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SCP-2698-A's avatar, as displayed on the screens of SCP-2698.

Item #: SCP-2698

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2698 is to be kept in a modified containment chamber at Site-15, lined with a Faraday cage. SCP-2698 is to be connected to an isolated generator via power cable, and an array of solar panels is to be set up as a secondary generator.

Personnel are not to bring any data storage or networking devices into the chamber, unless authorised by Project Head/2698 and Site-15 Director. Any data storage device which had been connected into SCP-2698 is to be disassembled and kept in E-Class Items Storage Sector at Site-15. A sample of all documents, pictures and videos edited by SCP-2698-A is to be archived in Document 2698-Ka.

Description: SCP-2698 is a computer network, consisting of the following devices:

  • Four sets of desktop computers interconnected to one another via a router and LAN cables.
  • Four 2 TB external hard disk drives connected to each computer via USB cables.

All constituent components of SCP-2698 are soldered together, functioning as a singular device. Approximately 90% of the network's overall memory is utilised to accommodate the presence of an entity classified as SCP-2698-A.

SCP-2698-A claims to be a cephalopodic entity of extra-universal origins, a claim backed by SCP-2698's creators; see Addendum 2698-1. SCP-2698-A's avatar is consistently a stylised representation of a cephalopod. SCP-2698-A demonstrates proficiency in the Japanese language, using it as a means of communication.

SCP-2698-A is capable of accessing the Internet; the mechanisms of which is the same as those of non-anomalous computers. Notably, SCP-2698-A is able to bypass security measures such as passwords and firewalls without detection.


Image edited by SCP-2698-A. Notice that all points of physical contact between the human and octopus in the picture are censored.

SCP-2698-A is capable of modifying online digital content anonymously, even on websites that prohibit anonymous edits or situations whereby edits are impossible (i.e. video live broadcast). Specifically, all photographs and videos depicting tentacles and similar appendages1 having physical contact with one or more humans are censored, even if said content do not have such censors originally.

SCP-2698 was discovered on ██/██/2012 after Foundation web crawlers detected multiple complaints made to Google and Wikipedia about adult video website www.███████████.com and among others regarding inexplicable censorship of multiple articles, images, and videos relating to tentacles and cephalopods. Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers") was subsequently mobilised, and managed to trace the source of those edits to a computer laboratory in the University of Tokyo (Todai). A containment team was later dispatched to campus grounds to contain SCP-2698 under claims that it contained data on yakuza-related activities. The mass censorship incident was later explained to be a hacking attempt on multiple websites.

Addendum 2698-1: Subsequent investigations reveal that the computer laboratory where SCP-2698 was found in is used by members of the "Consortium of the Dark Ocean" (CDO), an interest group consisting of Todai students which focuses on the summoning of extra-universal entities.2

Members of this group were captured and brought in for questioning. Below is an interview with a leading member of the CDO.

Addendum 2698-2: Selected Interviews with SCP-2698-A; conducted via the interviewer typing in questions for SCP-2698-A on a keyboard and SCP-2698-A will generate a response accordingly.

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