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Item #: SCP-2767

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2767, in its tins, is to be kept within a storage locker at Site 15. SCP-2767 is not to be painted onto the walls of a room any number of rooms simultaneously without permission of the SCP-2767 head of research. Any wall treated with SCP-2767 must be cleared completely within 48 hours of application.

Description: SCP-2767 is an unbranded type of 'Prussian Blue' paint contained across 12 8 unlabelled 1-litre tins. The tins which contain the paint display no anomalous properties and as such the quantity of paint is finite, and any paint produced by colour matching to SCP-2767 is non-anomalous.

When a subject is placed within a room painted with SCP-2767, they begin experiencing feelings of claustrophobia, specifically that of the walls being extremely close. This effect occurs regardless of the actual distance between the subject and the walls. During testing, subjects are still able to converse and describe their feelings; however, they are physically incapable of moving from what they perceive as being a tightly enclosed space. The dimensions of this space are invariably (see Incident Report 2767-A) in almost all cases equal to their arm span, taken from the point where the effect initially manifests.

The anomalous effects of SCP-2767 manifest from between 20 minutes to 6 hours after the subject has entered the room. At this point, subjects perceive the walls as shrinking to the aforementioned dimensions instantly. In 90% of cases, subjects with moderate-to-severe diagnosed claustrophobia experience effects within the first hour. 80% of subjects with moderate-to-severe agoraphobia, however, take from three to six hours to be affected. If psychological profiling indicates neither claustro- nor agoraphobia, the effect will initiate at any point between the aforementioned bounds. The effect is not present when more than one person is in the enclosed room.

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