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Notice from the Ethics Committee:

This article has been found to be fraudulent; there is no anomalous activity present. All research into SCP-2700 and its cure has been suspended indefinitely. The documentation will be locked, but remains accessible to serve as evidence for the related Ethics Committee investigation. Researcher Perry will be held in [DATA EXPUNGED] until sentencing is complete.

Item #: SCP-2700

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Personnel implanted within medical insurance corporations are to monitor incoming claims for symptoms of SCP-2700. Upon detection, the nearest Mobile Task Force with biomedical capabilities is to be deployed to the subject’s location in order to secure a quarantine. Family or roommates cohabitating with the subject are to be checked for infection; those cleared are to be amnesticized and released while those infected are to be transported with the initial subject to Area-12 for study.

Due to SCP-2700's highly contagious nature, the following quarantine measures have been enacted:

  • All personnel assigned to SCP-2700 are to be male.
  • Unauthorized personnel are not permitted access to Ward-2700.
  • Level Four decontamination protocols are required for 2700-Personnel to leave Ward-2700.
  • As few personnel are to be assigned to SCP-2700 as possible.

Description: SCP-2700 is an anomalous, multi-stage illness with an exceptionally infectious nature. While it has been found to affect male subjects, it is over one hundred times more likely to infect females; it is hypothesized that ~12.5% of women worldwide are currently infected with some form of SCP-2700.

SCP-2700 infection causes the cellular cycle to breakdown at the apoptosis stage; rather than dying naturally, cells affected by SCP-2700 will continue to live and group together into large clumps causing the following symptoms:

  • Unusual thickness of the skin.
  • Puckering or dimpling of the skin.
  • Rash or discharge around infection site.
  • Constant pain and swelling at infection site.
  • Necrotizing of surrounding tissue causing black, oozing sores.
  • More severe cases may become metastatic, spreading throughout the body and multiplying symptoms across multiple sites.
  • Left untreated, SCP-2700 infection can lead to full body necrotizing fasciitis and [REDACTED].

Researcher Harold Perry has volunteered to lead research into SCP-2700; any and all inquiries are to be directed through him.

Note from EC-3:

The best place to hide a lie is inside the truth. The symptoms of SCP-2700-EX are, in fact, all factual symptoms of breast cancer, as is that ~12.5% number; 1 in 8 women born in 2015 will likely face breast cancer at some point in their life. All Perry had to do was exaggerate a symptom and claim that it was a highly contagious epidemic; that let him both claim the anomaly and get the ability to quarantine himself with his work.

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