SCP-2777 is breaching containment. The clearance restrictions for this document have been lowered from 4/2777 to 2/2777 as per orders of the O5 Council. The special containment procedures that you can read below have failed. If you have received this document, you have been assigned to Operation Yari. Your primary directive is to re-establish containment of SCP-2777. Remember: as containment is an exact practice, re-containment is even more so. There is no margin for error.

The document below is SCP-2777's previous documentation file. The Foundation does not possess a current documentation file on SCP-2777, because we are swiftly learning that many things we once thought we knew about SCP-2777 are wrong. When you read the document below, remember to trust only that which is epistemically legitimate. Report to the O5 Council for further instructions.

We secure before anything else.


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SCP-2777, oblong structure in the center of the frame, briefly visible during Incident 2777-D3. Photograph taken by satellite.

Item #: SCP-2777

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-2777 has been registered as private agricultural land in ██████ government databases. Any individuals who approach the perimeter surrounding SCP-2777 are to be detained, interrogated, administered Class A amnestics, and then released. Evidence of SCP-2777 in satellite imagery is to be destroyed. Site-██ has been established 30 km south of SCP-2777’s southern tip. All personnel assigned to SCP-2777 are to evacuate to Site-██ in the event that a restructuring event occurs and is not localized to SCP-2777.

If the on-site research director determines that Event-2777-EXO is beginning, Foundation personnel are to be immediately extracted from Site-██. Explosive charges affixed to several locations throughout SCP-2777 are to be detonated. SCP-2777-1 is not to be terminated. In the event that this procedure fails to prevent Event-2777-EXO, missile strikes escalating from Class-A (conventional) to Class-G ([REDACTED]) are authorized. As per standard reality-altering threat containment protocol, a kill collar has been affixed to SCP-2777-1. In the event that Event-2777-EXO persists, termination of SCP-2777-1 via detonation of the kill collar is authorized.

In order to contain knowledge of SCP-2777 during Event-2777-EXO, Site-██ is equipped with automated Atmospheric Manipulation and Regulation Systems (AMRSs) to reduce visibility of SCP-2777 during the event. In the event that AMRS deployment fails to sufficiently obscure SCP-2777, aerosolized Class C amnestics are to be released into surrounding population centers. Following the event, Foundation agents are to be deployed to complete the population’s amnestic exposure.

Description: SCP-2777 is a roughly cylindrical artificial structure, approximately 36 kilometers long, with the northernmost end at 4█° █'█.██"N, 8█° █'██.██"E, and the southernmost end at 4█° ██'█.██"N, 8█° █'██.██"E. Its average radius is approximately 600 meters. Most of SCP-2777 is buried, although protrusions from the main body are visible from the surface. Furthermore, approximately 300 meters of SCP-2777's southernmost end are visible, indicating that the structure is angled relative to the surface. Radiocarbon dating reveals that SCP-2777 has been buried for at least █████ years. SCP-2777 is constructed out of an unknown substance which bears superficial similarities to rock, and shows no signs of deterioration. Exploratory teams have discovered that the interior of SCP-2777 is divided into seven large cross-sectional chambers which are connected via a series of tunnels. All chambers have been explored, while tunnels are still being found and mapped. Several tunnels are blocked by debris or collapsed entirely.

Almost all tunnels leading to SCP-2777's central chamber are sealed at the entrance to the chamber by large gateways. One gateway remains open, allowing access. Upon entering the central chamber, subjects leave Earth's gravitational field and enter a vacuum which strongly resembles outer space. The other gateways are seen suspended inside the chamber at locations consistent with their placement inside SCP-2777. The stars visible from the central chamber correspond to stars seen in the Milky Way.

SCP-2777-1 is suspended at the “center” (as denoted by the structure of SCP-2777) of the central chamber. SCP-2777-1 is a humanoid entity that bears visual similarity to a male human child, although X-ray, CT, and PET scans have revealed several internal anatomical anomalies (see Document-2777-A3 for further details). Telepathic communications, presumed to be from SCP-2777-1, can be heard inside the central chamber. SCP-2777-1's breathing, heartbeat and metabolic rates are extremely slow. Furthermore, SCP-2777-1 has not been recorded to move, suggesting that, while SCP-2777-1 is conscious, its body is in a state of stasis.

Reality-altering events occur sporadically inside and around SCP-2777. The most common location for the events is inside SCP-2777’s chambers. These events are associated with SCP-2777-1. Although SCP-2777-1 has not claimed responsibility for these events and does not respond to questions regarding them, when the events occur, SCP-2777-1 makes statements that strongly suggest responsibility. Reality warping events usually restructure and replace the inside of a chamber with a newly fabricated setting. Events are typically more dangerous when not localized to the chambers. Typically, reconstructed settings have characteristics that do not appear to be terrestrial, although the settings disappear too quickly for any investigations to be launched. Biological, sapient beings have occasionally appeared as a result of restructuring events, although these beings are uniformly disoriented and usually hostile. These entities disappear once the restructuring event ends.

Incident Log 2777-D3: The largest restructuring event to date occurred on ██/██/197█, wherein a sphere of space surrounding SCP-2777 for five kilometers was replaced and reconstructed. Drones sent into the replaced area seemed to enter orbit above an unknown planet and observed seven objects similar to SCP-2777 also in orbit around the planet. The objects exhibited varying degrees of damage, with several being completely destroyed. One object was in the process of ramming another. It is thus speculated that SCP-2777 is some form of spacecraft, capable of use as a weapon of war. If this is true, it is extremely likely that SCP-2777 is of extraterrestrial origins and was constructed by a civilization or species with technological capacities far surpassing that of the Foundation. It is thus imperative that SCP-2777 not contact this civilization, either by transmission of information or by departure from this planet.

Addendum 2777-A:

Addendum 2777-B: Several researchers assigned to SCP-2777 have raised concerns regarding containment procedure. While attaching a kill collar to SCP-2777-1 is consistent with Foundation doctrine in containing entities with the capability to alter reality, the potential for aggravation of SCP-2777-1, as seen in the prior incident log, is non-negligible.

Addendum 2777-C:

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