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Provisional Containment Site-123, publicly known as Awashima Hotel.

Item #: SCP-2720

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: To facilitate containment, the Foundation has converted Awashima Hotel to Provisional Containment Site-123. Site-123's original function as a hotel is to be retained. All calls from GoI-3004 ("AquaS Conservancy for Penguins") are to be logged and archived on Document 2720-Ku, especially information regarding the hotel room SCP-2720 is accessed from and duration SCP-2720 is accessible.

Hotel rooms leading to SCP-2720 are to be opened only by Foundation personnel for approved procedures and observations. Otherwise, the doors are to be locked during the duration in which an SCP-2720 iteration is accessible under the guise of renovation.

Description: SCP-2720 is a joint designation for multiple extra-dimensional coastal locations, accessible only through the door of selected hotel rooms in Awashima Hotel at Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan (see paragraph 5 of Description for more information). It is uncertain if the various iterations constitute a single dimension or if each iteration constitutes a separate dimension, as there is only one known access point between baseline reality and SCP-2720 at any given point of time.

Chemical composition of SCP-2720 iterations is consistently identical to that of Earth's. In addition, there is no sign of human presence or activity in those locations. The only exception to this is the door in which entry from baseline reality is established. Within SCP-2720 iterations, the door is consistently affixed to a natural structure there (e.g. a cliff).


A colony of Spheniscus demersus (African penguin) located inside an iteration of SCP-2720.

In addition, all iterations of SCP-2720 are inhabited by several non-anomalous animals. The dominant species is typically a threatened1 , 2 species under the order Sphenisciformes (penguin), usually engaged in either incubation or feeding within SCP-2720. Penguin population inside a given SCP-2720 iteration is estimated to be in excess of 300, with equal amounts of male and female specimens.

Other animals within SCP-2720 (e.g. multiple fish and crustacean species) mainly serve as prey for respective penguin species. Although total population of non-penguin animals is unknown, it is numerous enough to sustain the penguins within SCP-2720 during the duration SCP-2720 is accessible.


One specimen of Spheniscus mendiculus (Galapagos penguin), found inside an iteration of SCP-2720.

Selection of the access point to SCP-2720 is determined in a phone call initiated by a representative from GoI-3004 ("AquaS Conservancy for Penguins"). The phone call will occur anytime within the period between 2300 hours and 0700 hours of the following day (UTC+9). To date, the only known means to interact with GoI-3004 is via phone calls initiated by it while attempts to call GoI-3004 by phone have failed to obtain a response.

During booking, the representative will state the room to be booked, checkin and checkout times. The duration in which SCP-2720 is accessible ranges from 32 to 68 days, matching the incubation period of the penguin species found within respective iterations. Furthermore, the period in which SCP-2720 is accessible corresponds to the mating season for the relevant penguin species. After securing the booking, credit payment will be sent to Awashima Hotel.

At the stipulated checkout time, the door leading to SCP-2720 will close and lock itself autonomously. The door can be unlocked via the use of an applicable key or other valid lock picking methods. Opening the door again will lead to the original hotel room, and SCP-2720 will no longer be accessible. After closure, penguins within SCP-2720 will be manifested in their respective native habitats on Earth, as indicated by GPS chips implanted onto them. On the other hand, the whereabouts of other entities and objects within SCP-2720 that are not attached to a penguin at time of checkout (e.g. uneaten fish, pebbles) are unknown after closure.

SCP-2720 was discovered on 07/10/2015 by a part-time hotel worker who was assigned to tend to an unclaimed hotel room, booked by members of GoI-3004. The Foundation was subsequently notified of the anomaly and placed the affected room under observation.

Addendum 2720-1: Excerpts from GoI-3004 ("AquaS Conservancy for Penguins") Profile

Notably, GoI-3004 shares the same name as a now-defunct Foundation front organisation,3 which was disbanded on April 2015 due to budgetary reasons. It is uncertain if GoI-3004 is related to the now-defunct Foundation front organisation or if it is a separate organisation with the same name by coincidence.

Calls between GoI-3004 and Awashima Hotel are traced to a vacant office in Chicago, Illinois. Based on records from the Chicago Police Department, said office has also been traced as the origin of multiple prank calls since January 2016, targeting renovation and repair shops in Chicago. These calls tend to occur in between 0900 hours and 1700 (UTC-6). While callers have consistently self-identified themselves as a member of GoI-3004, a different name is used each time. This might be suggestive of a rotational roster of an unknown upper limit within GoI-3004 or a policy to use aliases by members of GoI-3004.

Addendum 2720-2: Interview Log 2720-GoI-3004-05

Interviewee: Ms. "Mary O'Hara" (a member of GoI-3004 of managerial position)4

Interviewer: Agent Daiya Kurosawa

Foreword: The following interview was initiated impromptu by Agent Kurosawa when GoI-3004 contacted Awashima Hotel. Interview is conducted originally in Japanese, over the telephone, and wire tapped.

