Item #: SCP-275-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-275-DE is to be stored inside a clinical sterile and white clean room in Site-DE10, and does not need any furnishing apart from SCP-275-DE-A. Though the secure area does not require cleaning, as SCP-275-DE does this by itself, but is not advisable to introduce dirt, dust, or other kinds of contaminants therein.

Personnel may only enter the area while wearing sterile security suits stored nearby. Before entry, they are additionally treated with disinfectants to ensure no pollution enters.

Both entry into the cell as well as transportation of SCP-275-DE should solely occur, whilst SCP-275-DE inhabits its calm state. Personnel is permitted to approach SCP-275-DE in a one meter radius, whilst SCP-275-DE is not in an idle state.

Experiments require the consent of the local site director and are only permitted for level 3 personnel or higher.

Should SCP-275-DE show aggressive behavior, spreading specially prepared trash is necessary to offer a distraction.

Description: SCP-275-DE is a white, cylindrical vacuum cleaner robot without hints of any creator and measuring 34 cm x 34 cm x 10 cm. In opposition to similar models, it possesses a small black display screen instead of operating keys at its center that occasionally shows blue patterns akin to smileys and mirror the mood of SCP-275-DE.

SCP-275-DE is sentient and communicate per feminine computer voice, but will solely speak about cleaning activities and methods of hygiene. It also has several lateral circular openings each one measuring 5 cm in diameter, which it keeps closed and only uses once SCP-275-DE needs them for its work.

SCP-275-DE considers it its task to keep its environment absolutely sterile and clean. While doing so, it not only levitates above the floor but also vertically up walls without falling down, while reacting speeds up to 50 km/h.

SCP-275-DE was found to possess both sensors for recognizing images and sensing sounds as well as identifying various smells. It demonstrated this by reacting calmer when smelling intense disinfectants and cleaning utensils in its vicinity than to unpleasant smells, such as rotten foods, which caused it to manically search for its corresponding source, so it can remove it.

Furthermore, it possesses several features for removing different kinds of contaminants located in the openings until needed.

Observed functions of SCP-275-DE include:

  • a duster with microfibers
  • a kind of arm with 10 fingers, respectively featuring exchangeable cleaning brushes of different size on each finger.
  • claw arms with arms up to one meter long for grasping and lifting removed or heavy objects
  • suction tubes for sucking in more tight spaces
  • tubes with high-pressure spraying openings possessing different cleaning fluids, such as liquid soap or cleaning gasoline
  • a separated tube that sprays powerful disinfectant after every purification

SCP-275-DE also proved to own additional functions usually not serving cleaning purposes, but will exclusively use these for said purposes, such as anesthetic darts or hand straps.1

At its base, where the sucking device is located, two bristles are present which it can retract and replace with other cleaning utensils as required. Observed were, amongst others, the usage of sponges of different materials, wire brushes, steel wool, dusters, brushes for scrubbing, towels, windscreen wipers, and sandpaper with different grain size.

Features it no longer needs are retreated back in their respective openings after it had finished its task. All parts are designed in a way that they can be extended and subsequently retreated again, be it though fitting size, strong compression, or assembling individual extended parts.

It is currently unknown how it contains these enormous masses in its inside. So far it could also not be observed how it refuels depleted objects or fluids after usage, or to dispose of absorbed contaminants externally.2

Depending on the kind of cleaning work to be completed, SCP-275-DE will dock for approximately one hour on SCP-275-DE after a certain period of time to charge. SCP-275-DE-A consists of the enclosed white charging station of SCP-275-DE that also offers no hints concerning its manufacturer. It is similar in appearance and extent to typical charging stations, but is with a weight of 15 kg unusually heavy. It also does not appear to possess any external power outlets. A closer examination of SCP-275-DE-A, for example to determine the source of energy, has failed thus far, as SCP-275-DE reacts oddly aggressive when an attempt is made at removing it during its resting period.

SCP-275-DE rarely leaves its perimeter of more than 100 m3 from SCP-275-DE-A, appearing to always be aware of SCP-275-DE-A's exact whereabouts, condition, and surroundings, even if sights is broken. If something comes near SCP-275-DE-A without permission, SCP-275-DE will notice and return to SCP-275-DE-A as fast as possible to protect it as necessary.

SCP-275-DE can be active for up to 22 hours on end without large cleanings, needing only two hours rest, before once again pursuing its tasks. During this resting period, SCP-275-DE appears to fall in a kind of deep-sleep, and will not be aware of its surroundings. This can be used to bring test objects inside the experimentive area, or to transport to another location. Attempts to inspect SCP-275-DE during its resting period triggered the alarm, immediately waking SCP-275-DE.

If SCP-275-DE awakes after this resting period and register contaminants not present beforehand, it will, according to the severity of the contaminants, react frightened to panicked, and will immediately obligate in removing it.

Discovery: SCP-275-DE was recovered from a three-room apartment in Kiel on the 16th of March 20██ following the landlady's panicked calls to the local police. There, she reported to have been attacked by a speaking machine when she wanted to check on tenant in her house who was unreachable for some time.
Agent Marx, who was embedded into the police department at that time, became attentive and went with Agent Hasemann to the aforementioned apartment. Despite the long absence time of the tenant, they discovered the apartment in a impeccable sterile-clean state without traces of dust or other contaminants. SCP-275-DE was found in SCP-275-DE-A during a resting period, and was moved to Site-DE27 located nearby for further study, where it awoke half an hour later and immediately began to clean its containment chamber. Inquires concerning the missing tenant concluded her to suffer from mysophobia4 and an increased cleaning compulsion resulting thereto.

During the following week, SCP-275-DE was transported into a sterile transporting unit to its current Site-DE10.

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