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Item #: SCP-2681

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2681 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site ██. SCP-2681 may only be removed from its cell by level 2 personnel or higher. Subject's basic needs are to be maintained at all times to prevent the compulsion of SCP-2681-1 instances. Any instances of SCP-2681-1 that attempt to enter the facility are to be sedated immediately and brought into the facility for study. Every 48 hours, SCP-2681 must undergo personal therapy lasting anywhere between 1-3 hours.

SCP-2681's cell should be monitored at all times via security camera. Should the subject show signs of emotional instability, an approved psychologist is to be alerted immediately. If a psychologist is not available, SCP-2681 is to be sedated.

Description: SCP-2681 is a 30 year old human male of Nepali origin whose emotional state, thoughts, and needs compel the behavior of nonhuman animals (thereafter referred to as instances of SCP-2681-1) within a 1.7 kilometer radius. This results in compelled animals attempting to meet the desires and needs of SCP-2681. Prior to its containment, SCP-2681 had reported animals giving it carcasses when hungry, grooming or cleaning it when feeling dirty, and even attacking and killing sources of its anger, fear, and discomfort (See Testing Log). SCP-2681 does not seem capable of compelling insects, arachnids, or microorganisms. Tests to see if SCP-2681 is capable of compelling sea animals are currently pending.

SCP-2681 is generally anxious and agitated to those that communicate with it and prefers to be alone with very little to no contact. The subject is adept at speaking English, Nepali, Hindi, and Tharu.

SCP-2681 suffers from depression, intermittent explosive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and has been assessed to having a moderate risk for suicide.
SCP-2681 spends most of its free time practicing mental exercises that were recommended by approved therapists in order to control its emotional state.

SCP-2681 cannot seem to control its compulsion, and animals acting on a prior compulsion do not respond to changes in subject's physical and mental state that would render the animal's compulsion undesirable. Consequences have ranged from minor nuisances to fatalities. Despite acting on the subject's desires, thoughts, and needs, instances of SCP-2681-1 have not been recorded to comply with SCP-2681's suicidal or self-harming desires.

Addendum A-1: SCP-2681 agreed to be interviewed after being convinced to do so by approved therapists.

Foreword: A Foundation guard was placed inside the interview room wielding a tranquilizer gun in case SCP-2681's emotional state became a threat.

<Begin Log>

Dr ████: Good evening SCP-2681.

SCP-2681: (Mumbles). To you as well.

Dr ████: Are you settling in okay? Do you have anything to add before we start?

SCP-2681: More or less. Go ahead.

Dr ████: Alright so how long have you been living with this… condition?

SCP-2681: Condition? Hahaha! Damn, that's funny. If you would call a curse by the Devil a condition, then you're spot on. Yea, no. It's a curse. I had it since birth.

Dr ████: Before you go any further, are there any other individuals like you in your family?

SCP-2681: If there are, I don't know about them. I certainly hope not.

Dr ████: Thank you. You are free to continue.

SCP-2681: Well as I said before, I've had this curse since I was a baby. My parents said they barely had any time to even hold me! Every time I cried, some damn animal can be heard clawing at the door or breaking the window to get to me! I'm not a genius but I think that with that constantly happening and I mean constantly happening, something wrong happened with me! Even now, it's hard not to just scream as loud as I can!

Dr ████: At what age did you realize that you had this 'curse?'

SCP-2681: I was about five-ish. I remember that day better than I remember the food I ate yesterday. There was something odd, but my dumb child brain never really put any focus onto it, so it went over my head. I remember looking at this poster about pizza, and it made me hungry. Next thing you know, these street dogs come in dragging pizza from the trash. It was moldy and had bite marks and everything. (SCP-2681 appears to shake lightly for 3 seconds,) Ugh. But yea, later on, my mom made some delicious smelling food, and some birds smashed through my window, and trying to shove their worms down my throat. It wasn't long before my parents said that I had a 'gift'.

Dr ████: Did you ever make any friends or acquaintances?

SCP-2681: What do you think? Do you honestly think that my parents would allow me to be with other kids, and every time I wanted something to eat, a fucking marmot would waltz in and be like "Hey, have some cheeseburger" and waltz back out. I'd be made fun of so much, and that would definitely not end well.

Dr ████: Did they isolate you from others?

SCP-2681: I just said they did! SCP-2681 sighs. Listen, I thought at some point, this so called "gift" could be controlled by myself with enough effort. When I was being home schooled, I just watched TV a lot. I saw many happy kids enjoying their happy lives, and that just made me even more sad. Kids who had friends and can practically do whatever they wanted, and didn't have a curse from the depths of Hell itself. Every time I asked to go outside, they would yell at me and strap me into the chair. I had enough of their bullshit, and during the night one night, I snuck out without my parents knowing. I felt so free outside my house. I felt both excited, but also nervous, because I knew my parents would gladly murder me after that. I was outside for an amazing fifteen minutes before I got into an area I shouldn't have got into. A man grabbed me, and told me to go with him to, I don't know. I didn't need to be a genius to know that this guy was dangerous, so I kicked, screamed, and bit with everything I could put out, but he managed to put a cloth over my mouth, and I began to feel dizzy and I felt like I wanted to throw up. SCP-2681 pauses. That was the only time my "gift" was actually a "gift". I woke up to find some wolves licking my face in some forest. I got up and ran so fast to my house, with my gut feeling weak on every thought of what my parents would do when I got back. I returned not to find my parents on the porch ready to kill, but a crime scene where the man grabbed me. He was torn to Hell and back, and it was obvious that it was a wolf attack. The pieces connected, and I knew then why my parents were so protective of me. You may think life got better from there, but it didn't really. No way. No how.

Dr ████: Could you elaborate a little further? Did your 'curse' worsen?

SCP-2681: Actually, it did get worse, and I think it's continuing to get worse. But as time went on, I got used to it. Well… barely. What really made things worse was that ever since that incident, my parents became much much harder on me. You could practically call it abuse! I wasn't treated like their son anymore! They treated me like a ticking time bomb! SCP-2681 restrains crying and sighs. Sometimes I wonder if they were actually trying to help me, but I don't like thinking about it. I finally left home at age eighteen… much to my parent's dismay. I still thought I could conquer my curse and I was so happy thinking I had all these sweet opportunities to do whatever I wanted, but life got so much worse than I ever could have imagined. Every time I'd get mad… which was unfortunately very often… even to this day I still blow a fuse every now and then, people would get hurt, sometimes die! Hell, most of you know what happened a few weeks ago in ████! SCP-2681 sighs. I also had no answer for when I got hungry or thirsty. No way to stop or suppress that on my own. I had no way of being able to live correctly in society. I was just a wanderer, aimlessly trying to live a normal life, but got nowhere! Except in this place!

Dr ████: Your compulsion seems to be influenced by your thoughts, emotions, and needs. Have you previously taken any drugs legal or illegal as an attempt to control them? If yes, can you specify on what the drug was?

SCP-2681: Well… I… (sighs)… yes. I just couldn't find a way out, a way to break the cycle. So I turned to outside help. A dealer gave me what I thought was cannabis, but after… well.. you know, I knew it was something else. I can't tell you exactly what it was, but whatever it was… I became terrified of everyone and everything. I really don't wish to continue this.

Dr ████: Noted. Before we end this interview, you stated earlier that your 'curse' was worsening. What do you mean by that?

SCP-2681: I don't entirely know for certain, but it seems like the older I get, the more animals start to come when I'm feeling or thinking a certain way.

Dr ████: Definitely noted. Alright, thank you for your time SCP-2681.

SCP-2681: You're welcome… I guess.

<End Log>

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