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The southeastern corner of POI-2648's property, where SCP-2648 was first discovered.

Item #: SCP-2648

Object Class: Safe (pending Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-2648's low threat level, no task force is currently assigned to containment of SCP-2648 itself. Anywhere from five to seven qualified personnel from nearby Site-42 are assigned to SCP-2648 at random for 28-day intervals before rotating out with the next round of personnel. SCP-2648 must be under constant 24/7 observation, and must be prevented from accumulating any additional matter. As of 07/13/17, SCP-2648 is housed in a standard steel shipping container at the site of its origin, and is approximately 4 meters in diameter with a roughly spherical shape. Offsite containment of SCP-2648 is currently impossible due to lack of cooperation from the land owner, POI-2648, but is pending.

Due to the sheer size of POI-2648's land and the fact that nearly all of it has been contaminated with hallucinogenic substances, operatives of MTF Lambda-14 ("Drug-Runners") are assigned to monitor groundwater and soil composition and if necessary interfere with local water supply infrastructure in order to prevent the spread of compounds to the greater Outer Banks area. If necessary, Lambda-14 operatives may assist in containment of SCP-2648 itself, should the need arise. Lambda-14 operatives should communicate water and soil test readings to SCP-2648's containment personnel at least once weekly.

Due to the remote location of the events and the anomaly in question, it is unlikely that civilians other than those involved in Event 1A1 will become aware of the existence of SCP-2648. However, if any civilians do become aware, they are to be administered Class-B amnestics and released. Following the failed attempt at relocation of POI-2648 to Site-42 on 06/24/17, POI-2648 is, as of 07/18/17, to be held indefinitely on their property by Foundation personnel.

Description: SCP-2648 is an animate amalgamation of primarily organic matter which roams a 4.8-square kilometer area of privately owned land in the unincorporated community of ██████ █████, Outer Banks, North Carolina. The anomaly is slightly hostile, sometimes attacking containment personnel, but does not appear to possess the capacity for intelligent thought and does not appear to attack unless threatened.

SCP-2648 functions by assimilating matter into its mass, sometimes rearranging itself to benefit mobility, and afterward growing in size. Thus far, SCP-2648 has been seen to assimilate bushes, small shrubs, grass turf (plastic mesh included), stray pieces of firewood, a squirrel and deer carcass, multiple pineapples, multiple species of psychedelic mushrooms, and fresh vegetables of unknown origin. It is theorized that SCP-2648's interior layers are likely composed of a flesh-like substance, due to the fact that it is mobile and occasionally excretes a red fluid appearing to be a mixture of blood, mucus, water, and plant matter; however, this fluid could potentially be present due to SCP-2648 regularly assimilating animal carcasses. SCP-2648 emits a slight foul odor and low humming noise, and travels at speeds of 8-40 kilometers per hour depending on terrain.

After investigation, it was discovered that SCP-2648 is apparently under the supervision of the land owner, POI-2648, an individual who claims to have inherited their land from a family member in the late 1990s. POI-2648 is non-anomalous, but has been unable to provide legal name, date of birth, or Social Security Number information to both Foundation personnel and law enforcement. POI-2648 claims that they do not require a name for spiritual purposes, but that they are often referred to as CJ. POI-2648 is regularly under the influence of various psychotropic drugs, but is cooperative on most issues excluding the notions of removing themself from the property, removing SCP-2648 from the property, or halting their regular use of illegal substances2.

Following a lead from an anonymous informant, Dare County police discovered on 06/20/17 that a 3.2 x 3.2-meter section of POI-2648's land was being used for the cultivation of the psychedelic mushroom Psilocybe cyanescens. After Dare County police informed the US DEA3 of the operation, a Foundation-affiliated informant within the DEA reported the existence of SCP-2648 to Site-42 personnel, who then intervened with the case and discussed occurrences with Dare County police and the DEA.

Given POI-2648's alleged emotional connection4 to SCP-2648, it was argued by Site-42 personnel that the arrest of POI-2648 could potentially lead to SCP-2648 becoming actively dangerous due to its growth rate and hostility toward containment personnel. Law enforcement then agreed to leave the case solely to Foundation oversight, provided the Foundation entirely halt all drug trading between POI-2648 and the general public. After this was done, further investigation of POI-2648's land revealed the following in addition to the aforementioned cultivation of Psilocybe cyanescens:

  • Several acres in the northwest corner of the property are used to successfully grow the Kona sugarloaf cultivar of pineapple;
  • a plot of soil is used to grow Psilocybe semilanceata, another species of psychedelic mushroom;
  • an auxiliary building in which a makeshift laboratory was constructed is used for the purposes of synthesizing Lysergic acid diethylamide5, as well as the attempted synthesizing of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine6;
  • an auxiliary building was attemptedly used to extract Mescaline7 from Peyote cacti grown in a greenhouse; however, POI-2648 cites that the humid North Carolinian climate negatively affected cacti growth despite the artificial greenhouse climate, and that they were not able to successfully extract Mescaline.

