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Item #: SCP-2749

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2749 and SCP-2749-A instances are to be kept in separate containment lockers in Site-73 at all times. Interaction with SCP-2749 must only be done through the use of remote control, as this method has proved acceptable to circumvent the items' anomalous effects. No further containment procedures are necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-2749 is a 120cm long black and red cotton tie. If SCP-2749 comes into physical contact with any inanimate object with a mass less than 10kg, a tie identical to SCP-2749 will appear wrapped around that object. Removal of this secondary tie will result in a negation of SCP-2749's effects. Objects affected by SCP-2749 are designated SCP-2749-A.1

Once affected, SCP-2749-A will display sapience with high levels of intelligence.
SCP-2749-A instances react to visual and auditory stimuli through unknown means. Additionally, instances are capable of independent locomotion.

The way SCP-2749-A instances communicate is dependant on the object affected. English is the primary language used by SCP-2749-A instances. Topics of conversation appear to be limited to an unknown organisation identified as 'Business Incorporated.'

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