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Item #: SCP-2660

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2660 is currently held in a standard containment chamber, with an additional set of doors to prevent line-of-sight access to connecting corridors.

Personnel may not take any physical or digital notes while testing SCP-2660, and must instead verbally report all test results to the designated test director (currently Dr. Gently).

All information about SCP-2660 is currently restricted to personnel with Level 3 clearance, or personnel approved to work with SCP-2660. (Updated: See Addendum 2660-1)

Description: SCP-2660 is a ceramic table lamp which exhibits a self-clarifying infohazard. Awareness of one of SCP-2660's physical properties causes the observer to slowly gain awareness of all its physical properties; this process takes between three hours and two days to complete.

For example, persons viewing only a small portion of SCP-2660's surface can identify the object as a lamp. Images that have been extensively edited or color shifted are also prone to this effect, e.g., a color shifted photo still allows the subject to identify SCP-2660 as black and white. All information created involving SCP-2660 is persistent; it cannot be expunged, redacted, or lied about in any way.

Electronic text records regarding SCP-2660 cannot be erased or edited as to expunge data, and will instantly revert to unedited form if this is attempted. Messages written on paper regarding SCP-2660 will, if erased, gradually reappear on the paper over the course of 3-6 hours. Memories regarding SCP-2660 will never be forgotten, and cannot be erased by amnestic treatment.

Persons with a line of sight to SCP-26601 experience the sensation of hearing a repeating beat, described as sequence of one long note followed by two short notes, accompanied by a constant buzzing. Objects or persons with a line of sight to SCP-2660 are affected by an additional anomalous effect, designated SCP-2660-1. SCP-2660-1 only affects objects with line of sight contact to SCP-2660, and only for the duration of that contact.

SCP-2660-1's effect varies from each object tested, although similar objects usually exhibit the same effect. All SCP-2660-1 affected items are subject to SCP-2660's self-clarifying effect.

SCP-2660 was recovered following a Foundation raid on a known headquarters of the Maxwellist sect of the Church of the Broken God5. While the raid was otherwise successful, it was suspected by memetic analysts that MTF Nu-7 "Hammer Down" may have been exposed to cognitohazardous material during the operation. Cautionary amnestic treatments were utilized, but subsequent treatment evaluations revealed that some memories remained, all dealing with a lamp briefly spotted in the center of a "worship" hall. The object was secured and designated SCP-2660.

Addendum 2660-1: Following the events of Interview 7154, all persons who had previously been directly exposed to SCP-2660 were detained and placed in quarantine pending further review of SCP-2660's containment procedures. Dr. Sandu was detained following an attempt to break protocol and communicate with affected persons. As the limits of what constitutes "knowledge" of SCP-2660 are not fully understood, all information on the current status of quarantined persons is hereby restricted to personnel with express clearance from Level 4 personnel of the Foundation memetics department.

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