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An instance of SCP-2723-A

Item #: SCP-2723

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-2723 is to be surrounded by a standard Type 2 Foundation Outdoor Security Outpost. In addition, the perimeter fence of this outpost is to be fitted with a modified photonic fence system programmed to target instances of SCP-2723-A as they exit SCP-2723.

Description: SCP-2723 is an extra-dimensional anomaly located approximately 22 km outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. When viewed from the outside, SCP-2723 is not readily observable, with its entrance blending into the existing topography. When SCP-2723 is entered from a height below ~3 m, subjects will find themselves located in a pocket dimension. Side boundaries of this dimension are designated by the appearance of thick, grey fog, with no upper or lower boundaries discovered. Located in this pocket dimension is a large, multistory, cylindrical tower, designated SCP-2723-1. All floors of the tower are roughly circular in shape, and have either arches or columns in place of walls. A continuous spiral staircase leads up the center of the tower.

SCP-2723-A are a collection of organisms resembling mid-sized lepidopterans in size and shape, originating from within SCP-2723. Upon closer inspection, SCP-2723-A are composed completely of ash. How SCP-2723-A are able to carry out movement, flight, and observation of their environment despite their composition is currently unknown. All liquid and solid matter within one meter of SCP-2723-A will undergo rapid decay and decomposition. After reaching a certain point of decay, substances will begin to lose mass. Under normal conditions, SCP-2723-A will leave SCP-2723 for roughly one to three days. Upon the end of this time period, SCP-2723-A will return to SCP-2723, at which point they will spontaneously convert into an unidentified black liquid, which will weigh the approximate combined masses of the SCP-2723-A instance and the mass lost by decayed substances. This liquid will quickly soak into the ground in SCP-2723 upon contact. Research has discovered an extensive capillary system which extends through SCP-2723-1 and the ground of SCP-2723, which serves to transport the liquid to the top of SCP-2723-1, where it is then deposited as a viscous black substance.

SCP-2723-B is an autonomous mechanical device which appears to be composed primarily of silver, modeled after an adult male human, with the exception of the head, which is similar to that of an adult male instance of Odocoileus virginianus (White-Tailed Deer). SCP-2723-B inhabits the top floors of SCP-2723-1. SCP-2723-B is heavily coated in the black substance, and has been observed molding the substance into the upper floors of SCP-2723-1.

Addendum 1: Log of floors of SCP-2723-1.

Level # Description of floor
1 Level is composed entirely of a luminous white substance. Floor is supported by seven cylindrical pillars arranged in a symmetrical circle.
2 Level is primarily blue in coloration, and is supported by transparent arches. The floor of the level is slightly concave, and holds a small amount of water.
3 Roof and pillars of level are made of several different forms of stone, arranged in sedentary layers. The floor is composed of soil, and has several forms of plant life growing out of it.
4 The ceiling is composed of gold. The floor is composed of silver. The supporting arches are composed of a solid, translucent black substance, with small luminescent particles suspended inside them.
5 Structure is composed of blue glass. The floor depicts several aquatic creatures. The ceiling displays several avians and airborne organisms.
6 Floor constructed of white marble. Level is filled with marble statues of several different types of animals, as well as two human statues.
7 Level composed of grey stone, supported by four pillars. Pillars, floor, and roof carved with geometric designs.
8-22 Levels constructed of wood. Carvings in wood depict several animals and the two human figures in various woodland scenes.
23 Level carved from a black stone. Columns encircled with carved snakes.
24-30 Levels carved from wood, similar to floors 8-22, but with a marked absence of human figures.
31-43 Levels similar to above, except that scenes depict physical conflict between various animals. Some portions of the structure display fire damage.
44 Level carved from wood. Supported by three evenly spaced pillars, in the shape of inverted crucifixes. Attached to each pillar is a carving of an animal1.
45 Level carved from wood. Carvings depict woodland scenes, devoid of animals.
46-62 Levels constructed from various organic materials. Statues and carvings depict cities and large, haired humanoids.
63 Similar to previous levels. Carvings no longer depict haired humanoids, and cities are depicted on fire or in ruins.
64-80 Levels composed mainly of brown stone. Carvings on pillars and arches depict a variety of human forager/hunter and agricultural societies.
81-87 Levels are composed mainly of iron and steel, and depict various industrial scenes.
88-89 Levels are carved from an unidentified black solid. Carvings on arches depict various battle scenes from World War I and World War II.
90-97 Levels are composed of concrete, and are supported by arches. Stored within alcoves in the arches are various non-euclidean geometric sculptures, often brightly colored. Also stored within the alcoves are sculptures of various animals, with at least one dog sculpture, two cat sculptures, and two rabbit sculptures being present on each level.
98-100 Levels are composed of the viscous black substance, and are unstable. Levels are inhabited by SCP-2723-B.

Addendum 2: Documents recovered from floor 97 of SCP-2723-1. These documents were written in dialect A-12 ("Old Angelic").


we execute Scholar Marba's punishment for his atrocities towards our Maker.

Marba served as the aide of Satir, carrying messages for him and retrieving news from all the land. He was a friend and neighbor to all the denizens of ████. He served us well, with nothing known to Crafters, Scholars, or Honorables which could stay his messages against his will.

His punishment will be a loss to all.

Prior to his current state, Marba refused to report the positions of The Furies of ████, despite having knowledge of them. Furthermore, Marba refused to alert the populace of the possibility of uprising. Finally, Marba aided the rebels by delivering their correspondences in secret.

The following orders have been commissioned for Marba's punishment:

  1. Marba's breath is to be filled with poisonous fumes. This is so that he can see the death, pain, and suffering that his words have caused. This is also so that he may no longer freely speak to his allies as he pleases.
  2. Marba is to be removed from his shell, which will then be burnt to ashes. This is so that his wings may no longer carry him to the far corners of the earth.
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