future can transfer small objects into the present time. Scientific modifications of the environment have confirmed all of the particulars of this arrangement: any form of wood can be used, so long as it is brown (staining is permissible); the furniture must be a freestanding drawered object intended for placement beside a bed; the furniture must be in that particular corner (up to approximately 40 cm away from flush with either wall) and facing in that particular direction (± four degrees in any direction); otherwise no transference can occur. Evidence suggests that a similar object exists in that location in the house seventy-five years in the future; however, experimentation has not yet had the opportunity to treat the future as an independent variable.

Addendum 2780-A: Recovery Description

SCP-2780 was discovered when Foundation operatives in Region 166 (West Tennessee/Kentucky) obtained information regarding court proceedings for Breanna Renae Tucker, held on multiple charges of selling illegal substances and possession of illegal substances with intent to sell. Foundation interest was piqued by court documents that suggested that several of the substances were not identifiable by any laboratory that the court had contacted, as well as Ms. Tucker's insistence that all of the drugs were medical in nature and had no risk of dependency or addiction.

Standard methods were used to contain Ms. Tucker and erase all records of her arrest and prior existence. Ms. Tucker was initially hesitant to discuss how she procured the drugs she had been selling, but chemical interrogation yielded more comprehensive information.

Ms. Tucker informed the Foundation that she had discovered SCP-2780 after moving into the residence at 618 Evergreen St. and overhearing unusual conversation. After ruling out conventional sources for the conversation, she used careful attention to the unusual dialect and vocabulary, limited use of hallucinogenic chemicals, and some experience with common cultural tropes of time travel fiction and deduced SCP-2780's anomalous nature.

The city of Dresden, TN was at that time in the process of burying a 75-year time capsule as part of a civic pride campaign enacted after a local election. Ms. Tucker included in that time capsule a letter to be mailed to the occupant of her address in the year 2090, informing her that she was capable of overhearing her conversations in the future and proposing a trade arrangement. Ms. Tucker had already made notice of (and informed the future occupant, who she had identified as Sahrah Fulvia, about) SCP-2780's secondary effect, which she had determined after recovering several small items in her night stand and overhearing Ms. Fulvia complaining about having lost them.

Ms. Tucker proposed that Ms. Fulvia do some research into inexpensive, over-the-counter pharmaceutical items available in stores in 2090 that were significantly more expensive and difficult to acquire in 2015. Ms. Tucker included a list of suggested medicines, including antibiotics, antihistamines, antivirals, antiretrovirals, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Ms. Tucker also suggested that she could invest money in a savings account at the local Reelfoot Bank branch in Martin (a nearby town) and Ms. Fulvia would be more than repaid by 2090 by way of interest. Finally, Ms. Tucker suggested that if Ms. Fulvia wanted to continue a line of communication in chronological order, she could enter the rear bedroom, respond verbally to Ms. Tucker's letter, and then go to a predetermined location (in the back yard of the house) and dig in a particular spot to find the next message, which Ms. Tucker would write after hearing Ms. Fulvia's response.

According to Ms. Tucker, she waited in the room containing SCP-2780 until Ms. Fulvia read the letter. Ms. Fulvia entered the room and began responding audibly to Ms. Tucker, giving obvious indications of discomfort but tentatively agreeing to the core idea of Ms. Tucker's plan. However, Ms. Fulvia countered with several pieces of relevant information about the time period between 2015 and 2090 that required significant modification to the particulars of the plan, specifically:

  • the branch of Reelfoot Bank that Ms. Tucker recommended no longer existed, nor did the Reelfoot Bank Corporation as a whole; in fact, the concept of a physical bank was somewhat obsolescent by Ms. Fulvia's time
  • the American dollars that Ms. Tucker would be in possession of would be considered worthless and, in fact, possibly illegal (Ms. Fulvia was unsure as to the exact parameters of the law)
  • an ill-described2 historical epoch, referred to as "the forties thing", had caused significant internal disorder in the area presently known as the United States. As a result, Ms. Fulvia said, it would be nearly impossible to trust almost any organized institution, governmental or private, to handle money through that period of time, as nearly all of them were either destroyed, dismantled, audited, robbed, or generally became unreliable.
  • However, Ms. Fulvia suggested that if Ms. Tucker could somehow arrange for someone to intercept the payments in "early 2041", which was suggested to be the cusp of the crisis period, hold onto the money for a period of 3-4 years, convert them into a privately-backed currency known as "American New Dollars", and then invest that money in one "Arcadia Dynamics Corporation", the investments should remain intact until Ms. Fulvia's time.
  • Finally, Ms. Fulvia told Ms. Tucker that if she wanted to try the scheme regardless, she could include some amount of rare metals in her next message, which Ms. Fulvia could use as a down payment and begin the process.

