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Item #: SCP-2674

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding Trearddur Bay is to be monitored for any topographical alterations. Subjects entering or exiting the perimeter of SCP-2674 are to be monitored for changes in behavior. Any instances of SCP-2674-1 observed to vacate the perimeter of SCP-2674 are to be terminated upon discovery.

Should the perimeter of Trearddur Bay become populated, MTF-Omega-09 ("The Fishermen") are to be dispatched to the area for disinformation campaigns and amnestic administration. Contact with SCP-2674-1 instances is forbidden outside of controlled testing protocol. Affected areas are to be quarantined, and local news stations are to be given cover stories about unusual weather patterns. If SCP-2674 begins to spread, evacuation is authorized and encouraged to minimize casualties from the entity's anomalous properties.

Under no circumstances are instances of SCP-2674-1 to be captured without express permission from Head Researcher Harold. Following incident 2674-1, explorations into SCP-2674 are suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-2674 is a spatial anomaly affecting the shoreline of Trearddur Bay, Wales. SCP-2674-1 is the general designation for 5 instances (labelled SCP-2674-1 through -5) of deep-sea lifeforms residing inside the perimeter of SCP-2674.

The radius of SCP-2674's influence was recorded to have a superimposed limit of 5 meters from the point of origin. Observers outside of SCP-2674's perimeter will perceive a cave created from sand collected on the ocean floor. When subjects traverse the cave, they will be relocated to an area that is a perfect replica of the beach bordering Trearddur Bay except devoid of life. Duration of relocation varies, with the process taking anywhere between 1 to 5 minutes. Alterations to the topography inside of SCP-2674's perimeter include:

  • Growth of fresh water plants and ecosystems
  • Alteration of air into water
  • A noted, gradual pressure increase. Maximum pressure was recorded at 4883.6 psi after 5 minutes had elapsed.

If the subjects remain inside the event horizon for more than five minutes, this usually leads to termination by asphyxiation or compression of vital organs. However, subjects are capable of vacating the area by simply swimming back through the cave to return to the area they inhabited previously. At time of writing, research on SCP-2674 has proven difficult.

Incident 2674-1: On 05/15/19██, a new manifestation of SCP-2674 appeared in Trearddur Bay, Wales. MTF-Omega-09 is dispatched to just outside the event horizon and a perimeter is established. MTF-Omega-09 are given special pressurized diver suits along with pressurized air tanks, waterproof body cameras and radios, and are given the task to find the source of the manifestations. MTF-Omega-09 enter the sand cave and arrive at the replica of the beach surrounding Trearddur Bay. The audio and video transcripts are documented below.

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