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Item #: SCP-2732

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2732 is to be kept at Storage Site-██ in a standard large object containment chamber. SCP-2732-1 is to be stored separately in a security safe with controlled heat and humidity, due to its delicate nature. SCP-2732-2-D instances are to be kept in a cold storage chamber.

Description: SCP-2732 is a wooden Beijing Opera stage, constructed within the last century. SCP-2732 lacks a backstage area or stairs. SCP-2732-1 is a Ming Dynasty Era booklet containing seven entries, all different accounts of the same event.

When a human subject reads out a whole entry directly from SCP-2732-1 while standing within a 60-meter radius of SCP-2732, SCP-2732-2 instances, along with stage props required, will manifest on the stage. SCP-2732-2 instances are autonomous, mostly wooden mannequins with no facial features wearing Beijing Opera costumes and facial makeup. SCP-2732-2 instances will engage in a performance1 that seems to correspond to the entry read, accompanied by music with no apparent source. See Addendum for specifics and exceptions.

When a human being enters SCP-2732, the performance will halt, with SCP-2732-2 instances ceasing all motions. SCP-2732-2 instances and stage props removed at this time will behave like ordinary objects. The performance will resume after all objects taken from SCP-2732 are returned and all human subjects have left the stage. After the performance, SCP-2732-2 instances and stage props will disappear, except for the instance generated by Entry 7. See Addendum for more information.

Addendum: The following is the content of SCP-2732-1, and the specifics of SCP-2732-2's performance corresponding to each entry.


The king of Ajia was hanged dead.

Performance Log: SCP-2732-2-A first appears in this entry. The instance wears costume of a Chinese emperor and no facial makeup.

<Begin Log>

[A low drumming sound plays.]

SCP-2732-2-A appears hanged from the ceiling with white silk2.

The instance twitches for 15 minutes.

<End Log>

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