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Item #: SCP-2694

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2694 is held in an animal containment unit located in Site-39's organic containment sector. A complete inventory log of all items entering and exiting the containment chamber is to be kept in case of an object becoming integrated with SCP-2694's mass.

Description: SCP-2694 is an animated mass of objects currently in the shape of a Basset Hound (Canis lupus familiaris). The body is primarily composed of parts of stuffed animals, chew toys and children's toys. SCP-2694 has shown that it can re-arrange its composition to take the form of other animals depending on how many toys it has been given.

Even if SCP-2694 does not have a sufficient quantity of material it will still attempt to re-arrange itself into large canine forms. This can result in its bodily integrity becoming unstable. Different objects have varying effects on SCP-2694's behaviour and form. Aggressively themed toys, such as plastic weapons, will result in more aggressive behaviour. Once any object considered a usable toy is brought within 10 cm of SCP-2694, they will latch themselves onto its body without the need of assistance. Once an object has latched itself to SCP-2694, it can not be removed, except by SCP-2694 itself. See test log for further details.

After they are worn down to a certain level, portions of SCP-2694's body will become detached. SCP-2694 shows no interest in picking up objects which have fallen from its body, but will seek to replace it. If its body is not replenished SCP-2694's behavior will deteriorate along with its bodily integrity.

X-ray analysis shows that SCP-2694 has a canine skeletal structure. Chemical testing has shown the bones are from a single animal, which may have been buried for some time prior to exhibiting its anomalous effect.

SCP-2694 was discovered on 09/19/2013, after unusual police dispatches regarding a Minnesotan man by the name of George Coleridge whom had passed away in his backyard were intercepted. Workers sent to clean the deceased's home reported the SCP-2694 anomalous phenomenon.

Upon investigation of the Mr. Coleridge's home, Foundation agents discovered a makeshift shrine dedicated to Mr. Coleridge's childhood. Items upon it contained a varied array of photos, toys, scraps of fabric, and a water-damaged journal appearing to document the process of how SCP-2694 came to be.

The following is a transcript of the damaged papers recovered from Mr. Coleridge's home. Much of the journal was water damaged, as it had been stored in an unprotected fashion throughout various other debris present in the home.

Addendum: Testing log

Table of effects shown in SCP-2694 when toys are introduced to it.
Introduction of one guitar hero controller press whammy bar. SCP-2694 vocalized in a distorted fashion for approximately 5 hours after which SCP-2694 removed the toy by itself.
Introduction of 1 red plastic brick. SCP-2694 integrated the object into its paws and refused to stand, apparently being uncomfortable. After several minutes, the brick was ejected and would not re-integrate with SCP-2694's body.
Introduction of 1 green soldier figure taken from 2694's recovery site. SCP-2694 disassembled itself totally upon instigation of visual contact and did not rearrange itself until toy was removed by staff.
Introduction of 1 dog tail butt plug. SCP-2694 did not use the object for sexual purposes, but did integrate the piece into its tail. It has not yet been recovered.
Introduction of 1 small foam dart gun. SCP-2694 shot darts at members of staff out of its eyes. The gun has not been recovered and has since become a part of SCP-2694's main body.
Introduction of 1 laser pointer. SCP-2694 forced the pointer into its nose and chased the laser. SCP-2694 chased it for 18 hours before detaching the laser from itself.
Introduction of 20 small matchbox cars. SCP-2694 pushed all the wheels to its feet and sped around its containment for approx 13.5hrs before detaching 12 matchbox cars which had become damaged. The remaining cars have become a part of SCP-2694.
Introduction of spinning top. SCP-2694 spun at high speeds until it crashed into a wall and completely disassembled itself upon impact. SCP-2694 reassembled itself in approx 24 hours. Testing of gyroscopic objects has been discontinued.
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