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Item#: SCP-2746
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SCP-2746. Photo taken from SCP-2746-1. SR 111-2 in view.

Special Containment Procedures: The main entrance to SCP-2746 is to be cordoned off, and is only to be accessible via Storage Room 111-1 (SR 111-1). Due to SCP-2746's location in a heavily populated area, the door to SR 111-1 is to be monitored from Site-45-A, which is tasked with responding to any attempts to vandalize or break in to SCP-2746. This door is to be equipped with a deadbolt lock to prevent civilian interference.

Personnel are to be given large, disposable gowns to wear in place of original clothing while traveling through SCP-2746. Before traveling through SCP-2746, personnel are required to remove any clothing and personal accessories from their person, excluding protective gear and accessories used for medical or eye correction purposes.

Due to the nature of SCP-2746, most clothing and equipment has been deemed unnecessary for exploration into SCP-2746-1 and must be stored in a designated storage locker in SR 111-1. Upon arrival to SCP-2746-1, personnel are to deposit these gowns in Storage Room 111-2 (SR 111-2). When returning, gowns should be retrieved after exploration for either reuse or disposal and all personal effects should be collected.

Equipment needed for exploration into SCP-2746-1 must be carried entirely through baggage, and be tailored for animal use if possible.

Description: SCP-2746 is an underground tunnel located in Las Vegas, Nevada, approximately 250 m north of Site-45-A. SCP-2746 primarily functions as a stable, two-way portal between Las Vegas and an extradimensional space, designated SCP-2746-1.

On the left side of SCP-2746's main entrances are two storage rooms: Storage Room 111-1 (SR 111-1), located within Las Vegas, and Storage Room 111-2 (SR 111-2), located within SCP-2746-1. Both of these rooms have a door leading to the exterior, and a door leading to the interior of SCP-2746.

As a human travels through SCP-2746, they will take on the physical appearance of a non-human animal; no pattern or explanation has been determined to explain why the transformation results in any particular species. This process has been observed to begin with the subject's skeletal structure, and end with the skin, size, and internal/external organs matching those of the non-human species. Human subjects retain their vocal cords and sapience when they arrive at SCP-2746-1.

Nonhuman subjects do not undergo the same changes as human subjects when crossing SCP-2746. When any organism, excluding humans, approaches SCP-2746-1, they will only develop functional vocal cords. They retain their level of intelligence while within SCP-2746-1, but may be capable of repeating rudimentary or familiar phrases depending on their intelligence.

This effect will progress as the subject travels through SCP-2746, and will be complete when he or she reaches SCP-2746-1. This process will reverse itself as they return to Las Vegas. It is currently unknown whether this effect stems from SCP-2746, or a proximity to SCP-2746-1.


The 'Furies of ████' Church; located within SCP-2746-1.

SCP-2746-1 is a forested landmass approximately 111km in diameter. Examination of the outer boundaries of the landmass suggest it to be floating in midair. Atmospheric pressure and temperature are comparable to temperate Earth conditions at sea level. Records located within SCP-2746-1 suggest that the landmass was inhabited by sapient, non-human animals, estimated 770 to 780 in number. These inhabitants appear to have been able to construct complex structures and tools, and have formed a pious, [REDACTED]-based Oligarchy. According to records discovered in the ruins of several government-supported churches, the social class and hierarchy of the population of SCP-2746-1 was divided into three groups, identified as "Auaæsfyuaw" ("crafters"), "Waoi'iræuaw" ("scholars"), and "Oi'li'uaæpiryw" ("honorables").

Addendum-2746: The 'crafters', who were thirteen in number, are noted to have been the highest social class, below the 'Yiæzyua' (translation: The 'Maker'. It is unclear whether this term referred to a major religious figure or a god). The crafters are said to have played a vital role in the construction of both SCP-2746-1, and [DATAthe world as we know it EXPUNGED]. The scholars represented the personal servants and assistants of the crafters, and were typically selected from the Honorable social class after birth. The majority of inhabitants belonged to the Honorable class, which consisted of artisans, carpenters, and artists.

SCP-2746-1's economy functioned off of a barter system, and lacked any official form of currency. The former government's legislation suggest that the original inhabitants were incapable of dying, and originally did not require any food sources. This effect is not present in subjects entering SCP-2746-1.

An estimated [REDACTED] years ago, the inhabitants of SCP-2746-1 were involved in a civil war (referred to as Event Nachash), which ended in the crucifixion of two crafters, the majority of the honorables and scholars, and the abandonment of SCP-2746-1 by the surviving inhabitants.

According to recovered documents, Event Nachash was the result of 'the Maker' declaring that humans were to be banished from SCP-2746-1, and that a penalty requiring that all citizens acquire the need to eat in order to 'preserve their sanity'. Due to a lack of available food sources and farming knowledge, the honorable class resorted to eating other inhabitants while the scholar class was given access to several private gardens with a variety of fruit-bearing plants.

A large majority of SCP-2746-1's population broke away from its government and formed an organization called the 'Sgualayw i's ████' (Translation: the 'Furies of ████') shortly after this penalty was put in place. This organization was led by former crafters Fredrick and Agathos, and scholar Clovis with the goal of killing 'the Maker' due to 'unfair treatment'.

For more information on Event Nachash, please read attached addenda and documentation.


SCP-2746 Documents


The following documents are flyers, letters, and documented speeches recovered while exploring SCP-2746-1. Barring Document-2746-9, the majority of these documents were written in dialect A-12 ("Old Angelic").

Documentation not displayed here consisted of personal exchanges, trades and commissions, and literature. These documents can found in Recovered Documents-2746-2, and may be accessed by personnel with level 2/2746 clearance or higher.

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