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Site-48 CCTV Live Broadcast: #0017
SCP-2665-A Containment

Item #: SCP-2665

Object Class: Safe

Containment Protocols: SCP-2665-A is housed at Site-48 in a Safe-class containment locker. Testing with SCP-2665-A is currently being supervised by Dr. Smith. SCP-2665-A is not to be used for testing unless permission is granted from Senior Researcher Andrew or a Level 3 researcher.

The tunnels within SCP-2665-B are to be constantly monitored by guards, who are also tasked with searching the tunnels in order to retrieve any additional documents written by the ENCC. SCP-2665-B's known entrances have been closed off using a cover story of hazardous tunnel collapses.

Update: As of Test 2665-A-6, access to SCP-2665-A is to be granted only to Senior Researchers. Junior Researchers are authorized to assist with testing of SCP-2665 only at the request of a Senior Researcher.

Description: SCP-2665 is the collective designation given to two anomalies, SCP-2665-A and SCP-2665-B. SCP-2665-A is a weathered pickaxe made out of non-anomalous oak wood and iron. It measures 5.5 kilograms in mass and 1 meter in length.

SCP-2665-A's anomalous effects manifest when a subject holds SCP-2665-A with one hand near the head and the other at the base of the handle.1 When holding SCP-2665-A in this manner, subjects will experience an audio-visual hallucination referred to as a 2665 event. During the hallucination, subjects will witness an event that matches up with real-life actions undertaken by the Extra-Normal Creatures Control2 (see below information). The subject's hallucinations will either take place within Connecticut, Massachusetts, or another northeastern state within The United States of America.

SCP-2665-B is an abandoned facility located within a small mountain in [REDACTED], Connecticut. This facility was the main base of the ENCC. Inside the facility are several crudely constructed containment cells for housing anomalous objects or entities. A majority of the anomalies that the ENCC had contained are either missing or have lost their anomalous properties. The anomalies contained by the ENCC have been classified by the Foundation as either Class-E objects or anomalous objects. The containment cells have been rebuilt by the Foundation and are being used as D-Class dormitories and Class-E holding cells.

Discovery of SCP-2665: SCP-2665-B was discovered during the first establishment of Site-48. While constructing the site, personnel discovered the entrance to the abandoned facility within a cliff face of a small mountain. Personnel inspected the area and discovered several documents somewhat similar in format to SCP Documents. Foundation documents were researched to determine if the organization was accounted for in the list of known groups of interest. This facility was not included.

During further exploration of the facility, Foundation personnel found documents belonging to the Extra-Normal Creatures Control. It was also discovered that a large part of the facility had been destroyed. The destroyed remains led to a series of mining tunnels and caves. Inscribed on the walls were arrows pointing towards a large cavern filled with water and with sunlight shining through the ceiling of the cave. In the middle of the cave, a book was found containing old documents along with SCP-2665-A.

Incident 2665-1: During Test 2665-A-6, Senior Researcher Andrew and Junior Researcher Branx took D-1169 inside of SCP-2665-B in order to determine whether any kind of special reaction would occur if a 2665 event were initiated inside of SCP-2665-B.

D-1169 then attempted to avoid being part of the test by breaking off a loose stalactite and stabbing the security guard escorting the Class-D and researchers. D-1169 then escaped out of SCP-2665-B and was terminated on sight when trying to exit Site-48. Shorty following the Class-D's escape, Junior Researcher Branx3 disappeared. SCP-2665-A was found in one of the caverns in which Branx had previously hidden. Junior Researcher Branx has yet to be found.

Addendum 2665.1 Recovered Documentation of ENCC anomalies

Testing Log: SCP-2665-A

Addendum 2665.2: Recovered Letter

Addendum 2665.3: Recovered ENCC anomalies

During routine exploration of SCP-2665-B, an ENCC document were discovered by Agent Saggio.

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