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Documentation of SCP-2744's effects may contain errors or inconsistencies due to recent changes made by Foundation personnel assigned to the anomaly. Immediate errors concerning the anomaly have been greyed out, and all associated addenda updated; however, please note that any information directly concerning SCP-2744 may be subjected to official rewrites pending review by Containment Specialists.

Furthermore, regarding our policies on the usage of recreational or Foundation-approved substances: we ask that personnel are to refrain from engaging in activities explicitly involving marijuana while working on-site or remotely. Safety remains a top priority for the Foundation and engaging in work-related projects while intoxicated may jeopardize yourself and others around you.

— Addi Parks, Site-69 Head Coordinator, RAISA

ITEM #: SCP-2744

OBJECT CLASS: Thaumiel Safe

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-2744 is to remain deactivated until further analysis of the anomaly's behavior can be identified and approved by Lead Researcher Jerry Sims. a decision for its usage can be decided. In the event that a decision is not reached, SCP-2744 is to remain contained within on-site Server Containment Units (SCUs) located at Site-69.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-2744 is an anomalous web page originally created by the Foundation to assist Class-E personnel who have succumbed to specific, psychological cyber-anomalous threats. Whenever a user accesses this website through the domain, the contents, properties, and appearance of SCP-2744 will change in accordance with the behavior or mindset of the individual utilizing it. The methods of characterizing and subsequently applying these differing appearances on the basis of the individuals' behavior are determined by their Elan-Vital Energy1, which is measured anomalously by the page itself through sensory data via keyboard presses, touchscreen usage, and computer mouse utilization. It has been noted that the majority of Foundation personnel who have utilized SCP-2744 are often enthusiastically happier, and less prone to stress both during and after using the anomaly. Users similarly report intense feelings of immersion and disorientation when interacting with the website, despite its minimalistic user interface. During supervised experimentation, several personnel have attested that using SCP-2744 reminded them of "virtual reality," or "seeing into another dimension."2 These are all intended functions of SCP-2744, which have been attributed to further assisting personnel from outside compulsory or cognitohazardous phenomena, and will de-manifest within 24 hours after initial interaction.

Although the contents and appearance of SCP-2744 differ greatly between subjects, Foundation personnel have determined the anomaly to possess any of the following interactive features on its user interface:

  • Web games.
  • Infographics related to the interests of the subjects.
  • Engaging videos or picture galleries.
  • Online quizzes.
  • Particular timelines.
  • Links to other websites or social media.
  • Etc. (Refer to INCIDENT EVENT 01/17/2021.)

SCP-2744 was originally introduced in its conceptual alpha stage as a Clearance Level 3 anomaly. However, initiatives to fully develop the anomaly were delayed until 2020, when a sudden increase of internet-based phenomena incentivized Foundation containment specialists to finalize SCP-2744 for implementation within standard protocols.

Usage of SCP-2744 for containment procedures has been temporarily suspended due to its current project status of Pending.

ADDENDUM 2744-1: Following the later development of SCP-2744, a series of internetwork chats between Lead Manager Jerry Sims and SCP-2744's Containment Specialist team were recorded concerning the anomaly's progress. Further analysis of these logs details a series of events precursing INCIDENT EVENT 01/17/2021. These chats can be found below:

