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Item #: SCP-2765

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Civilian vehicles and Foundation convoys are permitted to use roads affected by SCP-2765 to travel. SCP-2765 is neutralized as of 2003.

The areas surrounding instances of SCP-2765-1 are to be disguised as archaeological dig sites. Non-Foundation archaeologists are allowed access to any approved artifacts discovered that are not anomalous or discuss anomalous properties. Newly discovered instances of SCP-2765 are to be acquired by the Foundation and examined.

Anomalous materials or those which pertain to anomalous activity discovered inside are to be sent to Reliquary Site 26.

Description: SCP-2765 is an anomalous effect that influences multiple passageways throughout central Eurasia, notably Route 44 in Iran, Route A-77 in Afghanistan, and the R504 Kolyma roadway in Russia, and which may have had a much larger effect radius. SCP-2765 affects trade that involve the selected routes by decreasing travel time and slowing the weathering of roads. Effects are not consistent and have been shown to be decreasing since at least 1948. Subjects affected by SCP-2765 or on a road affected by SCP-2765 do not perceive any noticeable change in travel speed, fuel use or distance while on the route, but are measured to have a 10% increase in speed added on anomalously. When compared to other routes with similar levels of traffic and trade, roads affected by SCP-2765 show visibly less damage, even in active war zones.

Due to the large range of effect, the Foundation is unable to control or restrict all areas pertaining to SCP-2765. Notably, much of SCP-2765 lies in the territory of GRU-P and the ORIA.

SCP-2765-1 is the collective designation for 5 villages which may have formerly been affected by SCP-2765 and which are believed to be connected to SCP-2765's anomalous effects. Individual instances are to be referred to as SCP-2765-1 A-E. Each instance contains multiple architectural styles and materials, many of which are not native to the area and are believed to be imported. It is believed that instances of SCP-2765-1 were intended as resting places for travelers due to the presence of large market areas, inns, diverse shrines, food stores, and walls possibly capable of withstanding long periods of siege warfare. Records recovered from SCP-2765-1 instances typically have multiple translations present and often refer to or display knowledge of SCP-2765's primary effect, as well as other anomalous phenomena.

  • SCP-2765-1A is the largest known site, and possesses much larger facilities, as well as extensive amounts of records. It is located in Western China, in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Uses Roman concrete and Ionian style pillars.
  • SCP-2765-1B is located in northern Afghanistan. Prior to Foundation Acquisition, it had sustained heavy damage due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Construction is mostly based around the style of Qing China, with construction stone and jade decorations imported from as far east as mountains in Sichuan.
  • SCP-2765-1C is located in northwestern Kazakhstan. Prior to Foundation acquisition, SCP-2765-1C was in a state of severe disrepair due to siege warfare during medieval crusades. Architectural style was primarily Egyptian, although Japanese sliding doors were heavily used.
  • SCP-2765-1D is located in coastal northeastern Egypt. Noted to have severe rat infestations which prevented initial containment, SCP-2765-D was heavily damaged during the Suez Crisis of 1956. Remains of docked boats suggest Nordic trade partners.
  • SCP-2765-1E is located in eastern Turkey. Architectural styles are more modern, dating to around 800 AD, and include strong influence from Arabic construction methods. Christian motifs are also present.

SCP-2765 was originally discovered through investigation of apparent errors in Foundation transportation times1. Eventually, SCP-2765-1 instances were discovered and absorbed into the current form of this article.

Addendum: SCP-2765 has ceased to show any noticeable effect as of 2003. SCP-2765 is now classified as neutralized.

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