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The following file describes a currently unknown and potentially dangerous reality-altering hazard, and is Level 3/2740 classified.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: 2740
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Image recovered from family camcorder, believed to be the interior of the Lee family attic. Date impossible to determine.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-2740, any means of direct containment are currently unfeasible. Access to ████ █. ██ St, █████, IN is forbidden, and is to be enforced by Foundation security personnel. Cover story Delta-4B "Gas Leak" is to be disseminated in █████, IN.

Standard cognitohazardous object amnestic treatment is available to all personnel assigned to SCP-2740.

Description: The nature, appearance, and potential existence of SCP-2740 is uncertain. SCP-2740 is believed to possibly exist in the northwest corner of the attic in the home of the Lee family at ████ █. ██ St, █████, IN, a location roughly 6m from the ladder leading to it.

Individuals attempting to approach the ladder leading to the attic will find themselves unable to do so; while individuals can approach the ladder and, in certain cases, even begin to climb it, upon further inspection it will always be discovered that these individuals did not in actuality do so. The reason for this is currently unknown; additionally, it is uncertain if this effect exists at all. Research into this phenomenon is ongoing.


█████, IN, US.

The only information gathered regarding SCP-2740 has been done so through interviews with affected individuals. SCP-2740 appears to instill a sense of intense dread in any individual cognizant of it, although the reason for this is unknown. This effect begins upon entering the house at ████ █. ██ St, or by becoming cognizant of SCP-2740 through discussion with other individuals affected by its anomalous nature.

Interview 2740-A: Franklin Lee

Interview 2740-B: Yvette Lee

Incident Log 2740-A: After interviews with Mr. and Mrs. Lee and their children, and with neighbors also affected by SCP-2740, all of whom were certain of the existence of SCP-2740 but uncertain of any other details, several attempts were made to penetrate the attic, both manned and unmanned. In all cases, further investigation revealed that no attempts were actually made, regardless of the claims made by involved personnel stating otherwise.

These attempts may have included direct access through the second floor attic ladder, shaped charges situated at various points on the second floor ceiling, drone access through the ladder opening, manned and unmanned access by cutting through the roof, and complete leveling of the home. As stated above, no records exist that any of these methods were actually attempted.

Interview Log 2740-C: Olivia Lee

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