System: jsims joined, spawning 0035bA Chat Session…
Session created. jsims promoted to Owner. Backlink to Project ████████ has been successfully pinned to Topic.
Project backlink logs access from ~jsims.
Automatic invitations successfully created and sent to the following users: ptalbert, jboring, drasclif, asparks, jstevenson, brecono, and cklint…
~jsims: .system log -a
Logging has been activated, recording all previous and active chat messages…
jboring, jstevenson, and cklint joined the channel.
ptalbert, asparks, brecono, and drasclif have joined the channel. brecono has left the channel.
Project backlink logs access from jboring, cklint, and ptalbert.
~jsims: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining.
asparks: Hello.
cklint: Heya
cklint: Wait… why did we make this again?
~jsims: cklint: what do you mean "why?"
cklint: I mean why. Jerry, I literally see you staring at me over your desk. We're all in the same room.
~jsims: And…?
cklint: Wouldn't this be easier if we just… talked with each other?
jstevenson: Who wants to talk to you?
cklint: Fair.
~jsims: cklint: Sure. But due to social distancing policies, we'll have to use this. Plus it'll be easier to manage and log in here than just trying to group dm.
~jsims: Anyways, hi all. Let's move on to the topic of this chat, SCP-2744. As far as I'm aware, we are nearing completion correct?
Project backlink logs access from asparks, brecono.
asparks: 👍
cklint: Yes. I have just begun the steps of integrating SCP-████3 into the website. That will be the primary trigger in changing SCP-2744's properties to compliment the users psyche. It should be finalized soon.
~jsims: As discussed, I am only here to assist with management, maintaining workflow, and any additional issues like testing or financial inquiries.
~jsims: cklint: Perfect! Glad to hear it.
~jsims has promoted jboring to Half-Operator (%).
~jsims: As a quick status check, Jeremy, can you inform everyone of SCP-2744's current progress?
%jboring: One moment.
asparks: also noting that the new guy, Junior Researcher Recono or brecono, is currently on vacation leave. I sent him a link, and he may pop in sometimes, but otherwise he's not active right now. I'll make sure to fill him in on everything if he pops up, so don't worry.
~jsims: Oh. Did he happen to provide any reason? Could he just not come?
asparks: Well…
asparks: From what he told me, and what he filed on his request, he was taking some personal time off for a mental break. His workload was apparently getting too high and he wanted to stay home to sort it all out.
~jsims: Oh.
~jsims: Well, besides him then, how is everyone doing so far? Anyone else think they may need a break too?
cklint: I'm okay.
asparks: … maybe. It's getting to that point, I think.
%jboring: It all depends for me, I guess.
jstevenson: ^
cklint: Did anyone else hear about that transfer a few days ago? With the new shipment of skips?
ptalbert: I'm doing fine too.
drasclif: ~jsims: yes.
~jsims: cklint: Yes. I heard that it's not going so well either.
cklint: Definitely not. Had a near run-in with another lockdown. I haven't had a single day off in over a week, and neither have any of my colleagues. You think we'll ever catch a break without wasting our time-off?
~jsims: cklint: I'm hoping so eventually. The influx of new anomalies has really put everyone on edge, the Director included. I'll try having a chat with her though. She'll maybe start rolling out some surveys to see what everyone thinks.
cklint: I see… thanks.
~jsims: Look everyone, I know it's rough right now, especially after the holidays. I promise, we're all just trying our best. Give it some time though. Pretty soon it'll be behind us and everything will pass. Capiche?
asparks: 👍
jstevenson: Yep.
ptalbert: Aye-aye.
cklint: Mhm.
~jsims: Alright. Now, let's get back to business. Jeremy, what do you have for everyone?
%jboring: Yeah, here.
%jboring: .system show errors all cp
System scanning Current Project for errors…
$SYSTEM: 5 display errors, 5 timeout errors, 1 critical function errors, 11 errors total.
%jboring: Well, there you all go. It seems like everything is dependent on Clark integrating the transferred anomaly into the project. The framework, hosting, and everything besides the core designing seems to be functional and complete.
cklint: Yep, I'm working on it. The other anomaly has already been deconstructed offsite. Give me a while to start the dumping process.
~jsims: ???
~jsims: cklint: Dumping?
cklint: We need to fully fuse SCP-████ and SCP-2744 together, or things won't work exactly as planned.
