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Partial diagram of an SCP-2668-1 instance, recovered from beneath the Capitoline Museums, Rome. Believed to date back to the late 16th century. Design similarities to instances of SCP-1628 have been noted.

Item №: SCP-2668

Anomaly Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2668 is currently in a stable cycle, necessitating little action on the part of the Foundation. Site-080-B, located 3 km from Historical Site-080, is currently the central research zone for all information relating to SCP-2668, and is expected to act as a prominent location for future research into extradimensional activity.

No unauthorised electronic screens are to be activated within Historical Site-080, and civilians witnessing events within SCP-2668 are to undergo standard amnesticisation protocols. MTF-ξ-ϗ is currently undergoing reassignment.

Description: SCP-2668 is an extradimensional region resembling the Roman Colosseum (undamaged, appearing as it would have at the time of its construction) and a small quantity of surrounding landscape. Physical laws act within SCP-2668 as they do in baseline reality. With the exception of temporal passage, physical laws within SCP-2668 appear to mimic those of baseline reality. No method of reaching SCP-2668 without the aid of SCP-2668-1 has yet been uncovered, despite Foundation efforts.

SCP-2668-1 are ~65,000 sentient animatronic humanoids resembling Ancient Roman soldiers, civilians and dignitaries, capable of autonomous movement despite the lack of any visible power source. While in a dormant state, cameras embedded within the region reveal SCP-2668-1 choose to remain inside SCP-2668, moving from point to point with no apparent goal or aim. The only time at which divergence from this behaviour pattern is observed is during 2668-SALUTANT events, which progress as follows:

  • Approximately 150 SCP-2668-1 instances will manifest via unknown means in a place of large cultural importance (most frequently a monument, museum, or site of a historic event), invariably related to the history of the Roman Empire.
  • One human subject nearby will be selected by the group, and all SCP-2668-1 instances will attempt to subdue or incapacitate the subject (henceforth designated SCP-2668-2). If this is successful, all instances will demanifest, along with SCP-2668-2, reappearing within SCP-2668.
  • If SCP-2668-2 is not subdued within a matter of minutes, more SCP-2668-1 instances will manifest at an exponential rate. Any instances damaged during this process will spontaneously demanifest, and another SCP-2668-1 will take their place. How SCP-2668 replenishes its supply of SCP-2668-1 instances is unknown. This behaviour will not cease until SCP-2668-2 is subdued and transported to SCP-2668.
  • Once SCP-2668-2 is transported, all instances of SCP-2668-1 will demanifest. Up to fifteen minutes following this, all powered electronic screens in the area will begin to display live footage of SCP-2668.

Once a subject has been successfully acquired by the entities, the second stage of a 2668-SALUTANT event will begin. SCP-2668-2 will be provided with a number of weapons, and forced to engage an opponent in combat — invariably resembling an entity with which the subject has had some manner of disagreement or hostility in the past. This includes, but is not limited to, authority figures, abstract concepts, past acquaintances and esoteric entities. If SCP-2668-2 is killed during this combat, they will reappear within SCP-2668 and be forced to continue fighting. Once victorious, SCP-2668-2 will be escorted from the region by a number of SCP-2668-1 instances, and SCP-2668-1 will enter a dormant phase. The next 2668-SALUTANT event will take place no less than eight weeks following the subject's victory.

For a record of recorded 2668-SALUTANT events, see Document 2668-A.

Addendum (20/04/2003): Researcher M. Forth, tentatively designated SCP-2668-3, manifested suddenly 4 km south-east of Historical Site-080. On their person were a number of weapons of unknown manufacture (presumably generated by SCP-2668), and a device capable of manipulating dimensional stability over a short range — while equivalent technologies are known to the Foundation, the device carried by SCP-2668-3 was apparently assembled from various, apparently random electromechanical components.2 How SCP-2668-3 was able to create or procure this device while within SCP-2668 is being investigated.

Interviews with SCP-2668-3 have so far been inconclusive, but an extended amnestic regimen is expected to drastically improve the entity's psychological and emotional states. Note that, since SCP-2668-3's manifestation, video footage of SCP-2668 has been resumed. No abnormal activity has yet been observed from SCP-2668, and SCP-2668-1 have not yet left the seating area, acting as though the conflict was still ongoing.

Addendum (20/08/2042):

Today we mourn the loss of a truly great man, Senior Researcher Forth. He has been an inspiration to us all throughout his career, and has weathered hardships the likes of which few of us can know. He was more than just a colleague to us at Site-898: he was a friend, and Lord knows that in this business good friends are few and far between. I want more than anything to thank them; thank them for showing us how to overcome adversity, and for helping us through the bad times. It is no exaggeration to say that life will not be the same now he's gone.

We'll miss you, Michael.

~ Notice from Site Director Ingo, in response to the death of SCP-2668-3 from natural causes at the age of 76. A funeral was held three days later, but was disrupted by the sudden demanifestation of the entity's corpse, and the announcement of resumed activity from SCP-2668.

Addendum (24/08/2042): Following the aforementioned resumption of activity, and the lack of further manifestations, the anomaly has been reclassified as Safe. SCP-2668-3 has been marked as Permanently MIA, and will receive a posthumous Foundation Star for Perseverance And Valour as and when he expires. Should he manage to exit SCP-2668 a second time, the Ethics Committee has voted unanimously in favour of devising a method of permanent termination.

Research into SCP-2668-3's possible retrieval is ongoing, but shows little promise. Plans to rename the Northern wing of Historical Site-080 in their memory are awaiting approval.

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