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Item #: SCP-2727

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each entrance to SCP-2727-1 is to be closed off upon discovery, and the proceeding area searched for instances of SCP-2727-2. Instances of SCP-2727-2 are to be terminated on sight if found outside of the area containing instances of SCP-2727-1. Testing of SCP-2727 is to be approved by at least one Level 4 Personnel.

In incidents in which instances of SCP-2727-2 become hostile, each known entrance to SCP-2727 are to be guarded by at least three security agents until all hostile activity ceases.

Description: SCP-2727-1 refers to various models of subway trains, located inside several subway stations across the island of ██████, Greece. Instances of SCP-2727-1 have been found to have ██ station entrances throughout the island. The interior of the subway stations resembles those from the late 1950's. The boarding area for instances of SCP-2727-1 have been measured to go as far as ███ meters in length. The subway stations have been recorded to have support pillars every fifteen meters in any open direction.

SCP-2727-2 refers to humanoid individuals found inside SCP-2727-1 and the subway stations. Instances of SCP-2727-2 typically resemble Homo sapiens, but lack any facial features. Instances of SCP-2727-2 are typically docile. During times when an instance of SCP-2727-1 is present within the current subway station, large amounts of SCP-2727-2 will enter SCP-2727-1, while an equal amount of SCP-2727-2 will exit the instance of SCP-2727-1.

During explorations of SCP-2727-1, SCP-2727-1 have been recorded to move to other stations not on the island. Train stations explored by SCP-2727-1 have been shown to be vastly different, including architectural and anomalous changes. Changes include:

  • Station architecture matching that of Gothic work.
  • Several holes of various sizes along the walls, ceiling, and floors of the station.
  • Station being made entirely of Osteocytes (human bone).
  • Station walls, floors, and ceiling being made entirely of what appeared to be pig flesh.
  • Station containing no instances of SCP-2727-2. It was noted that no instances of SCP-2727-2 left SCP-2727-1 during this stop.

During explorations of SCP-2727-1, instances of SCP-2727-2 changed shapes and sizes, including:

  • Instances of SCP-2727-2 were reported to change into humanoid creatures similar to Sus scrofa domesticus (barn pigs). It was noted that instances of SCP-2727-2 become increasingly hostile during this time.
  • Instances of SCP-2727-2 were reported to become invisible inside SCP-2727-1, despite instances of SCP-2727-2 being visible outside of SCP-2727-1.
  • SCP-2727-2 instances were reported to be invisible. Clothing worn by SCP-2727-2 was not affected by the change.

Incident Report 2727-1: Instances of SCP-2727-2 became hostile, attacking security guards and attempting to exit the station. Hostile instances of SCP-2727-2 were terminated immediately. Approximately fifteen minutes later, an instance of SCP-2727-1 came into the station. Fifteen instances of SCP-2727-2 proceeded to carry deceased instances onto SCP-2727-1.

Document 2727-1

January 21, 19██
They took Bill's eyes today, sewed what was left shut. He's a businessman, why the [EXPLICIT] are they torturing him? He stopped screaming lately. I thought they removed his voice box until he asked me where god was. John stopped banging on the door after one of them opened it and hit him with the butt of its gun. Whatever these things are, they aren't human.

Bill is really calm considering what happened. Must be in denial. I feel sorry for the guy. He never told us how he got here. John was pulled from his platoon, and I was taking a piss when they got me. Damn Russians.

January 25, 19██
They took Bill again. Last time they took John's fingers. I felt bad for Bill, he's had the worst so far. We didn't hear much screaming. He came back and didn't talk. I left him alone until I heard him humming. He looked up with his sewed up eyes, and I almost vomited. They took his mouth.

February 3, 19██
Bill's been gone for about two days now. John's convinced they killed him. I don't think they are that merciful. I thought about killing Bill before they took him last time, just end the misery, but he didn't hear a word I said. He just sat there, bald, blind, and mute. I think they closed his ears.

February 9, 19██
Bill's back. They took the stitches out. Shaved his eyebrows too. They must have done a flesh graft, I can't see where his eyes or lips were anymore. He just sat against the wall next to the door. I can't figure out how he's breathing. John said he breaths through his ass now. It was just a joke, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. They gave him new clothes, just like his old ones, but not covered in his own blood. He looks like one of those mannequins in a store.

February, 19██
They took Bill again. About an hour later they took John and I out, blindfolded us and stuck us on a train. It's been moving for a while. Bill is standing way back, he hasn't moved in a while. John just sat down. He's had enough of this bullshit. So have I. I lost track of what day it was. I think it's February.

The doors opened, and things that looked like Bill got on. About five on them. John is freaking out, saying they turned Bill into one of those things.

Oh god.

They look like pigs.

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