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SCP-2724-A at intake.

Item #: SCP-2724

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2724 is, at present, physically uncontainable and must be contained through psychological deception. SCP-2724-A is kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-17. Additional supplies requested are to be provided on approval by Site Director Lewis and psychologist Dr. Bauer. In the event of an HP-Loki Dissociation Scenario, aural and visual cognitohazards are to be administered to render SCP-2724-A unconscious. After being successfully re-contained SCP-2724 is to undergo psychiatric counseling to strengthen its identification with SCP-2724-A. On the recommendation of Dr. Bauer, containment procedures available to level-3 personnel and lower are to reinforce SCP-2724's association with SCP-2724-A.1

Description: SCP-2724 is an entity of unknown origin capable of partial manifestation in our reality. It can currently manifest one appendage2 from the central torso of SCP-2724-A. This boundary emits radiation patterns similar to those produced in the maintenance of a Pseudo-Riemannian manifold. SCP-2724-A refers to the body of a 16-year-old male human of European descent named Jacob ██████. The brain of SCP-2724-A displays no higher function, but SCP-2724-A can move, speak and react to stimuli as if fully conscious and is most likely controlled by SCP-2724. SCP-2724 currently believes itself to be the living, conscious Jacob ██████.

SCP-2724 receives almost all sensory information from the organs of SCP-2724-A.3 SCP-2724's arm has a sense of touch, although it does not report being aware of any sensation behind the boundary which it emerges from. SCP-2724 can extend its arm to approx. 5 m ordinarily, and has been able to manifest over 40 m during dissociation events.4

On rare occasions, when SCP-2724's mental or physical identification with SCP-2724-A is sufficiently weakened, SCP-2724 will undergo a Dissociation Scenario. SCP-2724 will lose access to sensory information from SCP-2724-A and become increasingly aware of its true body while SCP-2724-A is rendered catatonic. SCP-2724 generally attempts to explore its surroundings with its only observable arm, and seems to attempt to draw more of itself through SCP-2724-A, but is not inherently violent unless physically or psychologically stressed. When stressed, however, it has proven capable of considerable damage to Foundation structures and personnel. So far, SCP-2724 has not reported remembering anything from any dissociation events, and has not yet considered the idea that it is anything but a human adolescent. All practicable steps are to be taken to prevent SCP-2724 from considering this. No communication with SCP-2724 has been successfully undertaken and no information concerning SCP-2724's consciousness during dissociation events is known.

Acquisition Notes: SCP-2724 was discovered after a dissociation episode on ██/██/2014. SCP-2724 surrendered itself willingly to the Foundation upon contact. Jacob ██████ was born and lived in ████████, Kansas and his parents reported no noteworthy events in his life or extended lack of contact with him prior to first manifestation. Class-A amnestics were administered to the residents of ████████ and an explanation of a domestic gas explosion given to cover for the damaged buildings (2) and deaths of █████ ██████ and ███ ███████. Mr. and Mrs. ██████ were given Class-C amnestics and evidence of Jacob's life was removed from their home. SCP-2724 is friendly and cooperative with staff.

A partial log of interviews and experimentation can be found below.

Addendum 5/22/2016: Dissemination of false research updates are being considered by Dr. Bauer in order to treat SCP-2724's deteriorating mental state and the increase in frequency/severity of dissociation events.
Addendum 5/29/2016: Request approved by Site Director Lewis.
Addendum 11/14/2016: A long-term cover story to maintain SCP-2724's voluntary containment is under development.

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