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A vaccine for your brain
Made to protect, not contain
By the meme-team in doggerel verse
So do this now or ride the hearse:

First! See blue. Kill red.
Then! Count from gnu to fish.
Now! Erase Your head.
ith! Make an unwish.


Item #: SCP-2673

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

To this procedure you have been assigned,
To strengthen the stout bars of this skip's pen,
To pen the verse, form and meter aligned,
So what hunts in words cannot hunt again.
As this verse shows, in words it can be held,
Trapped in walls of thought and confined by rhyme,
Hunger frustrated and violence quelled.
This cage must be maintained from time to time.
So now, write you must, in form constrained.
And within your words let it be contained.


SCP twenty-six seventy-three,
Is a memetic parasite carried,
By language and abstract thought,
Within one host until death sets it free.

By leading victims to early graves,
Through behaviors which can be varied,
But always self destructive ends are sought,
Pleasure, risk, and freedom; what the host craves.

It is transmitted through both print and speech,
But prefers simple everyday words,
To complex structures and rarefied memes.
Verses contain, preventing a breach.

Between verse and antimeme it is caught,
This document contains it in these words,
Though it adapts and can escape it seems,
So new verse is needed or all's for naught.

Traced back linguistic'ly to Tudor times,
Kit Marlowe, like his Faustus, called it here,
From Nevermeant, through Percy's tower door,
And tried to prison it in verse and rhymes,

But in the end it caused his early death.
A covert and occult life it did steer,
Which ended bleeding on the tavern floor,
The meme-life transmitted in his last breath.

Should it escape from this cage of written lines,
It will infect the last one this has read,
You are, of course, the last of the readers,
Be sure to keep in mind infection's signs.

Which are: increase in vividness of dreams,
Seeking risk, foolish things on impulse said,
Urges decadent, distrust of leaders.
In this event, review the antimemes.

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