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Item #: SCP-2652

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2652 is to be kept in a hospital bed in a modified humanoid containment room at Site 73. SCP-2652 is to be fed three times daily with a nutrient paste providing approximately 2500 kilocalories per day and an appropriate regimen of vitamins and supplements for an adult male, to be delivered into its primary orifice via feeding tube. A bedpan and/or relief tube is to be provided for extraction of waste from its secondary orifice. SCP-2652 is to undergo regular bathing, rotation, and massage to prevent formation of bedsores, and is to receive medical screening and treatment as appropriate.

SCP-2652's sensory ports are to be cleaned and examined regularly and before and after testing, and may be repaired or replaced as necessary.

Description: SCP-2652 is a manmade humanoid organism, genetically similar to Homo sapiens sapiens, which has undergone extreme genetic, cybernetic, and surgical alteration, both before and after its conception and birth. The organism's body is cylindrical, approximately 1.6 meters in length with an average circumference of 120 centimeters. The organism possesses no legs or head, and appears to be analogous to the torso of a non-anomalous human being, with a rudimentary pelvis located at the lower end and a spinal column beginning at the pelvis and continuing to the brain situated at the upper end, with the digestive, respiratory, and pulmonary organs located between. The organism possesses two major orifices; one at the upper end which is analogous to the mouth of a non-anomalous human being but does not possess teeth or a tongue, and one at the lower end which performs all urinary/excretory functions. Based on SCP-2652's skin tone and genetic analysis, the organism is believed to have been created using DNA samples derived from a Caucasian male.

SCP-2652 possesses seven pairs of arms, branching off from its body from separate pairs of shoulders situated along the organism's spine. Between each pair of arms, on the front-facing side of the organism, a panel has been installed containing connectors for input cables of the type used to attach video game consoles or similar devices to televisions. Biopsies and CT scans of SCP-2652 indicate that these connectors are attached to nerves which are interweaved into the organism's spinal cord and connect to the brain. It is believed that these connections provide sensory information to the brain in the same way that the eyes and ears provide information to the brain in non-anomalous humans.

Testing indicates that, when the output cables from a video game console are attached to one of SCP-2652's input panels and a control device attached to said system is placed in its matching pair of hands, that in almost all circumstances it is capable of playing any game loaded into the console to a degree of proficiency exceeding that which a human player is capable of. Although SCP-2652 possesses no sexual organs, nerves attached to the sensory ports are additionally linked to parts of the brain associated with sexual pleasure; testing indicates that, upon achieving a desirable result in a game, SCP-2652 experiences sensations comparable to orgasm in non-anomalous humans.

SCP-2652 was discovered on ██/██/201█ by South Korean customs officials at Incheon International Airport. The organism was sealed inside a crate on an air freight flight originating from San Francisco International Airport; customs declarations indicated the crate had been shipped by "Ancients International", a front group believed to be associated with [REDACTED].

Addendum: Intercepted internal communications from [REDACTED]

From: Marketing@██████████.███
To: Research@██████████.███

Is the product going to be ready by the end of the month? Our client needs delivery before season 11 starts if their long-term strategy is going to be viable, and we know that [REDACTED]'s model is already up to 1350 APM on the latest DLC.

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