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The following document is currently outdated, last updated 1/12/1920. Note that outdated Foundation practices and procedures may differ from current standards. Updated documentation is currently under revision by Level 3 staff.

Item #: SCP-2695

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2695 is to be monitored and housed within Humanoid Containment Level 1 within Site-04. Personnel may be required to escort SCP-2695 should she find difficulty in walking. Requests from SCP-2695 for entertainment, conversation, or other needs may be put under review by Dr. Pritchard before transference of requested materials.

Description: SCP-2695 is an elderly woman, originally residing in Montreal, Canada. SCP-2695 is 68 years of age and identifies herself as "Lucibelle Perhacs." SCP-2695 is by all means a non-anomalous human being, and is of average physical and mental health.

SCP-2695-T refers to a No. 5 sewing needle embedded within SCP-2695's aorta. SCP-2695 claims that the wound was recent, but no damage or punctures were found to have existed internally or on the epidermis of her chest. SCP-2695 also claims that she feels no discomfort or pain from SCP-2695-T's presence.

Since SCP-2695's initial containment, an additional three sewing needles have appeared within her right atrium and pulmonary valve, suggesting that SCP-2695-T is currently self-replicating at a rate of one needle per two weeks.

Attempts to surgically remove SCP-2695-T have been unsuccessful thus far. Despite the usage of X-ray imaging, personnel have been unable to extract SCP-2695-T without causing harm to SCP-2695.

Discovery: SCP-2695 was reported by Reconnaissance Agent Ghersi, at the Montreal General Hospital in Canada on the date of 11/25/1919, claiming that she believed she may have suffered a fracture after falling at home. Local doctors located SCP-2695-T's placement within the subject's right hand, which gave Agent Ghersi incentive to notify a recovery team. As part of a disinformation effort, SCP-2695 was diagnosed with a rare disease, allowing Foundation personnel to escort SCP-2695 to Sector-08 for further analysis.

<Begin Log, [11/29/1919]>

Dr. Pritchard: Good afternoon, Mrs. Perhacs. I trust that you have been feeling well since your arrival?

SCP-2695: Ah, yes. I admit, I didn't realize how serious this accident was, until you told me you were bringing me to America, goodness! My heart was quite stricken for a moment, until one of your kind gentlemen explained the situation.

Dr. Pritchard: I can imagine, hahah. As of now, I just decided to come by to ask you a few questions about your life before you were diagnosed with this, um, condition.

SCP-2695: It's quite alright, doctor. You don't mean that day at the hospice, I suppose?

Dr. Pritchard: Exactly that.

SCP-2695: Hmm. It really was an uneventful thing, you see? I had my sewing kit so I could fix some of my youngest's vest, Mark, and I tripped— oh, and you know why it was torn? He was on that silly rope swing my dearest Les had set up in the yard, God rest his soul, and he went ahead and allowed it to be torn on a tree branch, even when I told him—

Dr. Pritchard: I'm sorry to interrupt, ma'am, but if you would please keep this transcript related to the event that caused you to choose to seek care, that would be especially helpful.

SCP-2695: Oh oh, apologies. But yes, he had torn his clothes again, and I dropped my sewing kit— no, more like a sewing crate, it's become such a passion for me! So yes, I fell down while carrying it partway, down the stairs, and my daughter found me prone. Quite an ordeal, but there's worse that could've happened, and thankfully I wasn't hurt too bad from the fall. I'm not the toughest missus out there, but it's going to take more than a fall to knock the breath out of me, see? Ohoho!

Dr. Pritchard: So, no real pain in any of your limbs since? That is to say, your arms or legs?

SCP-2695: Not at all, but these days I have been feeling a bit weakened, of a sorts. Likely that it is my age. You young men are busy fixing up a cure, I presume?

Dr. Pritchard: Yes ma'am, though this really is something we haven't seen before. All we ask for is your patience, and we may be able to find a solution to this peculiar case.

SCP-2695: I see. Well, technology is a wondrous thing, and you people are quite well versed in it. Wondrous, that it's progressed so much. I have my faith in you.

Dr. Pritchard: If it should give you any comfort, your condition is providing a lot of information for me, and I can assure you it will be used to help many others. [Dr. Pritchard stands up.] Thank you for your time, Mrs. Perhacs.

SCP-2695: I can give any amount of time, doctor. I've lived a very good life.

Site Director Avery Lennox


Due to several oversights by three certain personnel, including questionable freedoms granted to SCP-2695, failure to document several interactions and alterations regarding both SCP-2695 and SCP-2695-T, and tampering of data related to SCP-2695 and Site-45, reprimands for all seven personnel in charge of managing SCP-2695 have been dealt. I have selected a handful of Level 3 personnel to salvage what little data was procured from this utter disgrace of a project. Please send the finished article to me ASAP, so that I may review it and assure myself that there is no further unnecessary bias towards this anomaly.

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