Following these developments, POI-2648 was apprehended by Foundation personnel and held on-site on their property while containment procedures and personnel operations were established. POI-2648 is most commonly in their bedroom in the farm house or in the upper eastern corner of the property, where SCP-2648 frequently lingers as well. SCP-2648 is notably not hostile toward POI-2648, and POI-2648 did not previously appear to notice that SCP-2648 is animate; this was elaborated upon in the attached interview transcript.

Addendum I: On 06/23/17, two days after initial discovery of SCP-2648 and four days after initial law enforcement intervention with growing and synthesizing operations, POI-2648 was interviewed by Site-42 field agent and biologist Rich Muirfield with the intention of clarifying their connection with SCP-2648, as well as their general situation. The transcript of this interview can be found below.

Date: 06/23/17 13:32
Interviewed: POI-2648
Interviewer: Agent Rich Muirfield

Begin Log:

Muirfield: Good afternoon. I'd like to start, for the record, with a bit of your history here. Can you do that?

POI-2648: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Muirfield: Thank you. Alright, so how did you end up on this land?

POI-2648: Oh, my, uh, cousin.

Muirfield: Your cousin?

POI-2648: My cousin, RJ. I'm CJ, he's RJ.

Muirfield: Alright, and what did your cousin do?

POI-2648: Oh, uh, he was a farmer I think?

Muirfield: I'm talking about what he did in terms of you receiving ownership of this land.

POI-2648: Ah, okay. Well, yeah, he was a farmer, and he's a few years older than I am, and when I was comin' up, I used to hang with him on the farm.

Muirfield: What did he farm?

POI-2648 laughs.

POI-2648: Not shrooms. He did like the pineapples, though.

Muirfield: Did he teach you how to grow the pineapples?

POI-2648: Yeah. Those are really good pineapples, a really sweet type of 'em. And shrooms taste like shit, so they go well with pineapples. Masks that wet dog smell, you know.

Muirfield: Alright, so your cousin — who is slightly older than you — taught you how to farm pineapples when you were a child, and then ended up transferring ownership of this property to you for the sake of farming.

POI-2648: Right, yeah.

Muirfield: Okay, and how old are you, again?

POI-2648: Twenty-nine. Almost there. When I turn thirty I'm gonna go settle down somewhere- well, I mean, that's what I was gonna do, but now that it's gone- I mean, now that you guys are here, I don't know what I'm gonna do for my birthday-

Muirfield: Hang on, now that what is gone? Did someone else live here?

POI-2648 pauses for ten seconds.

POI-2648: …Yeah, my- friend.

Muirfield: Can you elaborate?

POI-2648: I mean, what's to elaborate on? This is a rural area, you know. People go missing.

Muirfield: Missing? Do you think you could- contact the police? I mean, did you contact the police when your friend went missing?

POI-2648 laughs.

POI-2648: No. You know I can't. You stopped there for a second, ha. Couldn't've. Contacted 'em. Also, this town here, it's unincorporated, that means there ain't a town police department. You may have four bars on your cell signal, but that don't mean there's many civilizations here. I mean, er, civilized people. A town, that is, there's not really a town. There's just me and this rock and those cliffs over there by the water, where- it and I used to hang out.

Muirfield: Who are you referring to? Did they have a legal name?

POI-2648: I don't know. What's a name to a soul? I didn't know 'em by its name, I knew 'em by the way it acted. Around me. Was a great friend to me, and went missing. People go missing out here all the time, you know - it's a rural area-

Muirfield: How exactly did they go missing? Did you witness it?

POI-2648: Went to the seafront and didn't come back. There are some cave systems I try to stay away from down there because I see too much in the dark, you know? I ain't one to go looking for trouble, really, I'm just up here minding my business, trying to get in touch with some stuff people ain't keen on looking for with just their basic minds.

Muirfield: …And selling what you grow and synthesize, correct?

POI-2648: Well, how else do I make money? I have to have electricity and water. I didn't ask to be born in a world where society's made it so you can't live off the land. No one did.

Muirfield: When your friend went missing by the beach - how long ago was this?

POI-2648: Few weeks, I guess? I'm so glad they came back, so thankful.

Muirfield: Wait, what? Your friend isn't missing anymore?

POI-2648: They were missing, but it came back. Like, missing for a few weeks- came back a little different, but what's to complain- about? Like I said, what's a name to a soul. Same person inside, just a little rearranged.

Muirfield pauses to write.

Muirfield: Okay. If you don't mind, may we put that topic on the back burner, so to speak, and address the topic of the anomaly?

