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Item #: SCP-2691

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment focuses on keeping tourists, hikers, and kayakers away from SCP-2691 and the area upstream. Both intersections of the unnamed road that SCP-2691 lies on and Highway 81 are to be set up with concrete road blocks and a ranger station manned by a Foundation agent planted within the Park Ranger system. A cover story detailing the area upstream of, and containing, SCP-2691 as a wildlife reservation for recently reintroduced red wolves has been released, and modern maps will be updated appropriately.

Description: SCP-2691 is a covered bridge crossing ██████ Creek in the Appalachian Mountains. Its dimensions, when measured externally, are 3.1 m x 2.9 m x 24 m. When measured internally, they are 3.1 m x 2.9 m x 48 m.

This effect is expanded on the underside of the bridge. Clearance between the bottom of the bridge and the surface of the creek is variable, depending on the seasonal water levels of creek. Highest recorded water level would allow a clearance of .5 m, lowest recorded water level would allow a clearance of 1.5 m. The horizontal clearance under the bridge is 20 m. Distances traveled under SCP-2691 appear to fluctuate with the seasonal water level, but average ~10 km, +/- 5 km.

Anomalous temporal measurements seem to be correlated to the anomalous spacial anomalies, testing is ongoing. See logs for details.

SCP-2691 was found when a tabloid ran a story about a group of kayakers that returned from a kayaking trip a day late, with no memory of the missing day. The tabloid also mentioned these kayakers encountered an anomalously long tunnel while they were kayaking ██████ Creek. Class C Amnestics were administered, and the tabloid article discredited as an urban legend.

Experiment 2691-2 - 06/18/20██

Subject: D-12
Procedure: Subject given a stopwatch and asked to time himself walking across the bridge
Results: D-26912 timed himself at 1 minute, 22 seconds to cross the bridge. Dr. Goto, standing outside of SCP-2691, timed D-26912 as having taken 41 seconds to cross the bridge.

Experiment 2691-7- 06/18/20██-06/19/20██

Subject: D-17, chosen for his kayaking ability
Procedure: Subject was placed upstream of SCP-2691 in a kayak, with a helmet mounted camera, and asked to kayak under the bridge. Seasonal clearance under bridge measured at 1.1 m for this test.
Results: Dr. Goto, on shift with the rest of his team, timed D-17 at one day, ten hours, twenty-eight minutes to emerge from the downstream end of SCP-2691. There were three hours, forty-nine minutes of footage on the camera, all showing D-17 kayaking in the dim sunlight filtered through SCP-2691. Calculated distance traveled under SCP-2691 is about 16 km.

Experiment 2691-15 - 06/20/20██

Subject: D-12
Procedure: Subject asked to walk slowly to the other side of the bridge, turn to his right, walk past the outside edge of SCP-2691, and then wave at Dr. Goto.
Results: Inconclusive, see attached interview for details.

Interview 2691-1
Dr. Goto, Agent ████████, D-12, SCP-2961-a.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Goto: I was beginning to think I understood this SCP, was about to label it "Safe" and then …this happened. I need everyone's statements, for the record. What just happened? Agent ████████, you first.

Agent ████████: I was hanging out on the other side of the river, just to be nearby in case anything weird happened. Standard field assignment duties. And then a D-class (Agent points at SCP-2961-a) comes running out of the bridge, booking it for the woods, so I shoot at him and hit him in the knee. Dr. Goto asks for a status on the radio, I let him know I got him as I handcuff him. Patch him up, head back over to camp, and meet up with the rest of you.

Dr. Goto: And D-12?

D-12 and SCP-2961-a, simultaneously: I… (they both stop and look at each other)

Dr. Goto: You, with the bandaged leg, are not D-12, you are SCP-2691-a. D-12, I never took eyes off you, so I know you are D-12.

D-12: Ok. So I was walking across the bridge again, and I was thinking, this isn't so bad, I've heard horror stories from the other D-Class about testing. But when I'm done here, I'll be taken back to my cell, and then… who knows what I'll be testing next? So, with all the folks in the camp behind me, I thought I'd make a run for it. As soon as I made it to the other side of the bridge I was going to make a run for it and risk my life with the wolves and wilderness, sure beats more tests. So I was gearing myself up to make a run for it, getting kind of antsy, when BAM! A gun goes off. Well, I'm from the hood, so instincts kicked in and I hit the floor, hands over my head. The Doc here tells me to head back across the bridge and so I do. And then this Agent guy comes over with… a copy of me? We even have the same exact tattoo on the arm and everything.

Dr. Goto: Interesting. SCP-2691-a, your story?

SCP-2691-a (a brief pause, then SCP-2691-a looks around and comments) Oh, you mean me. Right, I've been D-12 for so long that I… Anyway. I was walking across the bridge again, like the other me said, gearing up to escape. I made it almost all the way across the bridge and decided it was now or never, so I took off running into the woods, when BAM! A gun goes off. I thought I had tripped or something, but then I realized I had been shot. And then this Agent guy comes up to me and puts me in handcuffs before bandaging my knee, really swell guy. (SCP-2691-a glares at Agent ████████). And then he kind of picks me up and hauls me back to Camp, where I see a luckier copy of me, one who hasn't been shot.

Dr. Goto: I see. For the record, I was keeping an eye on D-12 as he was walking along SCP-2691, then we heard Agent ████████'s firearm discharge. I saw D-12 fall prone, covering his head. I request a status from Agent ████████, he says he "got him." I'm not sure what he's referring to, as all our D-Class are accounted for. I request D-12 return to my side of SCP-2691, and he complies. Agent ████████ shows up a bit later with SCP-2691-a, which looks exactly like D-12, except it has been shot in the knee and been bandaged.

SCP-2691-a: …wait, I'm an "it" now? I didn't think it could be worse than being a D-Class.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: All blood and tissue samples analyzed of D-12 and SCP-2691-a prove to be identical. D-12 and SCP-2691-a are being held indefinitely for further testing.

Addendum: Dr. Goto has requested additional resources and funding, if the results of Experiment 2691-15 prove safe and can be reliably repeated, this SCP could be used to duplicate items of importance and/or value.

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