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SCP-2696, circa 1870.

Item #: SCP-2696

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A 1 km2 exclusion zone has been established around SCP-2696 under the cover of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Civilian access is to be restricted. Due to its containment procedures requiring the use of classified paranormal technology, access to SCP-2696 and its documentation is to be restricted to members of the Experimental Containment Research Group (ECRG), MTF Theta-77 ("Who You Gonna Call?") and personnel of clearance level 4-2696.

Description: SCP-2696 is a mansion located in the region of Dark Peak in Derbyshire, England. The interior of SCP-2696 typically induces mild claustrophobia and panic in individuals within one hour of entry. Prolonged exposure leads to an intensification of such feelings, resulting in severe, crippling paranoia within 3-6 hours. Additionally, the nursery and the tower of SCP-2696 are subject to an anomalous effect which prevents all matter from entering or exiting the boundaries of either area; this effect does not extend to electromagnetic or aspect radiation.

SCP-2696 contains one or more incorporeal entities that are capable of inducing mind-altering effects at close range. As such, they are to be avoided where possible and kept contained inside SCP-2696.


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