POI-2648: The- the what?

Muirfield: The anomalous-

POI-2648: I know what 'anomaly' means, but- okay, yeah, this might fix this, here, you and I talking. Yeah, see, I still don't know why y'all're here and all that, because you ain't the DEA and you ain't the cops. Right? The shrooms aren't really that illegal, you know, you might as well just take the synthetics-

Muirfield: We're not here for the drugs.

POI-2648: Oh, right. Right, I thought so, right. So- uh- the anomaly?

Muirfield: The anomaly. There's a… ball of grass, for lack of better phrasing, crawling around your property. We'd like to put it in a steel box to stop it from growing further, but it attacks personnel. What do you know about it? It's the only other animate thing in this area other than you.

POI-2648: Oh, it? Oh, come on, that's my friend. I told you they looked a little different, but- same person inside.

Muirfield: …What?

POI-2648: What? It's still- you know, they were there for me when no one else was, okay? When I was sick, they took care of me. When I was lonely, they were there for me. When I needed someone to drive to the store, they went for me. I don't have a license, you know, I mean I can drive, but the ATV's been broken down for a while.

Muirfield: How do you get food?

POI-2648: I grow it! This is a farm.

Muirfield: Okay, but you have no edible food other than hallucinogenic mushrooms and pineapples, and you have no animals. If you have additional assets you're hiding from us, you would be advised to-

POI-2648: No, no, man, I wouldn't do that to y'all. You and I, we're good.

Muirfield: …Okay, we may have to look into that at a later date. In the meantime, can you explain how you've been eating, then? Or getting supplies for living? If your friend went missing, you were — during that time — not able to get them to go to the store for you, correct?

POI-2648: Right. Lots of pineapple…

Muirfield pauses to write.

Muirfield: Okay, and you claim that the organic anomaly on the property is your friend, correct? And your friend did not have a legal or casual name that you're aware of?

POI-2648: Mmm-hmm.

Muirfield: Acknowledged. And, now that your friend is back, you cannot go to the store anymore due to their… appearance?

Muirfield pauses to write.

POI-2648: Oh, I don't see why it can't go to the store. I mean, the store's only a few miles up, it's just, y'know, you've kinda quarantined me here and all that, I can't really walk.

Muirfield: We are absolutely not intentionally starving you, sir-

POI-2648: Oh, uh, I'm not a sir.

Muirfield: Right, sorry. You're-

POI-2648: I'm neither, man, just a person. What's a name to a soul?

Muirfield: I understand. Now, again, we are absolutely not intentionally keeping you from eating, and if you haven't had anything to eat for the past few days, please give a list of what you like to one of the containment personnel in the tents and one of them will go for you.

POI-2648: Aww, y'all, that is so sweet. But my buddy, it's got me covered.

Muirfield: It feeds you? How?

POI-2648: Y'all are nice to go to the store for me and all that, I really appreciate it. But you gotta let me see 'em again - we're all hungry here.

Muirfield pauses for five seconds.

Muirfield: Noted. Regarding your friend, SCP-2648- can I again confirm that you believe your missing friend and SCP-2648 to be the same entity?

POI-2648: Yeah. I don't really know what you guys find so weird about them, really, if I can say such a thing.

Muirfield pauses to write.

Muirfield: I need to step outside and talk to one of the other personnel for a few minutes. I'll be right back.

POI-2648: Sure, yeah, take your time.

During this time, Agent Muirfield discusses with two agents of MTF Lambda-14 the possibility that POI-2648's regular and consistent consumption of hallucinogenic substances could be affecting their visual perception to such a degree that they do not realize SCP-2648 is nonhuman, or indeed observably sentient whatsoever. MTF Lambda-14 agents agree that this is possible, but that the fact that POI-2648 behaves and speaks relatively normally confirms that they are not under an influence of that extreme a degree. Additionally, one operative notes that SCP-2648 is incapable of speech, and that POI-2648 likely does not use enough of any substance in an amount that could induce entirely fabricated audio input.

Muirfield: Alright. Does SCP-2648 speak?

POI-2648: Nah, not really. They were always really quiet.

Muirfield: Have you attempted to speak to it since we arrived?

POI-2648: No. It probably misses me, man, I feel bad-

Muirfield: I can see if you'd be permitted to interact with it, but based on our observations, it is likely unsafe.

POI-2648: Trust me, it's fine. I know it well. I was talking with it for a few days here before y'all showed up.

Muirfield: Talking?

POI-2648: It doesn't talk out loud. I can hear it because- my mind is open. You read me? Not everything speaks English, ha. But it speaks.

Muirfield: Alright. What does it want?

POI-2648: Uh- I don't know, to chill? I think y'all are bothering it, man. Just let it be.

