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The Ziggurat of Ur.

ARTICLE#: UE-54701




██.████° ██, ██.█████° ██


UE-54701 is an exact replica of Etemenniguru, the neo-Sumerian Ziggurat of Ur and its surrounding courtyards, found to have materialized near █████ █████, ██, █████ km from the original complex.

UE-54701 exerts no outward anomalous properties, and has not been deemed worthy of classification. Mass Anchor Site-██ reported large-volume Hume fluctuations leading up to the event which dissipated quickly thereafter and did not otherwise affect the surrounding environment.

Due to its location and sheer size, a wide area has been cordoned off while better forms of containment are devised. Any activity is to be reported to site head; at no time are any civilians to come within 1 km of UE-54701. Media suppression tactics successful in limiting knowledge of manifestation. Amnestic application has proven useful in most other cases.

No further plans for the structure have been made.

██████ ██████████ ██████████████████ ██████ ████████████. Dr. Rosenberg has noted the quality and likeness of the replica to be pristine, with several planned expeditions into the complex in order to study Bas-relief sculptures.

EVENT LOG UE-54701-12:

██/██/1987: Area in region of original Ziggurat of Ur experiences a series of earthquakes that are perceptible within 5 km of UE-54701. Research into further connection between the two is ongoing.

██/██/1990: Personnel onsite report sporadic cases of unverified activity, mostly in the form of shadows cast on the Ziggurat walls. One agent reports strong sense of fear and nausea, but it is unknown if the effect was actually caused by UE-54701.

██/██/1990: Reports of unverified activity. No two accounts are the same, and audiovisual systems are unable to detect any movement whatsoever.

██/██/1991: Unverified activity.

██/██/1993: [REMOVED]. Item has been contained and is under analysis. Request for re-classification pending.


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