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Item #: SCP-2752

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Alpha-4 ("Pony Express") is tasked with the identification and interception of SCP-2752 instances before they are sent to the addresses of their respective recipients. A scanned copy of each recovered SCP-2752 instance is to be produced, and stored in Archival Sector 7 at Site-64. After scanning, original copies may be incinerated.

Persons affected by SCP-2752 are to be held at E-class holding cells at Site-64, and undergo weekly medical checkups. At the discretion of the attending Medical Officer, invasive surgical procedures may be enacted on such persons to prevent health complications attributed to SCP-2752.

Description: SCP-2752 refers to a series of letters mailed to New Zealand addresses, offering advertising mail opt-out services to recipients. The sender is attributed to an organisation named 'Robinson Toʊ Liz', which is not listed as a registered company in New Zealand or any polity known to the Foundation. No return address is found in confiscated SCP-2752 instances. To date, all known instances of SCP-2752 are sent solely to male individuals aged between 20 to 60 and with legal addresses in New Zealand cities.

When SCP-2752 is read by its intended recipient (hereon referred to as 'subject'), the following anomalous occurrences will manifest:

  • Cessation of mail letters (advertising mail or otherwise) sent to the address of the subjects instances. Through the use of letters equipped with a GPS tracker, letters are shown to have vanished when placed inside a mailbox. Hand-delivered mail letters are exempted from this effect.
  • Claircognizance regarding the contents of mail letters that would be sent to the subjects. This occurs after said letters are placed in a mailbox.
  • Traces of black dye manifested in subject's urinary system, particularly the kidney, bladder and urethra.
  • Manifestation of paper pieces inside subject's internal organs, including stomach, large intestines, lungs, kidney etc.

Scanned and handwritten copies of SCP-2752 do not possess this effect on their intended recipient.

SCP-2752 was identified on ██/██/1974 in Auckland, New Zealand when multiple paper strips were found in the lungs of PoI-2752-01 (Mr. █████ ████) after a surgery. While initially believed to be an isolated incident, similar cases were identified in other New Zealand cities and SCP-2752 was officially classified.

Addendum 2752-1: Interview Log PoI-2752-04-13 [Date: ██/██/1975]

Interviewee: PoI-2752-04 (Mr. ████ ███████)

Interviewer: Dr. Aster Black

Foreword: The following interview is conducted at PoI-2752-04's request.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Black: ███████, I heard you have requested for me. So what's wrong?

PoI-2752-04: Doctor, 'wrong' is an understatement. I've received another letter… uh, up here.

[PoI-2752-A04 points to its forehead.]

Dr. Black: ███████, we've debriefed on this already. This is a difficult time, but-

PoI-2752-04: It was from Robinson Toʊ Liz.

Dr. Black: Okay, I'm listening. What did they say?

PoI-2752-04: The usual 'thank you for using us' crap. But they sure have a weird way of expressing they have fucked up.

Dr. Black: Please give me some examples of these expressions.

PoI-2752-04: That they didn't know that cellulose is indigestible, or that ink poisoning is a thing. And the biological peculiarities of the so-called humans of this plane, that was underlined and a direct quote. They also gave us compensation, a cheque with a very large sum of money in yen.

Dr. Black: Do you recall the value?

PoI-2752-04: 960,000,000,000 yen, precisely that amount. But doctor… if this is anything like the rest of their so-called service, I'm not getting any real money, am I?

Dr. Black: We will have to wait and see first.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Interviews with other subjects indicate that they have received similar letters from 'Robinson Toʊ Liz'. The value offered by 'Robinson Toʊ Liz' is consistent among all subjects, at a value of ¥960,000,000,000.

Addendum 2752-2: On ██/██/1975, postage stamps are found manifested underneath the tongues of all known subjects.1 Denomination is stated as ¥960,000,000,000. Said stamps have a banana tree motif, and are labelled "Dai-tō-a – Malai Baru".

No anomalous quality has been identified among recovered stamps. All instances of said postage stamps are provisionally kept in Storage Sector 2 at Site-64, and slated for incineration.

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