Muirfield: It's too much of a risk to the area, I'm afraid, if we allow it to grow. We are certainly not attempting or intending to harm it.

POI-2648 is silent.

Muirfield: You mentioned before that you refuse to stop using drugs because some sort of… what, event - will occur?

POI-2648: If I get off the psychs, my vision will fail again. My eyes? You see, I've gotten used to seeing the full spectrum of what's happening. Imagine if someone took away nearly all your color spectrum and all you could see was red. Grass, trees, buildings- that aren't painted red, the ocean, the sky, none of it's there. But you can remember it being there. You're looking at blank space and knowing you used to see it. That's torture.

Muirfield: That's the result of coming off of addictive substances, I'm afraid.

POI-2648: Psychs aren't addictive. Especially shrooms. This ain't about addiction, it's about losing sight of the world around you when the only way to survive is to see it.

Muirfield: The personnel haven't seen you consuming large amounts of substances. While we would advise you against continued consumption, we are not going to actively prevent you from doing so until containment procedures and operations are fully established, so at this point in time there is no reason to withhold information from us.

POI-2648: I'm not withholding, man, I don't take 'em that much. I just need enough to see, not to fuck everything up. I don't wanna be trippin' all the time, I don't take 'em too often, that's why you don't see me stumblin' around and shit. But look, hell, if I lose sight of some of this important stuff… it'll be bad. And my buddy won't be happy either. If I stop talking to it, why, I don't know what it'll think of me.

Muirfield pauses to write.

Muirfield: We may have to revisit that topic. Now, are you referring to SCP-2648 when you say your 'buddy'?

POI-2648: Uh-huh. Look, can I talk to it? It's bound to be getting antsy.

Muirfield: I'll see if I can arrange something. Thank you for your time, and, again- please let one of us know if you need food. We still advise you to come with us, but-

POI-2648: Whoa whoa, no. If you do that — if you take me outta here — my buddy's gonna freak out. It won't be pretty. It came back for me, I just know it did. You bring something back from the missing — from lack of existence — and then you take away the thing it came back for? You're fuckin' with fire and you're fuckin' with the way the universe functions.

Muirfield: If you are allowed to speak with SCP-2648, will you inform it of the option that you both come with us?

POI-2648: Well- what about the land?

Muirfield: We will maintain it.

POI-2648: But you'll kill my mushrooms.

Muirfield: SCP-2648 has killed more of your mushrooms than we have. It's assimilated-

POI-2648 stands from the table.

POI-2648: What? You let it eat my shrooms? Come on, man, those are expensive!

Muirfield: We've been attempting to contain it, but it's hostile. Look, if you come with us, and we let you speak to it, can you convince it to cooperate with containment operations?

POI-2648: Fuck, fine, if it'll stop them from eating my shit. Christ.

Muirfield: Alright. Thank you.

POI-2648: Yeah.

Addendum II: An additional notable event, titled Event 1A, occurred and was transcribed below by Agent Muirfield on 06/27/17.

Event 1A: On 06/26/17, POI-2648 was allowed contact with SCP-2648. During this time, SCP-2648 temporarily assimilated POI-2648 into its mass, who did not resist this action. SCP-2648 then rolled toward the northern side of the property, growing an additional meter in diameter, knocking over and assimilating the auxiliary building as well as its contents8.

SCP-2648 then rolled up the driveway and onto US Hwy 264, where it caused a five-car pileup leading to the hospitalization of two civilians and later amnesticization of all eight involved civilians and fifteen involved emergency response crew personnel. Following this event, it was successfully apprehended with the assistance of all seven on-duty containment personnel and four MTF Lambda-14 operatives.

When POI-2648 re-emerged, they appeared significantly less emaciated, paler in pallor, and naked, but were otherwise unchanged. When it was proposed by MTF Lambda-14 operatives that this event was likely a joint escape attempt between SCP-2648 and POI-2648, POI-2648 was informed of this suspicion and responded that such a suggestion was absurd and did not reflect the type of interactions they have with SCP-2648. POI-2648 instead cited that SCP-2648 was simply not aware of its growing size and did not realize it held the capacity for destruction.

As of 08/01/17, SCP-2648 and POI-2648 are still held on-site at the original location of these occurrences, and are not permitted to interact with each other outside of SCP-2648's containment area. Foundation executives have claimed foreclosure and later eminent domain on the land in question, and will develop a provisional site for the containment of SCP-2648. Further research into SCP-2648's origin, as well as investigation into the plausibility of the claim that SCP-2648 was formerly a non-anomalous human rather than an anomalous entity, is ongoing. As of 08/04/17, psychedelic substances are no longer being grown or synthesized on the property, and POI-2648 has become significantly less cooperative. SCP-2648 is pending upgrade to Euclid in light of its increasing size and hostility.

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