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Item #: SCP-2656

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2656 is currently held in secure storage at site-15. All research involving SCP-2656 is to be conducted in a testing chamber approved for the study of high levels of type-3 anomalous radiation. All testing requires a minimum clearance of 9m around the object, including overhead clearance. During testing, SCP-2656 is to be supplied power through a 220V type C power outlet connected to an emergency power cut-off box located in an anteroom outside the chamber.

If any personnel are exposed to SCP-2656 during its active state, power to SCP-2656 must be cut and the exposed individual must be escorted outside of SCP-2656's range of effect before the second stage can occur. Exposed personnel are to be taken to the on-site medbay for examination and possible treatment.

Description: SCP-2656 is a heavily modified Fernseh-brand German television set manufactured between 195█ and 195█. Though many of the original components remain unchanged, variations from standard Fernseh-models include:

-Disconnection of all on-face dials and inputs.
-Removal of most key components used for picking up long-range television signals.
-An internal media playback device similar in design to a film chain camera, with inputs for 16mm film, 35mm film and 35mm slide reels. This device reads inserted films and displays them onscreen while SCP-2656 is active, limited to black-and-white display.
-Two internal devices that emit low-intensity electro-magnetic waves while active, presumed the primary source of SCP-2656's anomalous properties.
-An internal device that emits large amounts of type-3 anomalous radiation1 while active, the effects and properties of which are currently under investigation. Presumed a secondary source of SCP-2656's anomalous effects.
-An internal device of unknown use. Emits a low-frequency hum when SCP-2656 is active.

When supplied with power, SCP-2656 will automatically enter an active state. Any human subject within an approximate 8.5m radius of SCP-2656 while in its active state will undergo a process in which the brain is precisely dissected within the cranium and irreversibly damaged, resulting in death. This happens over 5 stages:

Stage 1: SCP-2656 emits a low-intensity electromagnetic wave. This wave inhibits the brain, acting as a powerful anesthetic. Exposed subjects lose consciousness near-instantaneously. It is otherwise harmless, and effects wear off after 6-8 hours.

Stage 2: After approximately 12 seconds of exposure, the brain begins to shut down. This stage lasts approximately 2 minutes and, if allowed to continue, invariably results in an irreversible catatonic state. Subjects removed from SCP-2656's area of effect during this stage often suffer permanent brain damage, with the likelihood increasing the longer exposure persists.

Stage 3: The brain is cleanly and precisely dissected, separating the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe, cerebellum and brain stem. This typically lasts between 2 and 7 minutes, varying between subjects.

Stage 4: Sections of the brain are further dissected. This begins with the separation of the frontal lobe into the pre-frontal cortex, motor cortex and pre-motor cortex. Other sections of the brain are similarly dissected in this way, continuing with the parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe and finally the cerebellum. All separations are precise. This process lasts between 5 and 11 minutes.

Stage 5: Approximately 15 seconds after the completion of the previous stage, all sections of the brain begin to emit heats measured up to 520 K (467°F), causing severe burning and tissue damage. This lasts until the subject is removed from SCP-2656's area of effect or until SCP-2656 is deactivated.

This process can be undergone by multiple subjects concurrently without any observed adverse effects, tested up to five subjects. Abnormalities in the brain do not appear to inhibit SCP-2656's effects, as alien forms such as tumours are separated as with other sections of the brain and prior damage such as a lobotomy or physical trauma is ignored. SCP-2656 has been tested to affect dead and unconscious bodies, though not to affect already removed brains or any non-human subjects.

Based on the contents of document R-2656-A (see below) it is speculated that SCP-2656 is either damaged or incomplete, as it appears to be unable to fulfill its designed functions. Research into SCP-2656 repairs is pending O5 approval.
Approval denied.

Recovery Log: SCP-2656 was recovered from the ████████ ███████ Museum in ██████, England, after reports of multiple unexplained deaths in the building. Between ██/█/████ and ██/█/████, 24 casualties were the result of SCP-2656 exposure, including museum patrons, museum staff and local police. SCP-2656 was found in an active state in the museum's staff area, presumed to have been activated by staff members unaware of its anomalous properties. SCP-2656 was recovered from the scene by Mobile Task Force Sigma-22 ("Glomar Response") and replaced with a mundane Fernseh-brand television of similar make and model. The casualties were attributed to a leak of highly toxic gas within the building and the bodies were transported to Site-██ for analysis. Low-level amnestics were administered as deemed necessary and media coverage of the incident was suppressed.
According to museum documents, SCP-2656 was one of █ items purchased for display in the ████████ ███████ Museum from a private collector by the name of J███ D███████ based in ██████████, Wales. Mr. D███████ was taken to Site-██ for questioning. He was seemingly unaware of SCP-2656's anomalous properties, claiming never to have activated it. He was dosed with Class-A amnestics and released.

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