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Item #: SCP-2726

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: One instance of SCP-2726, designated SCP-2726-001, is kept on a private ████████ page operated by the Foundation. The account in question must not interact with any other ████████ accounts, and is used exclusively for the purpose of performing research on SCP-2726 and communicating with SCP-2726-A. One individual, currently Dr. Prasad, is to remain the sole direct observer of SCP-2726-001, and must adhere to an appropriate cover story during interactions with SCP-2726-A. As Dr. Prasad and SCP-2726-A have developed a rapport, the cover story restriction has been lifted for the duration of Dr. Prasad's involvement with the SCP-2726 project. See Interview Log 2726-D3.

Personnel are to manually search ████████, beginning with the known acquaintances and general milieu of "mashedpork", for instances of SCP-2726. Each page must be viewed on no less than eleven separate occasions before SCP-2726's absence can be confirmed. Instances must be deleted upon identification, and all known viewers must be amnesticized as appropriate. Web Crawler MASHEDPORK-0A-2726 is set to remove all material referring to SCP-2726.

Description: SCP-2726 is the collective designation for an estimated 200 25 posts on social media site ████████, attributed to the user "mashedpork". The account in question was deleted before SCP-2726 developed anomalous properties; as such, SCP-2726 is composed of those posts that were shared to another user's page prior to the account's deletion. The original operator of mashedpork has not been identified conclusively.1

The contents of SCP-2726 are controlled by a sapient entity, designated SCP-2726-A, claiming to be a "ghost" of mashedpork's operator. SCP-2726-A communicates by altering the contents of SCP-2726 in real-time via an unknown method; changes can be detected by refreshing the web browser, and input can be sent to SCP-2726-A using ████████'s built-in "Reply" function. SCP-2726-A is aware of how many individuals are observing SCP-2726 at any given time, as well as any conversations it has had with the individuals in question.

SCP-2726 instances and their contents cannot be located by any tested search algorithm, all of which ignore SCP-2726's presence. Individuals deliberately searching for SCP-2726 will frequently (~80% of the time) fail to identify the presence of an instance on any site with other content, making it difficult to confirm that SCP-2726 is not present on any given ████████ page.

Interview Log 2726-D3

SCP-2726-A was interviewed on 2016-07-18 by Dr. Prasad. No specific agenda was set for the interview; to date, it has been the most informative with regards to SCP-2726. The transcript is presented in standard format for readability purposes.

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