~jsims: Ah.
cklint: One sec. This tech is all a little new, so I'll need a few minutes to get things right.
$SYSTEM has promoted cklint to Operator (@).
Project change detected. Current page has been temporarily suspended.
System: Saving current logs…
Project change detected.
asparks: drasclif, what are you doing?
ptalbert: …?
drasclif: leave me alone.
asparks: Daniel you're deepthroating a sub right in front of me.
jstevenson: O_O
drasclif: this is slander.
asparks: Why are you staring so intently at me?
~jsims: asparks, drasclif: Focus.
System: Critical Project change has been detected. Kicking all users and refreshing active clients…
Refresh completed. Implementing new changes…
Implementation pending approval.
@cklint: There we go. Everything seems to be working smoothly so far.
~jsims: Awesome!
%jboring: ^
brecono has joined the channel.
@cklint: just needs verification and approval from you Jerry.
~jsims: Go ahead.
brecono has left the channel.
@cklint: Roger that. Everyone be prepared to get kicked from the site when it goes back online. Remember, this thing will be harmless, but we still don't actually know how this thing will respond once it's fully merged into the page. The only thing we can do is disable the project until we can program some webcrawlers to help us better contain it.
Implementation request accepted. Applying changes…
Process complete. Project status has been changed to "online."
@cklint: Jerry please disable it now.
Project status has been changed to "offline." (~jsims)
~jsims: Done.
@cklint: Perfect. Everything worked out then.
@cklint:: Okay everyone, the integration process was successful. Thankfully, since we're not actually messing with physical anomalies, things were way easier on my end than usual. That being said, it's important that we don't mess with this thing until we can snag a few webcrawlers to help us better contain it for testing.
jstevenson: I'll help you out with that Clark, if need be.
asparks: I'll let the Containment Op's teams know what's happening in the meantime.
~jsims: I like what's happening here. Good work everyone. I assume we're done here for today then?
@cklint: Should be unless you had more for us to do?
asparks: jsims: Yes.
~jsims: Nope, I had nothing else for you all. Good work. I'll be seeing you all tomorrow then in order to begin containment and investigation prep.
drasclif: sounds good
jstevenson: ^
~jsims: Have a goodnight everyone!
asparks: 👋
asparks and ptalbert has left the channel.
jstevenson: you too Jerry
@cklint: Likewise.
jstevenson, @cklint, and drasclif have left the channel.
~jsims: Farewell
%jboring and ~jsims have left the channel.
Session has been paused.
System: Saving current logs…
System: Saving current logs…
$SYSTEM: Warning: Session will be disconnected in 10 minutes due to inactivity.
brecono has joined the channel.
brecono promoted to Owner.
~brecono: hey
~brecono: Ally sent me the link for this a bit ago, thought I'd drop by and see what was happening.
~brecono: hello? Nobody in here?
~brecono: Huh, okay. I guess I look at this link? project ████████?
Project backlink logs access from ~brecono.
~brecono: I sorta remember this. Is it supposed to be disabled?
Project status has been changed to "online." (~brecono)
~brecono: there. oh, wow. Weird.
System: Critical Project change has been detected.
WARNING: Significant errors detected.
$SYSTEM: Critical errors detected on Current Project. Attempting to close clients and reboot…
~brecono: oh fuck.
~brecono: what did I do?
System: Closing active clients…
$SYSTEM: Error. Project not responding. Attempts to close it have failed.
~brecono: wait, huh? wdym "failed?"
$SYSTEM: Save and quit current Current Project state? (Y/N)
~brecono: yes?
~brecono: NO
System: Current Project state retained. Saving…
~brecono: you motherfucker
~brecono: okay, maybe I should go get some help. hopefully they can shut it down? I hope its not actually a big problem.
System: Critical Project change has been detected.
$SYSTEM: Project not responding. Revert to previous Project state? (Y/N)
~brecono: Yes. Or no, wait
System: Current Project has been reverted to previous save-state. Versions 1-31 have been permanently removed.
WARNING: Significant errors detected.
~brecono: you're joking
~brecono: uh? ops?
~brecono: ~jsims: Are you on? I need your help? Or maybe cklint??
~brecono: hello????
~brecono: crap.
~brecono has left the channel.
System: Saving current logs…
System idle timeout exceeded. Attempting to close the client…
Session ended.