Ms. Tucker told the Foundation that she replied in the next letter by including some pieces of heirloom platinum jewelry in the jar that she buried in the agreed-upon location. After burying the jar (including a message identifying where the next drop point would be), she removed the first "shipment" of pharmaceuticals from the night stand.

Ms. Tucker has, to date, buried 29 jars in various locations. Because she has received pharmaceuticals in exchange for each burial, Foundation temporal theorists strongly advice that the Foundation not interfere with or intercept the jars for fear of causing a temporal paradox. When asked by the Foundation how Ms. Tucker plans to circumvent the financial crises forecast in the 2040s, she has replied that she "got no fucking idea, but apparently I'm gonna get that shit done somehow. Or maybe you will. I guess you have to at least help, right?"

Among questions that the Foundation has not yet been able to resolve regarding SCP-2780, Foundation researchers are interested in learning:

  • who, when, and how the jars will be intercepted in the 2040s
  • when or if exactly the phenomenon will "reverse" and begin projecting into the past, rather than receiving from the future
  • why the Foundation in 2090 has not already contained or addressed SCP-2780 in any way.

Addendum 2780-B: Sample of medications recovered in Breanna Renee Tucker's possession, acquired via SCP-2780:

  • TigersporinTM brand tigecycline C sulfate ointment, manufactured by AD Pharmatech, for treatment of topical injuries.3
  • AtlasarTM brand gene therapy powder, manufactured by GMC in conjunction with AD Pharmatech; this is an athletic supplement that prevents subcutaneous fat formation and channels the excess energy into muscle generation.
  • PanadolTM brand oral antibiotic/antiviral combination capsule, manufactured by New Federated Health Industries in association with AD Pharmatech. Microscopic analysis of the chemical makeup of the Panadol sample suggested some similarities to SCP-500, though the actual function of the comparable chemical structures remains a mystery.
  • NanineTM brand fertility enhancement and pregnancy megavitamin supplement, manufactured by New Federated Health Industries in association with AD Pharmatech. Nanine releases nanoassemblers inside the human body that regulate uterine and ovarian conditions to improve odds of fertilization, prevent eccyesis, reduce blood pressure and release endorphins to reduce physical symptoms of stress, and artificially introduce essential neonatal vitamins, nutrients, and protein into the bloodstream. The box containing the single blister pack of Nanine also advertised that it reduced the likelihood of pre-eclampsia by 85% and spontaneous miscarriage by 82% in clinical trials.
  • CastrotineTM brand sexual cessator. No manufacturer listed. Disrupts production of all hormones involved in sexual desire or expression. A notice on the side of the box references a coupon that can cancel the price of this medication if it has been required by court or company order.
  • BasesineTM brand antianxiety drugs from AD Pharmatech. Testing suggests that the drug may act on certain inactive neurotransmitters in the human brain and effectively heighten latent telepathic abilities in humans, causing humans under its influence to better recognize how they are perceived by individuals around them, reducing personal insecurity and anxiety. The packaging recommends taking it in conjunction with "LevelonTM brand neurostabilizers, also available from AD Pharmatech".
  • Several tubes of generic moisturizing lotion with tigecyclin sulfate supplements and vitamins evidently designed to rapidly heal and disinfect self-inflicted scratch damage related to a disease known as "sarcoplasmosis". Phrasing on the label suggests this is the most effective treatment for "sarcoplasmosis" yet developed, and mentions that it is safe for "emergency application directly onto optical and genital membranes." The vocabulary and level of detail in the instructions on the tube suggest it is meant to be applied to the patient by a friend without medical training, likely in a non-medical facility with many other individuals with the same affliction.
  • Several packages of "T", generic testosterone supplements, completely unmarked other than a government warning against overuse from "Dixieland Federated HSA".
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