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Item #: SCP-2758

Object Class: Safe1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2758's effects were inherently limited to Room G14, Safe-Class Containment Wing A4, Site-42; SCP-2758-A, the only remaining component of SCP-2758, is required to remain in Room G14. No attempt should be made to remove SCP-2758-A from Room G14 through any means.

Room G14 has been equipped with a table, chair, and microphone rig for the purposes of interviewing SCP-2758-A. Room G14 is to remain closed and locked at all times, including during interviews; its door control mechanism has been programmed to accept a custom identification card in accordance with standard humanoid anomaly containment protocols, which is kept in Safe-class locker #2758 in Site-42. Access to SCP-2758 documentation is restricted to personnel with clearance level 2 or higher and personnel with special research permissions. Requests for activation of SCP-2758 may be submitted to the Site-42 Multi-U Dept. by persons with level 3 or higher clearance only.

Update 07/22/18: Due to SCP-2758-A's inability to corporeally exist outside of Room G14, the room has been modified in accordance with the specifications of a standard humanoid anomaly containment chamber.

Description: SCP-2758 was an anomalous process which could be initiated only by entering Room G14 of Safe-Class Containment Wing A4 in Site-42. Upon entry, the subject would in all cases hear a conversation2 in which two individuals arranged a third individual at the center of the room and prepared for a specifically designed thaumaturgic process3 to occur.

After this point — 3 minutes and 33 seconds following initiation of a given cycle — a male human, designated SCP-2758-A, would manifest nude in the center of the room. Aetheric resonance imaging indicated a strong burst of thaumaturgic particles would accompany SCP-2758-A's manifestation and dissipate outward within 3 meters of the manifestation point. In all cases, SCP-2758-A would demanifest 3-7 seconds after initial appearance4, following a localized5 Hume level fluctuation of between 30 and 80. No further anomalous activity would occur past this point unless Room G14 was exited and reentered, thus initiating the SCP-2758 sequence again.

SCP-2758-A's demanifestation was found to be avoidable if the observer exited the room immediately following manifestation and reentered once Hume readings restabilized. For indeterminate reasons, SCP-2758-A cannot exit Room G14, as it will always demanifest upon passing through the doorway, resulting in a Hume level fluctuation of between 50 and 60 before returning to baseline. A total of 19 attempts to isolate SCP-2758-A from both the SCP-2758 process and Room G14 have taken place since SCP-2758's discovery; no attempts were successful. Reality anchors used were unable to isolate SCP-2758-A and its immediate surroundings due to a recurring Fold Selection Continuity Error6 which rendered both devices put to use inoperable and physically harmed SCP-2758-A in three cases.

As of 07/22/18, SCP-2758-A is permanently contained in Room G14; as such, the greater SCP-2758 process no longer functions, and SCP-2758-A is the only remaining component of the anomaly. It is hypothesized that SCP-2758 would return to its default state if SCP-2758-A were removed from the room and thus forcibly demanifested.

SCP-2758 was discovered when Researcher M. Wickerford entered Room G14 in order to prepare it for containment of SCP-████ on 07/10/18. Upon experiencing the SCP-2758 auditory anomaly, she immediately exited the room without allowing the cycle to complete. SCP-████ was contained in a different room on the wing, and within the following hours, a preliminary research team for SCP-2758 had been formed. For details, see below.

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