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Original Khevtuul 1 flight plan as of 2004 (green)

Item #: SCP-2669

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Khevtuul 1 Command Center has been established within the Foundation Office of Celestial Anomalies for the purposes of maintaining contact with and, when circumstances permit, control over SCP-2669. All available resources within the Khevtuul sub-program of Project Heimdall have now been redeployed with the aim of increasing the distance between SCP-2669 and Earth to the maximum extent feasible. All periods in which SCP-2669 is under control of the Khevtuul 1 Command Center are to be used in furtherance of this goal. Staff are to disregard prior mission parameters.

Due to the potential for high numbers of D-Class personnel being required for SCP-2669 containment, the Foundation Logistics Department has been authorized to establish a specialized recruitment program dedicated to personnel for SCP-2669. This program is tentatively approved to begin operations at Ar Ramtha Refugee Camp in Irbid Governorate, Jordan, under the established "Mercy International Adoption Services" front organization.

Description: SCP-2669 is the Khevtuul 1 space probe, designed, constructed and launched clandestinely by the Foundation in 2004 as part of extraterrestrial threat assessment protocols mandated by Project Heimdall. SCP-2669's initial mission was the direct observation of exoplanets believed to be capable of harboring Earth-analogous life forms, a function beyond mainstream scientific capabilities for the foreseeable future.

SCP-2669 utilizes two capabilities not attainable with currently understood technology:

  • Effective faster-than-light (FTL) travel. Research and adaptation of three exotic propulsion systems found within SCP-2117, believed to operate by locally distorting space-time, yielded an experimental drive capable of enabling a small probe to travel at relative speeds of up to (and in some cases exceeding) approximately 5.3c. Due to the immense destructive potential of such a drive, clearance for use was granted exclusively to Khevtuul 1.
  • Instantaneous communication and control. Khevtuul 1 was designed with an augmented flight computer system incorporating a human consciousness-integrated Command-Data-Guidance-Control (CDGC) system. Study and adaptation of the remote mind-body linking phenomenon behind SCP-2372 has enabled a form of human consciousness upload into an electronic interface. The presence of a separated human consciousness linked to a corporeal body on Earth has enabled the transfer of information from Earth to the location of Khevtuul 1 to occur on an instantaneous basis, regardless of relativistic distance. This attribute enabled the enhanced degree of control necessary to operate a space probe beyond the boundaries of the Solar System at the needed operational capacities for the mission.

During its period of full Foundation control and mission functionality, Khevtuul 1 directly surveyed 114 exoplanets. The results of that survey remain classified.

SCP-2669 is host to the consciousness of D-43852 (the former Dr. Asma Tareen). D-43852 exerts autonomous control over the probe, and is actively seeking to return to Earth. Due to the potential of a collision between Earth and a relativistic object resulting from this intention, containment procedures have been established to prevent the return of SCP-2669 to Earth.

Experimentation has shown that uploading the consciousness of another subject simultaneously disrupts D-43852's control over SCP-2669. In the absence of interference from D-43852, backup software is able to resume control over SCP-2669's propulsion systems, which have been programmed to continue the probe on its originally planned course travelling indefinitely away from Earth. However, D-43852 has proven capable of removing additional subjects from SCP-2669, though this process typically takes several weeks. The eventual fate of additional D-Class subjects uploaded to SCP-2669 is not understood at present.

Because of the nature of the upload process, the use of D-Class subjects recruited outside the specialized program listed above is now prohibited.

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