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Item #: SCP-2679

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A 5 kilometer fenced perimeter has been established around SCP-2679. This perimeter is to be maintained as private property by MTF Nu-5 ("Blind Watchmakers"). Efforts to prevent SCP-2679's ongoing expansion are underway.

New SCP-2679-B instances are to be exhumed at regular intervals; any observed changes are to be documented.

Description: SCP-2679 is the site of the Sleepy Oak Meadow cemetery, located 45 kilometers northwest of Victoria, British Columbia (Canada).

SCP-2679-A instances are graves found throughout SCP-2679. As many as 3 new instances of SCP-2679-A have been observed to emerge in a single day. Tombstones will extend upward from the soil (a process which takes 4 to 12 hours). These tombstones vary in size and shape, but are otherwise non-anomalous. Each bears the name 'JEANNETTE PARSLOV'. Coffins appear approximately 1 to 4 meters beneath each instance, and contain an instance of SCP-2679-B. Instances of SCP-2679-B are the remains of various organisms.1

To date, personnel have observed over 1000 SCP-2679-A instances. Manifestations continue to expand out from the center of SCP-2679. Research into methods to prevent the emergence of additional instances is underway.

Addendum 2679.1: Autopsy Findings

Addendum 2679.2: Recovery

On 9/2/2014, reports of an expanding cemetery led to the discovery of SCP-2679. In addition to 14 instances of SCP-2679-A, 9 non-anomalous graves were found. All were exhumed for relocation. Of particular note was a tombstone with the following inscription:

1994 - 2014

Daughter, sister, mother, wife.
You were far too young to lose your life.
Whatever it takes,
Do what you must,
Whatever the cost,
Come back to us.

Upon exhumation, the grave was found to be empty.

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