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Item #: SCP-2737

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Personnel working with SCP-2737 must undergo weekly counter-memetic training. Anti-memetic agents are to be employed before and after exposure to SCP-2737. Infected personnel and test subjects are to be treated with amnestics. Formerly infected individuals are to be monitored for signs of possible relapse.

Description: SCP-2737 is a dead lamprey. Despite its deceased status, SCP-2737 does not undergo decay. The urn containing SCP-2737 has been dated to approximately 100 CE and appears to be of Roman design. Awareness of the existence of SCP-2737 triggers a memetic infection.

Symptoms of infection can include:

  • Increased empathy (both emotional and cognitive)1
  • Major depressive disorder
  • Acute thanatophobia2
  • Obsessive thinking with regards to theodicy3 (specific to religiously minded individuals), immortality, transhumanism, and the existence of entropy.
  • A belief in collective experience and interconnected life

It is suspected that depression is a non-anomalous side-effect caused by the primary anomaly.

SCP-2737 was discovered at a Foundation storage site for minimally anomalous objects. The object (initially believed to be the urn containing SCP-2737) was found within proper documentation. Dr. Ernest Bishop was tasked with reevaluating the object's anomaly and returning it to storage. Dr. Bishop, approximately 2 hours after exposure, would be terminated by security personnel while attempting to force a containment breach, claiming the Foundation had "no right to harm" SCP-████. A connection to SCP-2737 was shortly established, as it was the only anomalous object handled by Dr. Bishop that day. In order to understand the nature of the anomaly, D-class personnel were requested for experimentation - authorization was granted.

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