Item #: SCP-2729

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2729 is described to the public as a rare and unusual side effect of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Foundation fronts (namely Sherman Charleston's Psychological Institute) will claim to be researching the condition, and publish faux articles describing said research at random intervals, preferably not more than once a year. Sherman Charleston's Psychological Institute (or SCPI) will work with the US Department of Health and Human Services to document all cases of individuals affected by SCP-2729, and encourage those affected to seek aid from SCPI. Individuals who do not come to SCPI should be covertly surveyed for any unusual behavior, or for suspicion of anomalous means.


The flag flown by SCP-2729-A, as sketched by Patient-12.


The flag flown by SCP-2729-B, as sketched by Patient-12.


The flag flown by SCP-2729-C, as sketched by Patient-12.

Description: SCP-2729 is a phenomenon that may1 affect any individual that has been exposed to combat situations in person for at least a one-week period throughout their lifetime, and has traveled the Pacific Ocean by boat. Individuals with combat training may also be affected if they maintain regular contact with a subject affected by the primary vector. Affected individuals will claim to see transparent monochrome soldiers, officials, and military equipment with varying levels of clarity based on combat experience2. Reports of how the instances act and how the equipment is used is consistent between subjects. All objects seen this way are transparent, intangible, and silent.

Objects and subjects seem to correspond to three different warring nations, and are seen in and around the Pacific Ocean. The theater of war extends as far east as the Californian coasts, and as far west as China. Supplies (food, guns, vehicles, soldiers, etc.) appear to come from within buildings that are unable to be entered, due to the intangible nature of SCP-27293. Each warring nation, and their people, is designated SCP-2729-A, -B, and -C. SCP-2729-A is based in the city of Khabarovsk, Russia; SCP-2729-B is based in the city of Prince Rupert, Canada; SCP-2729-C is based in the city of Hilo, Hawaii.

SCP-2729-A soldiers wear uniforms adorned with symbols of various stylized suns. SCP-2729-B soldiers wear uniforms adorned with symbols of various stylized stars. SCP-2729-C soldiers wear uniforms adorned with symbols of various stylized moons.

Soldiers and officials of all nations exhibit inhuman behaviors including a lack of facial expression, unfocused eyes, lack of speech4, an atypical reaction to pain, and the inability to biologically die. If a soldier sustains damage that would kill a human being, they will fall limp indefinitely. However, blood loss does not seem to affect their normal bodily functions. After falling, their eyes can still move, they will continue to breathe unless damage was done to the lungs, and they will never decompose. If a body is retrievable, field medics from the corresponding nation will often find and remove remains. Where these remains are taken and what is done with them is currently unknown5.

Addendum | Temporary Neutralization
On 3/13/1989, starting at 11:48 Pacific Standard Time (around the time of a massive geomagnetic storm), SCP-2729 became inactive. Agent LaFerrier, who was viewing a military base controlled by SCP-2729-A 3 km outside of Bend, Oregon along with the affected D-237238, reported that the anomaly had "disappeared". LaFerrier elaborated and confirmed with D-237238 that all soldiers, officials, and buildings had suddenly ceased to exist. At 1:36, the accompanying research team reported that Agent LaFerrier and D-237238 had both held their heads, vocalized intense pain, and fainted simultaneously. Agent LaFerrier and D-237238 both regained consciousness within three hours, and further research of the anomaly has discovered that the anomaly has since "restarted"; each nation was found to have only a headquarters6 and a single military base within 5 km of that location.

Sherman Charleston's Psychological Institute discovered within the year that all living subjects on record had experienced similar occurrences, reporting that they had suffered a "horrible headache and then fainted early in the afternoon on the thirteenth"7.

EDIT 8/31/████: Since this initial reset, several more similar events have occurred. Following is a list of such occurrences, as of the time of writing:
8/██/1989: Temporary disappearance, but status of the war was not reset. Affected individuals experienced headaches.
7/█/2000: Full reset.
10/██/2003: Full reset.
1/██/2005: Temporary disappearance.8
1/█/2007: Full reset.
11/██/2010: Temporary disappearance.
10/█/2012: Temporary disappearance.
5/██/2014: Full reset.
4/█/2015: Full reset.
9/██/2016: Temporary disappearance.
3/██/2017: Full reset.
8/█/2017: Temporary disappearance.

Addendum | Highly Unusual Behavior
On 8/25/2017, Agent LaFerrier, affected by SCP-2729 and reporting to a research team, was viewing a battle between SCP-2729-B and SCP-2729-C in the streets of San Diego. Several SCP-2729-B soldiers were using a Pizzeria Luigi on El Cajon Blvd. as a shelter. One such soldier had a pencil and paper, and was apparently writing a letter. Agent LaFerrier recorded the letter as best she could.

Dear Dear,

I'm on the front lines. Love you. I'm shooting. Love you. Miss you. .;@3d died yesterday. Sad. I'm sad. Sweetie! Saw him die. I'm sad. Miss you. How're the kids? They're great. I love them. I love you. I miss you. Sweetie! .;@3d was a good soldier. He killed. He died. I love my kids. Jeff and Bill. And Bill. Bill was always a good soldier. Bill died yesterday. I'm sad. I shot him. He died. Miss you.

Yours, Jeff

During the writing, the other soldiers had gathered behind the writing soldier. The instance stood up without facing the other soldiers, and began to cry9. All others drew rifles and opened fire on the writing soldier. The remains were then thrown into the street where SCP-2729-C soldiers also shot into the body. A soldier in the pizzeria crumpled and ate the letter. Such an occurrence has never been seen since.

Addendum | SCP-2729-A Victory
Following several successful war campaigns on the part of SCP-2729-A against SCP-2729-B, an army of -A made it to the headquarters of SCP-2729-B and successfully "killed" all soldiers and officials, adopting their HQ as a secondary base of operations. Two months later, on 10/10/2017, Agent LaFerrier and D-309918 viewed a battle between SCP-2729-A and SCP-2729-C in Hilo, Hawaii (SCP-2729-C's base of operations). After heavy casualties on both sides, SCP-2729-A soldiers finally overtook the headquarters proceeding three days of battle. Once inside the HQ, they were able to extract an SCP-2729-C official (assumed to be the leader of SCP-2729-C) out of the building and publicly execute him on 10/13/2017, 7:12. Afterwards, SCP-2729-A soldiers stood still for two hours, rocking slightly back and forth.

At 9:32, on 10/13/2017, -A instances began to look at their surroundings, some with confused expressions. Another 15 minutes passed before Agent LaFerrier reported seeing some instances "moseying about" and looking at the remains of dead and wounded soldiers. D-309918 reported seeing some groups of soldiers that appeared to freeze mid-motion, and unfreeze at random intervals. After another 30 minutes, the instances that executed the rival leader of SCP-2729-C knelt down and turned the body over. At this same time, soldiers were seen cradling dead SCP-2729-A and -C instances in their arms. A select amount of soldiers were also seen rapidly changing position and repeating actions. In another 5 minutes, the soldier who executed the leader of SCP-2729-C began to cry, which prompted most other soldiers to begin doing the same. The few soldiers that this did not affect began to draw weapons and open fire on the crying soldiers, who put up little to no resistance.

At this moment, SCP-2729 reset.

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