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Item #: SCP-2778

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-2778's stationary nature and its existence within Anomalous Item Research Site 4 (AIRS-4), minimal containment procedures are necessary. A new D-Class restroom has been constructed on the floor below SCP-2778, and D-Class personnel previously assigned to AIRS-4 have been reassigned to different projects. A standard Level-3 passcode lock has been placed on the door leading to SCP-2778 to prevent unauthorized entry.

Description: SCP-2778 is a spatiotemporal anomaly comprising the entirety of the D-Class restroom at Anomalous Item Research Site 4. This anomaly appears to be accessible only to D-Class personnel assigned to AIRS-41. Only one subject can enter SCP-2778 at any time. Interviews with D-Class personnel have resulted in a general description of the interior of SCP-2778; however, these descriptions should be considered unreliable, due to the inability of Foundation researchers to investigate the anomaly.

When a D-Class subject enters SCP-2778, they vanish from AIRS-4. Communication and recording devices cease to function immediately upon entering SCP-2778. D-Class subjects report appearing in the entryway of an approximately 2800 square foot ranch-style house, which consists of three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, living room, entry hall, and garage. Full floor plans based on D-Class testimony can be found in Document-2778-3. Windows and doors which lead outdoors cannot be opened, with the exception of the front door, which opens onto a solid plane of soft white light. Passing through this light returns the subject to AIRS-4. The time of day and weather within SCP-2778 match that at AIRS-4 at the time of entry, and follow normal patterns after entry. Walls throughout SCP-2778 are white or off-white, and furnishings are described as similar to those found in model homes. Electricity and water are functional, but there are no internet, cable, and telephone connections. The kitchen contains a full stock of fresh foods, and the living room contains a large number of books, films, and music.

While within SCP-2778, subjects experience a temporal dilation of approximately 60:1, allowing D-Class personnel to spend several hours at a time within SCP-2778 unnoticed by Foundation staff prior to the anomaly's discovery. When SCP-2778 is unoccupied for at least 12 minutes, the contents of SCP-2778 'reset', replacing any consumed items or removed objects and repairing damage caused by previous occupants. SCP-2778 also 'updates' at irregular intervals, adding new foods and recently released media. Objects weighing less than 1 kg may be brought back through SCP-2778, and are not affected by future resets; Testing has not revealed anomalous activity in any objects brought from SCP-2778.

Non D-Class personnel perceive SCP-2778 as a nonanomalous restroom, and can use it as such with no complications. While a D-Class subject is within SCP-2778, the toilet stall door appears to be shut and cannot be opened. Shoes and the bottom of a D-Class uniform can be seen from beneath the stall. D-Class subjects report hearing speech from individuals within 3m of the stall clearly regardless of the subject's location within SCP-2778. When a subject exits SCP-2778, they appear within the stall, which can then be opened normally.

Interview 2778-1: SCP-2778 was discovered by researchers during an interview with D-23588, after he made reference during testing to a film which had been released after his incarceration. As no on-site researchers reported having seen this film, and the four on-site D-Class personnel had not been transferred in the past █ years, it was suspected that this knowledge had been anomalously obtained. D-23588 eventually revealed the existence of SCP-2778 after questioning. Below is a transcript of the initial interview with D-23588 regarding SCP-2778, after the anomaly had been confirmed. Interviewer: Doctor Richards.

Begin log

Dr. Richards: So, now that we've seen you disappear and reappear from that bathroom, perhaps you'd like to tell us where exactly it is you're going?

D-23588: Well, like I told y'all, it's a house. Pretty nice one. Comfy couch and bed, lots of movies and games, great food. Time passes faster, so we can spend an afternoon in there and y'all just think we're going to the can. Can't get out of the house, or even open the windows, but you can't have everything, I guess.

Dr. Richards: And how long have you known about this anomaly?

D-23588: As long as I've been here. I learned about it from the guys who were here before me, and they learned it from the guys before them. Don't know how long it's been going on before that, but I'd bet it's been here about as long as this building. Heck, one guy that used to be here said that one of the first D's here actually made it, somehow.

Dr. Richards: Very well. We'll be interviewing the other D-Class about this anomaly shortly, and once we do, we'll return to make sure that you're telling us the same things.

D-23588: Before you go, can I ask you something?

Dr. Richards: I suppose.

D-23588: Well, I'm just saying, with only four of us here testing all these weird things, we end up running tests all day, no stopping. We spend hours tossing pencils around, putting rocks in our pockets, twisting knobs and pushing buttons. And for what? To see if it'll glow, or sing a song, or make us puke, before y'all throw it in a box and forget about it? There's no point in that.

Dr. Richards: I'm sure we could transfer you to something more… meaningful, if you wanted.

D-23588: N-no, that's not what I meant. I'm just saying, after doing stuff like that all day, you've got to have something interesting to do. Watch a movie, read a book, make youself a nice meal. You just can't do that with what little y'all give us. Heck, I can't even get a decent night's sleep, with a motormouth like Harry yapping away all night.

Dr. Richards: Get to the point.

D-23588: …Don't take this away from us. Please.

End Log

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