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Former habitat of multiple SCP-2734 instances. Immediate vicinity contained more than fifty SCP-2734 instances just two hours before Foundation agents arrived on the scene.

Item #: SCP-2734

Object Class: Neutralized Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All containment cells previously containing instances of SCP-2734 are to be examined for structural weaknesses. All personnel aware of or involved with the containment of SCP-2734 are to be investigated in regards to the events detailed in Addendum 2734-3. A full report of the investigations’ findings will be provided to O5-9.

Former habitats of SCP-2734 are to receive light satellite scans once a month. Any signs of SCP-2734 resurgence must be reported to O5-9.

Description: SCP-2734 is a species of humanoid superficially resembling American culture's conception of a clown. Since January 2016, populations of SCP-2734 have sprung up all over the world, necessitating a global misinformation campaign. The majority of SCP-2734 sightings have taken place in the mainland USA and Canada. However, populations of SCP-2734 have been found in Western Europe, Australia, Central America and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Populations of SCP-2734 generally live as far away from human habitations as possible. SCP-2734 populations can comfortably exist in a wide variety of natural environments despite having little to no personal possessions aside from clothing. Despite urban legends, SCP-2734 is determined to avoid being seen, photographed or caught on video. The majority of images circulating through the media claiming to be SCP-2734 are in fact independent hoaxes or part of the Foundations' misinformation campaign.

In addition to resembling the Western ideal of a clown, members of SCP-2734 possess the following differences from Homo sapiens:

  • the ability to subsist on approximately 200 calories a day.
  • the ability to gain sustenance from nearly any organic matter. SCP-2734 instances have been shown to comfortably subsist on grass, leaves, flowers, roots, bark, tree sap, mushrooms, ferns, insects, and food waste from human garbage. SCP-2734 instances universally avoid consuming animal meat, although this is considered to be a cultural trait rather than a physical limitation. In times of scarcity, SCP-2734 instances have been known to eat small animals such as birds and rats; however, this appears to bring them a substantial amount of guilt.
  • flatter, stronger teeth; believed to assist with an herbivorous diet.
  • the ability to comfortably exist in nearly any climate. SCP-2734 has never shown any sign of being affected by climate-related maladies (e.g. hypothermia, heatstroke). Populations of SCP-2734 have been found in areas with temperatures above 45 °C and below -18 °C with no effect.
  • faster running speed. The average fully grown member of SCP-2734 can run at approximately 22 km/h. This ability is used primarily in evasion.

Outreach to SCP-2734 communities has been extremely difficult. SCP-2734 is determined to keep itself hidden; the first attempts at outreach have been met with great distrust and outright terror. Often a community of SCP-2734 will uproot itself and travel hundreds of kilometres after an attempt at communication from the Foundation. Eventually the Foundation was able to persuade one community to willingly hand over two members, (SCP-2734-1 and SCP-2734-2) into Foundation custody for purposes of mutual understanding. The Foundation has agreed to keep SCP-2734-1 and 2 in its care for only as long as they are comfortable, and to return them as soon as they request to do so.

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