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Item #: SCP-2748

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has purchased SCP-2748 from the Chinese government for long-term containment. SCP-2748 is publicly recognised as a private property of a Foundation front company, and has been isolated from adjacent roads via Foundation-instigated landslides. Outside of approved tests, no land vehicle is to travel on SCP-2748. Prior to placing test materials onto SCP-2748, it is to be cleared of all other live and deceased vertebrate animals.

SCP-2748-A instances are to be kept in Anomalous Vehicle Sector at Site-316. Ignition keys for SCP-2748-A instances are to be stored in a secure locker at Site-316; access is restricted to Level 2 and above personnel.

SCP-2748-A instances may only be activated as part of approved tests, and by D-class personnel. Prior to activation, a GPS tracking device is to be attached onto the instance. The D-class personnel is to be provided with a helmet, earpiece, protective vest and joint guards. D-class personnel are to keep the door of SCP-2748-A open when activating it, and jump out of the vehicle when the ignition key is turned. To guarantee compliance, personnel may inform the D-class personnel that activation of the ignition key would trigger an explosive device in the vehicle.

Description: SCP-2748 is a section of a road approximately 1 km long, located in Guzhang County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province, China. SCP-2748-A designates a land vehicle that has struck and terminated a live vertebrate animal while on SCP-2748. The vehicle will then undergo the following transformations into an SCP-2748-A instance:

  • Vehicle frame, doors and most interior equipment (e.g. wheel, brake) are transformed into intermediate filaments, while retaining the original shape of the components replaced.
  • Body coverings (i.e. fur, feather, scale) corresponding to the terminated specimen will grow on SCP-2748-A's vehicle frame.
  • Vehicle audio is limited to a single unknown channel, consisting of moaning sounds.
  • The exterior of car seats is transformed into skin tissues, while the interior is transformed with fat tissues.
  • Manifestation of Traditional Chinese characters in red ink on the bonnet of the vehicle. Characters correspond to excerpts from Daozang (Taoist Canon).

This transformation sequence takes place for a duration ranging from three to seven days, depending on the physiology of the terminated specimen. During this period, the vehicle's functionality is unaffected. Transformation is usually deemed completed when the Chinese characters manifest on the bonnet.

When the ignition switch of a fully-transformed SCP-2748-A instance is turned on, said SCP-2748-A instance gains the capacity for autonomous movement and will move on their own accord. At this point, the use of steering wheel and brakes have no effect on SCP-2748-A. Like non-anomalous vehicles, SCP-2748-A is incapable of movement if fuel supplies are depleted or if tyres are removed.

Notably, instances that were transformed prior to the Foundation's containment of SCP-2748 tend to travel to areas in proximity to SCP-2748. This tendency is not observed with instances transformed due to Foundation-approved tests, which will instead travel further from SCP-2748. Therefore, it is hypothesised that SCP-2748-A will travel to locations that the terminated specimen associates as its birthplace. Below is an abridged list of SCP-2748-A instances.

SCP-2748 first came into the Foundation's attention on ██/██/2007 when multiple SCP-2748-A instances were identified. Several SCP-2748-A instances were acquired from their owners, under the pretence of defects found in those vehicles. After a period of investigation, SCP-2748 was identified as a source of the anomaly and the area was secured.

Addendum 2748-1: Prior to its development as a road, SCP-2748 was originally an unmarked burial site allegedly interring early ethnic Miao settlers. Local legends asserted that these settlers were descendants of the Jiu-Li tribe.4 However, since the graves were unmarked, the claim was widely regarded as dubious by government sources.

The land was eventually acquired by the China Road and Bridge Corporation on ██/██/2007 for development, after local politicians investigated and determined that no bodies have been interred in the area. After which, SCP-2748 was constructed by the China Road and Bridge Corporation from ██/██/2007 to ██/██/2007.

Addendum 2748-2: The location of SCP-2748 was associated with a separate anomalous event, which may or may not be related with SCP-2748. Said event was intercepted and resolved by the Global Occult Coalition.

The following document was recovered from Global Occult Coalition PHYSICS Division Threat Entity Database by undercover agents.

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