"Baby's First Guide to Euclid-Class Anomalies" & Other Questionable Documents Recovered from the Hard Drive of Dr. ████ ███████

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Foreword: If you've reached this page, it'd better be because I personally handed you the access code for it on a piece of paper. I don't care how entertaining last December’s enigma may appear to be; its content and implications are a serious breach of security, information, privacy, and everything in between those, not to mention that its existence alone is a sign of a massive employee conduct violation.

-Dr. John Blanchard, current assistant director of information security and director of the Site-81 Cognitohazards & Infohazards Department, 14:30 11/14/16

The following image was found saved on a portable hard drive belonging to Dr. ████ ███████, a level 3 humanoid containment specialist transferred from Site-11 to Site-19 on 08/08/██, who is currently being held for questioning in Site-81 indefinitely. The aforementioned hard drive has since been confiscated by security personnel (12/██/15) and was delivered to the Site Director's office in order to be searched for any additional information constituting a breach of sensitive material pertaining to objects Dr. ███████'s project assignments do not involve.

It appears that, following the December incident, there was a previously unnoticed additional document of similar subject matter created by Dr. ███████; however, all files save for the title page1 are corrupted beyond readability, and are unable to display.

The following file appears to have been anomalously affected in one or more ways over the course of its existence on the hard drive. Discretion is advised when viewing this document, and it is recommended that the viewer have certification from one or more Foundation-administered cognitohazard exposure preparation courses before proceeding.

Research into what may have affected the above document is ongoing. Do not proceed beyond this point if you do not have level 3/2708 clearance and direct written permission from Dr. Blanchard of the Site-81 Cognitohazards & Infohazards Department.

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