<Begin Log>

Ms. O'Hara: Hello? AquaS Conservancy here.5

[No response from Agent Kurosawa for about 15 seconds, as call was undergoing transfer from the reception counter. Ms. O'Hara repeats the statement "Hello? AquaS Conservancy here" repeatedly in meanwhile, with a three-second pause in between each utterance.]

Agent Kurosawa: Yes, this is Daiya Kurosawa from hotel management. So, are you the manager for AquaS Conservancy?

Ms. O'Hara: Y-yes.

Agent Kurosawa: How may I call you?

Ms. O'Hara: Uh… [pauses] Mary O'Hara.

Agent Kurosawa: Ah Ms. Mary, greetings. Do you have time for a few enquiries?

Ms. O'Hara: I have all the time. Is everything alright?

Agent Kurosawa: Everything's alright, Ms. Mary. Just a few questions to clear some doubts from the higher-ups.

Ms. O'Hara: Go on, Daiya. It's not often that hotel management requests for me.

Agent Kurosawa: Don't worry, it will not take up too much time. I understand your organisation have made frequent bookings at our hotel, yet there is no one present to claim the keys or occupy the room. This is rather concerning to us.

Ms. O'Hara: Oh! But the rooms are occupied. Surely you have seen them?

Agent Kurosawa: I've seen what's inside, but I want to know more about it.

Ms. O'Hara: What's more to know? It should be very clearcut.

Agent Kurosawa: What is?

Ms. O'Hara: Penguin conservation! It's on the title!

Agent Kurosawa: Indeed. But do pardon me; I don't see how the rooms supposedly aid in penguin conservation.

Ms. O'Hara: The rooms give those cute un-obnoxious critters a space to replenish their ranks. Your hotel is helping us so much in stabilising and anchoring that space, you know. Awashima should be proud of the good rep for helping out in penguin conservation.

Agent Kurosawa: But I want to know why you have chosen Awashima Hotel for these programmes.

Ms. O'Hara: Hmm, I could have chosen any building in the world, really. But I always do think that there is an affinity between Awashima and I, perhaps in another world where we are part of a girl's school at Shizuoka Prefecture instead.

Agent Kurosawa: Excuse me, but that is rather specific and frankly improbable.

Ms. O'Hara: Just like worlds where manmade structures and humans aren't a thing. [giggles] But anything can happen in a world of infinite possibilities, right?

Agent Kurosawa: Perhaps. And may I clarify your group's name? It's "AquaS Conservancy for Penguins", yes?

Ms. O'Hara: Yup, with the 'S' in AquaS in caps by the way.

Agent Kurosawa: Ah yes… But to my understanding, AquaS Conservancy for Penguins was disbanded a few months ago. April this year, to be precise.

Ms. O'Hara: Disbanded? No! I even celebrated the fifth anniversary in June.6 In fact, I daresay I am finally able to do something purposeful.

Agent Kurosawa: Like penguin conservation?

Ms. O'Hara: Exactly! What else would a conservancy be expected to do?

Agent Kurosawa: Ms. Mary, it seemed as though you were not doing anything purposeful previously.

Ms. O'Hara: Yeah, it's rather complicated really. But I once felt like a cog in the machine. You know, like you are supposed to play an important part in the greater scheme of things but you are actually expendable. But as it turns out, I lingered on no matter what and there is only one path thereon – carry on.

Agent Kurosawa: That is unexpectedly profound. But say, since we are still on the phone, may I ask you something that has been on my mind?

Ms. O'Hara: Say it, Daiya.

Agent Kurosawa: We have been trying to contact you on multiple occasions previously, but they failed to connect. It's frankly cumbersome for us, really.

Ms. O'Hara: I can only use the office phone here, although there are problems with the cabling. I can send calls, but not the other way 'round.

Agent Kurosawa: Would you mind us exchanging mobile phone numbers, for the sake of interaction with each other regarding our collaboration?

Ms. O'Hara: I don't use mobile phones. Mobility's not my thing.

Agent Kurosawa: That is rather unfortunate. What about your colleagues? Could I liaison through them, if that would be okay with you?

Ms. O'Hara: They don't use mobile phones. Mobility's not their thing.

Agent Kurosawa: I see. Then, I hope your cabling issues will be resolved in the near future. Have you sought for a repairman to look into the matter?

Ms. O'Hara: Yes, but they always leave without bothering to come inside or knock on the door. I mean, they just pretend not to see me looking back at them from the windows and doors. But can we get back to my reservation? The erect-crested penguins need a nice quiet room to themselves.

Agent Kurosawa: Of course, I will handle it myself. May you lay down the specifics?


<End Log>

Closing Statement: Based on O'Hara's words, it is within plausibility for SCP-2720 to be transferred to another building if GoI-3004 decides so. However, it might constitute a temporary breach where the new access point has to be re-identified among an unknown number of buildings (possibly more than just hotels) on a (possibly global) range. Therefore, containment should be focused at Awashima Hotel provisionally.

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