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Item#: 2742
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2742 instances should be contained in an aquatic containment chamber, outfitted with a Kant Counter to monitor Hume levels. One Long-Ranged Reality Adjuster1 should be kept focused on the chamber at all times, increasing the Hume level of the chamber to keep the SCP-2742 instances fed. Hume levels should be around the area average as a result of the changes from feeding. The LRRA should be checked for maintenance on a weekly basis to ensure optimal Hume levels are kept. If any changes in Hume levels are detected, Level 4/2742 personnel should be notified immediately.

Any new SCP-2742 instances should either be transferred to containment sites or used in experiments at secure testing facilities. In the event of a containment breach or the discovery of instances, an LRRA should be focused on any aquatic location away from civilians and increase the location's Hume level. Once the instances arrive at the location, a task force will be deployed for containment.

If a 2742-VÁRDIA Event occurs, the area of the event should be quarantined for as long as necessary. Following the end of the event the area should be assessed for any remaining anomalies, and personnel should be interviewed. Any remains of an SCP-2742-1 instance should be collected and studied.

Description: SCP-2742 is a species of anomalous aquatic animals, resembling Anguilliformes in body shape. SCP-2742 instances have 1.5 meter long trilaterally symmetric bodies, with slight edges separating each side. The instances are dark purple in coloration, with lighter patches on certain parts. The head is a tetrahedron, composed of a grey rocky material. Extending from each edge on the base are frills resembling the gills of Ambystoma mexicanum, likely used in feeding or as a sensory organ. Each side of the body has a row of three bioluminescent sacs, which rapidly flash random colors. SCP-2742 instances do not have blood or any similar substance. Instances reproduce asexually, transforming a sac on their body into a new instance. A single instance may reproduce up to nine times, as the sacs do not regenerate.2

The entities are caelivores, consuming the strength of reality for sustenance3. This is seen as a decrease in Hume levels4 within a 15 meter spherical region around the head of an instance. As more instances enter a single region the decrease will become more severe. Once seven are present any additional instances will begin to die from starvation. As a result, SCP-2742 are rarely seen in groups; though they can form schools. Instances also move between locations frequently, suggesting that staying in one area can also lead to starvation.

Effects of the Hume decrease include a region of visual distortions in the area, normally resembling those caused by heat waves. Sounds also undergo various distortions. A sense of unease is often reported from subjects, sometimes escalating to terror. There is also a higher chance of non-anomalous subjects becoming reality-benders for the duration of the decrease. In most subjects this is done unintentionally, often stemming from changes in perception being applied to the area. It is also more likely for anomalous phenomena to spontaneously occur, though it is rare for anything created during this to exist outside of the area.

When an SCP-2742 instance dies, either from starvation or other means, the bioluminescent sacs will burst and stop glowing. There is a chance that a 2742-VÁRDIA Event will occur, which entails a temporary restructuring of reality in a spherical region. The event has an approximate radius of 30 meters. An outside view of the event shows the area as repeatedly bending and twisting, though no such phenomena are described by those entering or inside it. What happens in an event varies, though hallucinations and appearances of anomalous entities are common.

After an event the area will return to normal, though some objects created or distorted in it remain. Hume levels will increase to the local average after approximately five hours. No casualties have occurred from these events. The remains of the SCP-2742 instance are typically heavily damaged on recovery. The remains do not appear to decay.

Not all entity deaths will result in a 2742-VÁRDIA Event, with four out of the nine recorded deaths not causing one. Whether the probability of an event occurring is determined by outside factors or by chance is unknown.

Discovery Log: SCP-2742-1 was detected in Lake Ontario after a trail of lower than usual Hume levels was detected by Kejel-Kant Ranged Monitors5 on Foundation patrol boats. MTF-Nu-3 ("Limnophobia") were dispatched to track and contain the cause of this decrease on 15/10/2016. SCP-2742-1 was discovered on a yacht, stored in an aquarium at the back of the ship. Interrogation of the ship's crew revealed that they were members of GoI#03088 ("The Church of the Second Hytoth")6, and were planning on bringing the anomaly, referred to as a Nohl-Av, back to a Church facility for preservation. A ritual was used by the crew to let them detect changes in reality, leading to the discovery of SCP-2742-1.

Due to the effects of the reality decrease, a full interview was unable to be performed at the time of discovery. The crew was detained, interrogated, and subsequently administered amnestics. SCP-2742-1 was brought to Site-201 for containment, and the yacht was stored for investigation.

Since the containment of SCP-2742-1, 24 instances have been born, 9 of which have died. SCP-2742-22 is the only other instance to have been discovered in the wild, also found in Lake Ontario. The instance died during recovery.



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