3/2692 LEVEL 3/2692



Item #: SCP-2692

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Locations demarcated Point-92-A, -92-B, -92-E are cordoned off from their respective surrounding areas and placed under guard by security personnel. Locations demarcated Point-92-C, -92-D, and -92-F, while displaying no anomalous behavior nor any further connection to SCP-2692, are to remain under constant video surveillance.

SCP-2692-A is to be tracked via unmanned aerial drone on rotating patrols. Changes to object's orientation and/or position are to be logged. Any alterations to object's position which places it at risk of discovery are to be noted and acted upon by drone operators and/or Station-114 personnel as needed. Effective methods of obfuscation have included use of dummy balloons or blimps to prevent identification of SCP-2692-A.

Accessible entrances to SCP-2692 are monitored with video surveillance, while the entrances themselves are monitored by on-site personnel. Individuals emerging from either point are to be debriefed if necessary and released. Note: As of 12/14/2014, exploration of SCP-2692 via Point-92-B is suspended indefinitely following Incident 1412-14. Contact with SCP-2692-B and -C is strictly forbidden.

Description: SCP-2692 is an extra-dimensional underground complex apparently established and maintained by the government of France1. The size and scale of the complex cannot be determined as significant portions are impassable due to cave-ins, structural damage, and apparent flaws in design which disallow movement of barriers without fully functioning electricity.

The presence of two or more gravitational anomalies within the complex appear to have contributed to significant time dilation in several areas within SCP-2692. Despite this, Foundation personnel entering and exiting SCP-2692 have experienced little2 to no signs of time dilation.


SCP-2692-A, witnessed over [REDACTED], ██/██/1996

SCP-2692 is populated with numerous human and humanoid entities apparently frozen in various states depending on location. The positioning and body language of individuals, as well as discrepancies in attire, physical health, and items recovered on persons indicate groups of individuals recovered together, despite physical proximity to other groups, did not inhabit the same epoch and/or place as others. Bodies have been described as warm and fragile to the touch, and display no vital signs.

The placement of individuals within SCP-2692 appears to have no relation to physical proximity to one or both of the gravitational anomalies. There is no sign that the individuals have been moved by other unknown individuals prior to Foundation recovery.

SCP-2692-A is a humanoid apparently frozen in mid-stride suspended █,███ meters over [REDACTED], first discovered on ██/██/1996. Most of the figure's physical features, including clothing, have been eroded due to weather conditions. A metal tablet enclosed in the figure's grip contains several geographic coordinates engraved3 upon it. The figure is immovable, although it has been observed at times rising or falling, in one instance reaching an altitude of ██,███ meters.

The surviving coordinates led Foundation personnel to Points-92-A through F. Each point contained a staircase leading down to a metal door approximately 10 meters below the start of the stairs, leading directly to SCP-2692 itself. Points-92-C, D, and F were damaged and filled in with debris, and did not lead anywhere. Points-92-A, B, and E were undamaged, often a result of being integrated into certain buildings, and led successfully to SCP-2692.


Doorway entrance to Point-92-A staircase.

Exploration Logs: Initial exploration of SCP-2692 via Point-92-A provided little background for the complex, although upon the agents' return, a woman was discovered close to the entrance in the process of looting one of the humanoid bodies. The woman spoke an unknown dialect of French with many English loan-words, and required a battery of medical tests and vaccinations before interrogation could begin. Following several weeks of treatment and meeting with Foundation linguists, the following information was obtained from the woman.

Item 99-4-8: Summary of Events:

Interrogators: Agents Hoxley, Perez, Jameston, Jules, and de La Huerta were responsible for the conducting of 17 separate interviews with the subject (Hereafter referred to as Subject-92). Transcripts of each interview are available on-site upon request.

Subject-92: Subject's medical records are available on-site upon request. Subject claimed to be between 40 and 50 years of age, although they could not confirm an exact date of birth. Despite this, subject appears to be between the ages of 20 and 30, with signs of brain tissue damage consistent with frequent instances of traumatic encephalopathy. As a result, subject suffers from symptoms consistent with dementia and Alzheimer's. Subject keeps scraps of paper in their pockets with information written in the form of pictograms. Subject is unable to read or write in English or French.

Background (Subject): The subject could provide a very brief summary of events which had initially occurred within SCP-2692, as they claim these events to be difficult to separate from "myths and legends". Subject claimed the events as having unfolded before "my own bastard blood-line existed" and could not provide a timeline beyond approximately 70 to 90 years, only accounting for the subject's great-grand parents on her mother's side.

Background (SCP-2692): Subject provided information in fragments, based upon her own explorations and stories told by her parents. Presented with the events after the interviews, the subject pieced them together to produce the following rough chronology.

- An undated, unknown crisis affects much of eastern France, leading to a political crisis involving the suspension of property rights for naturalized citizens. Redistribution of wealth becomes a heated issue among the populace, and anti-immigrant sentiment is played upon as "proscriptions" take place in order to finance a four-year mass-migration effort of all French citizens. Civilian, military, and cargo ships are employed to move the populace across the Atlantic ocean, destined for locations all along the coasts of North and South America. Some appear destined for southeast Asia.

- The influx of French "refugees" to the United States leads to a compromise involving the creation of a subterranean city to house much of the refugees, and placed under the jurisdiction of the French government. Subject could not provide details on the means or timeframe of construction. Following its construction, a 25-year "Unification" plan is implemented. The plan appears to involve the expansion of the subterranean complex, in order to provide more living space for French citizens in South America and southeast Asia.

- Expansion efforts briefly stall mid-way through the "Unification" plan, and a new "escape plan" is developed for several sectors of the complex. Conflict erupts over the "plan" due to implications involving the separation of family members, loss of specialized knowledge and skills between "displaced gateways", and loss of "genetic diversity".

- An unknown disaster leads to a complete loss of contact between sectors of the complex. It is unknown how long this lasts, though the subject claims that parliamentary sessions saw the number of assemblypersons halved over the course of nearly a dozen elections. Subject claims her mother blamed this on the presence of "the gateways", although the subject does not remember what "gateways" this referred to.

- At some point preceding a presidential election, the initial crisis which had triggered the mass-migration re-appears. The aforementioned escape plan is reintroduced and a vote approving execution of the plan passes. Subject claims this lead directly to the breakdown of stability within the complex, and the start of the "Great Scarcity".

Full logs of all Foundation explorations of SCP-2692 are filed on-site. Snippets are contained here for brevity.

Incident 1412-14: Revision to prior Incident 2211-99, in which two agents (Agents Carbo and Mendoza) failed to return from an expedition and were not located by follow-up expeditions; on 12/14/2014, Agents Carbo and Mendoza re-appeared 4 meters from the entrance to Point-92-B, apparently frozen mid-stride up the staircase, with Agent Mendoza looking back over her shoulder at Agent Carbo several steps down. Both women were warm to the touch and displayed no vital signs. The area was closed down and the two agents designated SCP-2692-B and -C.

Addendum: ██ months following Incident 1412-14, the positioning of Agents Carbo and Mendoza appeared to have changed, having shifted in pose, eyelids closed, and positions elevated 1.5 centimeters in height. The similarities in behavior to humanoid entities within SCP-2692 indicate a likely connection with the agents similarly affected by the gravitational anomalies' time dilation effects.

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