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The shoreline of ██████ Beach, where SCP-2684 occurs.

Item #: SCP-2684

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: ██████ Beach and the land surrounding it has been purchased by the South Coast Properties, a Foundation front organization, under the cover story that the land is being converted into an exclusive housing development.

Two guards are to be posted along ██████ Beach at all times. Any entrance into the water outside of testing is to be strictly forbidden.

Description: SCP-2684 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting ██████ Beach, located in █████████, FL, USA. Individuals in the water will disappear if they are at least ten meters from the shoreline, lose sight of the shoreline and are unobserved by any individual on the beach. Most often, this occurs when an individual is submerged by a wave, but can also occur when they voluntarily dive underwater.

All objects held by or attached to an individual affected by SCP-2684 also disappear along with the individual. If an individual cannot be observed, but an object held by them can, they will not disappear.

No individuals that have gone missing as a result of SCP-2684 have been discovered. Radio waves from individuals who been affected by SCP-2684 (if they entered SCP-2684 with a radio) emanate from an indeterminate point in the water. However, individuals appear unable to receive wireless transmissions.

Individuals affected by SCP-2684 report to be in an open ocean with no observed landmasses. It is currently hypothesized that SCP-2684 transports affected individuals into an alternate reality or dimension only containing water. No method of escape from this reality has been determined.

SCP-2684 was discovered after a seven-year-old child went missing after last being seen at ██████ Beach. Foundation agents confirmed the anomalous properties of the beach after investigating the case for anomalous interference. False remains of the child were created and a cover story involving the kidnapping and murder of the child was fabricated.

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