INCIDENT EVENT 01/17/2021: After the interaction between SCP-2744 and Junior Researcher Boston Recono, the properties, content, and outward appearance of the anomaly has been permanently altered. (Note: Further experimentation is necessary in order to verify and/or validate that these changes actually remain permanent or if they revert back over time. For these reasons, the exact list of changes to SCP-2744 has been omitted.)

It has been concluded that due to an unforeseen save-state error caused by overwritten revision data, SCP-2744 remains permanently locked onto Boston Recono's personality, behavior, and character traits. Amplification of SCP-2744's secondary anomalous abilities were also detected, presumably due to Junior Researcher Recono's state-of-mind during his engagement with the anomaly. All attempts to edit or reconfigure the webpage have been unsuccessful, with only minor changes being allowed via an administrator panel programmed into SCP-2744 itself.

On 01/18/2021, Site-69 initiated a temporary total site lockdown after multiple reports revealed that on-site and remote Foundation personnel were succumbing to unknown anomalous influences, which was later discovered to be caused by SCP-2744. This lockdown officially ended after 25 hours due to SCP-2744's anomalous abilities naturally de-manifesting from the affected personnel. During this event, Lead Manager Jerry Sims exchanged a series of emails between SCP-2744's Containment Specialist team regarding the aforementioned event and the cause of its occurrence:

To: Containment Developer Team/Project (Group)

Why are people asking me if someone messed with SCP-2744? Actually, who turned it into a… "WHICH WEED ARE YOU?" quiz??? The Site Director is literally blowing up my phone about Clif Bars and I have absolutely no idea why.

If this is a joke or something, it's not funny. Did someone mess with SCP-2744? If anyone knows, please respond. Apparently, people are dropping like flies because they're somehow getting high from their devices?? Seriously, someone explain what's happening.

To:, Containment Developer Team/Project 2744 (Group)

I'm so sorry, everyone. I was smoking last night and I got sent that link from Ally and everything just happened so fast. I tried emailing everyone for help.

To:, Containment Developer Team/Project 2744 (Group)

Just went back through my phone history… remember that I went on the Discussion Board for help last night. Found this:

I'm so sorry.

Proposals for Neutralizing SCP-2744 are currently under review and pending status by Foundation personnel. Junior Researcher Boston Recono has also been placed under temporary suspension due to his recent involvement in potential security risks.

ADDENDUM 2744-2: 26 hours after INCIDENT EVENT 01/17/2021, Site-69 lifted its lockdown. After an inspection of the Site, only one casualty was discovered5, with no serious injuries to personnel or structural damage to the facility itself being recorded. Site-69 security personnel were able to successfully obtain a series of on-site camera recordings of the incident after an initial delay.6 A sample of these recordings are provided below for investigatory and reference purposes:

<CAMERA LOGS - 01/17/2021>
Location Time (Local) Personnel Involved Description - Summary
Room 13 00:56 Jr. Researcher Carol Hinton Jr. Researcher Hinton can be seen in the corner of the room, swaying back-and-forth while remaining in a fetal position. Nearby, a cellphone, presumably Jr. Researcher Hinton's, can be heard playing "Never Gonna Give You Up," by Rick Astley. Jr. Researcher Hinton sways in unison with the tempo of the song. After several minutes, she begins sobbing quietly, and can be heard muttering the phrase, "What does being 'Rick-Rolled' even mean?"
Room 33 16:04 Jr. Researcher Cameron Gallegos, Jr. Researcher Griffin Dominguez Camera footage begins with Jr. Researcher Gallegos and Jr. Researcher Dominguez arguing with each other. After nearly 20 minutes, it can be determined that Jr. Researcher Dominguez may have misinterpreted a compliment spoken by Jr. Researcher Gallegos ("I like ya' cut 'g!") as an insult against him ("I might cut ya' g'!") This argument abruptly ceases after Jr. Researcher Gallegos apologizes, subsequently causing both to begin laughing uncontrollably. The exact reason for this remains unknown.
Observation Room 19A 17:22 Dr. Ziggy Slater Dr. Slater is seen standing in front of a large window, which looks directly into to a Containment Unit storing a winged canid anomaly. After several minutes of staring, Dr. Slater begins softly pacing the room, observing his surroundings frantically. This continues for approximately 30 seconds before Dr. Slater turns towards the window and loudly shouts, "Cerberus, you sly dog, you are just the cutest!"
Lunch Area B 07:36 Dr. Aleah Legge, Containment Specialist Hadi Russo, Researcher Enya Pugh, Jr. Researcher Colby Vargas, Dr. Antonio Gomez, Dr. Max Walmsley Camera footage records Dr. Aleah Legge, Containment Specialist Hadi Russo, Jr. Researcher Colby Vargas, Dr. Antonio Gomez and Dr. Max Walmsley circumnavigating the room, with Dr. Legge leading the group. As they walk, each sings their own iteration of "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" from the Wizard of Oz motion-picture film. After several minutes of continuous, disjointed singing, the affected Foundation personnel begin to jokingly designate roles between themselves and the main characters of the aforementioned film (Dr. Legge as Dorothy, Containment Specialist Russo as the Tin Man, Jr. Researcher Vargas as the Cowardly Lion, Dr. Gomez as the Scarecrow, and Dr. Walmsley as Toto.) After finalizing their roles, the group begins to incorrectly act out the movie's popular scenes, with assistance from Researcher Pugh who portrays the Wicked Witch of the West. This lasts until most of the affected personnel eventually succumb to exhaustion and fall asleep.
D-Class Living Quarters - Commons 17:44 Containment Specialist Ernie Dunn, D-39582, D-93457, D-12528, D-49287, D-21482, et. al. Camera pans towards Containment Specialist Ernie Dunn, who stands in the center of the Commons area holding a canister. Overlooking Containment Specialist Dunn, multiple D-Class personnel can be seen cheering "chug" from within their quarters. During the cheering, Containment Specialist Dunn slowly leans his head backward, tipping the canister into his mouth. D-Class personnel begin to cheer louder and continue to do so until Dunn fully consumes the contents of his bottle. D-Class personnel climaxes their cheers by chanting Containment Specialist Dunn's name before Dunn removes himself from the Commons area entirely.
Site Director's Office 18:48 Site Director Ashley Nora Site Director Nora can be seen sitting quietly at her desk, with her mouth slightly ajar. Surrounding Site Director Nora, an abundance of Chocolate Chip Clif Bar wrappings cover the contents of her work surface.7 She stares blankly towards her door and remains in this position for nearly an hour. After this period, Site Director Nora lowers her head onto her desk and begins loudly snoring, which lasts for the duration of INCIDENT EVENT 01/17/2021.

