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The cover of Radiohead's I/O, an instance of SCP-2747.

Item #: SCP-2747

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Threat Level: Green Black ●

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation watchdog algorithms are to monitor online and print media for mention of SCP-2747-positive keyphrases. All matches are to be tagged and forwarded to the Department of Analytics, which will provide further confirmation of SCP-2747 manifestation. In case of positive identification, all affected media are to be suitably corrected via standard Foundation media alteration protocols (912-A "TWILIGHT ZONE", 943-A "POISONED WELL").

Description: SCP-2747 is a phenomenon appearing in print and online media whereby platforms dedicated to the discussion of works of fiction begin to mention a nonexistent instance of fictional media. Despite said nonexistence, articles, posts, comments, and other related metacontent created with regard to the nonexistent work of fiction will be found treating it as real. The nonexistent work of fiction can be mentioned by various individuals in varying capacities, ranging from brief mentions in forum posts to being the subject of entire academic essays.

Descriptions, screenshots, photographs of physical copies, and brief segments of text from said work of fiction can often be discovered in SCP-2747-affected media. Descriptions of it are entirely consistent with each other, and it has proven possible to reconstruct whole segments of fictitious media via descriptions of it taken from SCP-2747-generated metacontent. A list of fictitious media generated by SCP-2747 has been appended below (see Appendix A).

Where possible, the affected material can be traced to existing individuals; however, when questioned under duress, said individuals invariably deny having written the affected material, and deny all existence of the fictitious media mentioned within.

SCP-2747 has never been documented in real time; all observed instances thus far have been recorded post-hoc. No instances have been documented prior to January 2008. The reason for this is unknown. conforms to pataphysical observations documented in full in Appendix B.

It is the current hypothesis of the Department of Analytics that SCP-2747 represents evidence of a naturally-occurring anafabula, or anti-narrative: a cluster of interdependent signs, iconography and narremes1 that, when included to a sufficient extent within a fictional construct, leads to mutual annihilation. First-hand reconstruction of the anafabula's properties is impossible given its anomalous nature, but second-hand and third-hand descriptions have been generated from Observational Procedure LUCID CHALICE and appended below (see Appendix B). It can effect through layers of metafictional narrative, i.e. a metanarrative containing the anafabula will cease to exist within the narrative, followed by the narrative itself disappearing from our reality.2 The key identifier of the anafabula is that it invariably represents an in-universe antagonist or anathema in all manifestations of SCP-2747, likely due to inherent narreme components indicating its alien, yet centralising, nature.

UPDATE: The abovementioned hypothesis has been confirmed as a working model of SCP-2747. Please refer to Appendix B.

UPDATE: The following procedures are to be enacted following the successful conclusion of Observational Procedure LUCID CHALICE (see Appendix B).

  • At no time are the properties of the anafabula as outlined in Appendix B to arise in real life, whether as a result of deliberate or natural action. Any object, person or event bearing more than significance-level α to the semblance threshold is to be altered via whatever means possible.
  • Access to information regarding SCP-2747, especially the information contained within Appendix B, is to be strictly limited to clearance levels 4-2747 and 3-ANALYTICS.
  • Due to the pataphysical implications and inherent uncontainability of SCP-2747 as detailed in Appendix B, it is to be classified as Keter with immediate effect.

Appendix A: Partial list of manifestations of SCP-2747

Appendix B: Observations and conclusions from LUCID CHALICE

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