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Left: SCP-2736-1 in Foundation custody, 1973.

Right: SCP-2736-2 during second presidential term, 1973.

Item #: SCP-2736

Object Class: Euclid (SCP-2736-1), Keter (SCP-2736-2) Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: For its own protection SCP-2736-1 is kept at Armed Site-29, in a standard humanoid containment chamber.1 Subject is allowed a television and a subscription to a newspaper of its choosing; a monthly allowance of $20 $30 $50 $75 $100 $125 US (amount periodically increased to account for inflation) has also been set aside to procure SCP-2736-1 with reading material and other media it may request. Once a week subject is allowed one hour in the small courtyard at the center of Building 11, under the supervision of one guard. Once a year subject is allowed one new photograph each of Patricia Nixon, Tricia Nixon Cox and Julie Nixon Eisenhower. All privileges are contingent on good behavior, and may be rescinded at any time by Project Head/2736. Subject’s health should be monitored closely, as it has a history of phlebitis.

SCP-2736-2 is uncontained at present. Long-term surveillance is to be maintained, with successful infiltration of its inner circle remaining a Class-IV Priority.

UPDATE: Special Containment Procedures for SCP-2736 were discontinued on 23/04/1994.

Description: SCP-2736 consists of two biologically-identical adult males, SCP-2736-1 and SCP-2736-2; as far as can be ascertained, both are former U.S. President Richard M. Nixon. They are the result of a little-understood event designated “Incident Janus-2736”, which resulted in a hitherto non-anomalous Richard M. Nixon being “split” into two distinct individuals through unknown, anomalous means. SCP-2736-1 and SCP-2736-2 appear to share the entirety of Richard M. Nixon’s memories up to Incident Janus-2736, at which point each individual developed a distinct consciousness; however, this cannot be conclusively verified due to the unavailability of SCP-2736-2 for study.

SCP-2736-1 has been in Foundation custody since Incident Janus-2736, allowing its existence to remain concealed from the public. Despite having been produced through anomalous means, SCP-2736-1 displays no anomalous properties save for sharing a Level-II causal relationship (physical, mental) with SCP-2736-2 (see Addenda 3, 5). Heavy scarring is present on subject’s chest, the result of injuries sustained during Incident Janus-2736.

SCP-2736-2 is the individual known to the world as Richard M. Nixon, having served as the 37th President of the United States from 1969 to 1974. Due to SCP-2736-2’s high status and visibility, as well as the protection and continued interference of GoI-113 with Foundation efforts at recovery, SCP-2736-2 remains uncontainable at present.2

Recovery: On 21/06/1951, Undercover Task Force Theta-3-3 (“Federal Reserves”) conducted a covert surveillance mission at the private campground known as Bohemian Grove, in Monte Rio, CA.3 Theta-3-3 agents embedded in the campground’s security force observed a summer solstice celebration attended by members of GoI-113, which culminated in Incident Janus-2736.

Following its extraction from Bohemian Grove, SCP-2736-1 was taken to Site-109, where its injuries were treated.

Addendum 2736-01

Addendum 2736-02

The following interview with SCP-2736-1 was conducted on 15/09/1974 (23 years since initial containment), in order to discuss SCP-2736-2’s recent resignation as U.S. President.

Addendum 2736-03

On 12/10/1974, SCP-2736-1 fell ill with phlebitis, and had to undergo surgery with a Foundation phlebologist. The same day, SCP-2736-2 was hospitalized for phlebitis in Long Beach, CA, for which it received surgery and treatment.

Addendum 2736-04

On 22/06/1993 (42 years since initial containment), Patricia Nixon died of lung cancer at her home in Park Ridge, NJ.5 SCP-2736-1 was greatly affected by her death, and in the following months grew increasingly withdrawn, refusing to participate in interviews with Project Head/2736. Subject also frequently complained of poor sleep.

Addendum 2736-05

On 18/04/1994 (43 years since initial containment), at roughly 17:45 EST, SCP-2736-1 suffered a massive cerebral vascular accident (CVA) and was transferred to Armed-Site-29’s Yellow Infirmary. It was later learned that SCP-2736-2 had also suffered a CVA at the same moment at its home in Park Ridge, NJ, and had been taken to New York–Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, NY. Both subjects were left partially paralyzed and incapable of speech, and developed cerebral edema over the following days.

Despite its condition, on the evening of 21/04/1994 SCP-2736-1 inexplicably began to speak, albeit in an agitated and delirious manner; infirmary staff alerted Project Head/2736, who was able to record nearly 20 minutes of audio content.

Immediately following this, SCP-2736-1 fell into a deep coma; SCP-2736-2 was later reported to have fallen into a coma at the same moment. The following day, 22/04/1994, SCP-2736-1 and SCP-2736-2 simultaneously died at 21:08 EST.

On 23/04/1994, SCP-2736 was reclassified as “Neutralized”.

Addendum 2736-06

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