Researcher's Note: Although it's not entirely relevant to the documentation, I can almost guarantee that following the 2744 incident—everyone had a smile on their face for weeks, including myself. I can still remember everyone sharing stories about what happened to them the next day, laughing and crying at all the craziness. It was nice to see everyone take a breath from all the problems and threats of work. I don't think I was the only one who thought it either.

Researcher Ally Sparks

ADDENDUM 2744-3: Four months after INCIDENT EVENT 01/17/2021, Site-69's Human Resource team successfully compiled a series of monthly site-wide surveys spanning over one year that questioned Foundation personnel on general workplace environment, indicated stress levels, and other related issues. Further analysis of this data revealed that following INCIDENT EVENT 01/17/2021, Foundation personnel reported a drastic decline of work-induced stress for several months before it began escalating again:


Graph displays survey results of individual stress-levels. Please note the disparity that occurs during the months of January, February, and March, which is believed to have been primarily caused by SCP-2744's insertion into Site-69.

Although the direct cause of this sudden decrease in work-related stress levels remains undetermined empirically, comments on the HR surveys from Foundation personnel indicate SCP-2744's involvement within Site-69 as the primary source. Following this information, a site-wide announcement concerning SCP-2744, INCIDENT EVENT 01/17/2021, and the observed increase in work-induced stress was officially made by Site Director Ashley Nora:

UPDATE 05/03/2021

Official Statement From Site Director Nora: Hello. First, I would just like to thank everyone for their participation in the HR surveys over these last few months. Your worries and needs are important to all of us, and we work hard to make sure our personnel have appropriate resources available to them at all times.

Furthermore, I'd like to personally inform everyone that we are improving our Human Resources and shift schedules to accommodate for our recent workloads. As I'm sure you're all aware, things are only going to get busier as we discover and contain more anomalies. After all our primary directive is to contain and secure phenomena as they arise. However, especially after January, a new anomaly has been gaining support to be used with personnel for further workplace aid and assistance (that being the newly declassified SCP-2744, which had an incident several months ago).

Now, let's remember that while SCP-2744 was originally intended to act as a therapeutic agent, we are well beyond the scope of letting our staff use potentially dangerous SCP's for personal benefit. However, if Site-69 personnel persist in requesting access, I can and will look into possible ways of officially incorporating it into our HR policy at a later date (following more testing, of course.) As we have said for months, we just remain incredibly fortunate that there were no serious casualties or containment breaches as a result of the recent, and I suppose rather humorous, series of events back in January.

I should also mention that our requests for experimenting with additional methods for stress relief resources were accepted. Site-69 is now authorized to outsource legal marijuana into the facility from local dispensaries, which we will provide as appropriate to staff in need. Now, while there are those of you who may enjoy it for its own sake, several participants of the recent incident have reported significant improvements across a spectrum of ailments — anxiety, PTSD, and even chronic pain sustained from injuries in the field. I hope that this change will allow more study into the medical properties of appropriate marijuana usage, until more time can be reserved for researching/implementing SCP-2744 into our Human Resources. Thank you everyone for your patience. Please keep up the good work while we strive to help you succeed.

And no, I will not talk about the Clif Bars.

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