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Item #: SCP-2768

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2768-1 is kept in a standard humanoid cell, equipped as a nursery. A team of pediatric physicians and nurses are to be kept available at all times for appropriate care needs.

SCP-2768-2 are kept in individual standard humanoid cells and allowed access to approved amenities and luxuries as rewards for good behavior. Instances of SCP-2768-2 are not allowed direct contact with one another outside of testing scenarios. Instances of SCP-2768-2 are not allowed within 100 meters of SCP-2768-1 under any circumstances. Non-violent anti-personnel techniques are sufficient to subdue SCP-2768-2 in the event of a breach.

Description: SCP-2768-1 is a white male infant with birth name Jameson Adrian MacDougal. SCP-2768-1 has the same nutritive and healthcare needs as a non-anomalous infant and displays no abnormal properties, with the exception that it does not physically age or develop. Despite being in Foundation custody for 17 years, SCP-2768-1 maintains the physical form of a newborn infant.

SCP-2768-2 is a collection of 37 white adult humanoids currently consisting of 35 males and 2 transgender females, with apparent ages ranging from late adolescence to elderly. Each instance is genetically identical to SCP-2768-1 and shares its unaging property. All instances identify themselves with a variation of or nickname related to the name Jameson Adrian MacDougal.

Instances of SCP-2768-2 are generally hostile towards each other and, if given the opportunity, will attack each other with homicidal intent. Instances of SCP-2768-2 do not display any abnormal or heightened physical attributes or capabilities. Should one instance succeed in killing another one, the deceased instance will vanish within 30 seconds. 24 hours following the death, a new instance of SCP-2768-2 will manifest between 15 and 100 meters of SCP-2768-1, with a personality and set of physical attributes that are hybrids or mixtures of those of the deceased and surviving instances. If an instance of SCP-2768-2 dies for any reason other than being killed by another instance, it will reappear between 15 and 100 meters of SCP-2768-1 24 hours later, unharmed and retaining all its pre-death memories.

Instances of SCP-2768-2 manifest in clothing appropriate to the current fashions of the United Kingdom. They additionally manifest carrying an individually specific handheld object, which appears thematically linked to the personality and mindset of that instance. They have varying degrees of emotional attachment to their associated objects, and will frequently request them or similar objects. Examples are listed below.

Instance Object Significant Personality Traits
SCP-2768-2d prayerbook
(religion varies per manifestation & request)
• highly devout
• paranoid
• suffering from religious-themed delusions
SCP-2768-2f hunting rifle loaded with 1 round
(make and model vary)
• suspicious of perceived authority figures
• vocal about threat of predatory animals
• prone to anger control problems
SCP-2768-2m horse bridle • haughty
• extremely enthusiastic about equestrian events
• compulsively discusses personal achievements
(transgender female)
medication bottle
(contents vary, but include narcotics, anxiolytics, and anti-psychotics)
• clinically depressed
• fearful & suffering from paranoid delusions
• conflict avoidant
SCP-2768-2β touchscreen smartphone
(make and model vary)
• passive
• easily distractible
• overly focused on technological minutiae
SCP-2768-2λ carved wooden cane
(wood & patterns vary)
• forgetful
• significantly simpler cognition than other instances
• irritable

Aside from seeking to kill one another, all instances of SCP-2768-2 exhibit strong non-violent desires to make physical contact with SCP-2768-1. Stated purposes for this desire are generally highly possessive and protective, with reports that SCP-2768-1 belongs to that specific instance and that all others should be kept away or killed before they steal it. All instances of SCP-2768-2 are able to identify the exact location and physical status of SCP-2768-1 at all times and become distressed or agitated when they believe its care is inadequate.

SCP-2768 was discovered when, upon the birth of SCP-2768-1, the original 37 instances of SCP-2768-2 simultaneously appeared in varying locations within or near the hospital in which the birth occurred. Witness reports and surveillance video note that all instances manifested abruptly, and immediately proceeded towards SCP-2768-1. Instances engaged in hostilities with each other on sight, although several instances (notably SCP-2768-2f, -2l, and -2q) briefly cooperated to kill other instances before resuming hostilities against each other. In total, 12 instances were killed before hospital security personnel were able to apprehend them and deliver them to the custody of local authorities. Foundation personnel were dispatched to the scene within 24 hours and acquired all instances of SCP-2768-2, included newly replaced ones, with minimal disturbance. At this point the connection to SCP-2768-1 was discovered and it was also recovered without incident. The parents were informed that SCP-2768-1 had died of a congenital heart disease and were provided a cadaver resembling SCP-2768-1.

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