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Location of SCP-2646-1 on 3/24/19

Item #: SCP-2646

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2646 is to be monitored by an onsite Observation Team posted at Site-2646-Beta, posing as a road construction team repairing Route-91. Agents are not to enter the SCP-2646 area or approach SCP-2646-1 unless civilians appear to be in imminent danger. The location of SCP-2646-1 is to be recorded in Log-2646 on a daily basis.

SCP-2646-2 is to be contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Unit. All living and interview areas shall bear the resemblance of a psychiatric ward in compliance with Standard Containment Protocols Document 12-C.

Addendum: As of Incident-2646-09, Observation Team members must be transferred offsite every thirty days. Researchers onsite are to make daily reports identifying the original position of SCP-2646-1. Researchers not involved with study of SCP-2646 are to compare this information to Control Document SCP-2646-A. Any staff found making reports that are in conflict with Control Document SCP-2646-A are to be transferred from the project immediately and treated with Class B amnestics.

Description: SCP-2646 is the phenomenon affecting ████████ High School and SCP-2646-1, the ███████ City Water Tower, both located in ███████, Massachusetts. Due to the cognitohazardous properties of SCP-2646, research into the phenomenon's history has proven difficult. Official documentation of the construction and use of SCP-2646-1 as a water source either have been removed from record or have never existed. Municipal workers have been determined to be under the influence of the phenomenon’s cognitohazardous effect. However, Researchers estimate that anomalous activity began sometime in the winter of 2018.

SCP-2646-1 is the ███████ City Water Tower. The structure is 44m high, with a diameter of 25m, and can hold approximately 450,000L of water. SCP-2646 has no external points of entry and attempts to breach the structure have proven unsuccessful. At the time of first reporting, it is estimated that SCP-2646-1 is at approximately 60% capacity.1

The structure is capable of spontaneous relocation, with an estimated range of 40m. Water containment capabilities of SCP-2646-1 are unaffected by its relocation. SCP-2646-1 also imposes a cognitohazardous effect on all people with familiarity with the object2, such that they believe its current location to be where the object has always been, regardless of its unusual placement. Subjects challenged about the logic of the placement of SCP-2646-1 will express disinterest in discussing SCP-2646-1 and will exhibit frustration at continued questioning about the object. During all interviews about SCP-2646-1, subjects have invariably stated, "Well, everyone needs water."

SCP-2646-2 is Claudine ██████████, a former chemistry teacher at the school. SCP-2646-2 is unaffected by the cognitohazardous effect of SCP-2646-1. The reason for this immunity is not currently understood. On 4/14/18, SCP-2646-2 was arrested for reckless endangerment, driving under the influence of a controlled substance, criminal possession of explosive materials, and conspiracy to commit terrorism. She was remanded to ███████ Psychiatric Hospital after reporting the properties of SCP-2646 to interviewing officers. SCP-2646-2 was identified as a POI by Foundation Agents embedded in ███████ Police Department. On 4/18/19, Claudine ██████████ was retrieved by Agents and transferred to Site-177, which it believes is a mental health facility, and designated SCP-2646-2.

According to interviews conducted with SCP-2646-2, at some point during March of 2018, SCP-2646-1 relocated approximately 30m towards █████████ High School. SCP-2646-2 claims that it was originally unsure of this and believed that it was mistaken in this assessment. However, when SCP-2646-1 then relocated approximately 26m to a field adjacent to the school, SCP-2646-2 began to question others about the structure's location. When SCP-2646-1 relocated to the school's soccer field, SCP-2646-2 contacted law enforcement authorities, who deemed the reports unworthy of investigation. Claudine ██████████ then acquired explosive materials with the intention of destroying the object. While en route to SCP-2646-1, SCP-2646-2 was stopped by police for erratic driving and arrested.

Geographical and structural analysis of the area affected by SCP-2646 has led Researchers to believe the original location of SCP-2646-1 to be approximately 91m from its current position, though it is possible SCP-2646-1 spontaneously relocated to its suspected origin from another position. Research into this is ongoing.

Addendum: Incident 2646-09

On 5/16/19, staff transferred to Site-2646-Beta discovered that SCP-2646-1 had relocated such that it was integrated with ████████ High School. SCP-2646 Researchers voted unanimously to evacuate the school under the guise of a gas leak. Students and staff were transferred to ███████ Hospital to be treated for toxic levels of gas inhalation, at which point loose containment of all individuals was established. Medical examination of individuals found them all to be suffering symptoms of hyperhydration and were treated accordingly. According to school records, 73 students and 6 staff were unaccounted for. Interviewed faculty and students professed no knowledge of missing individuals.

Observational staff posted at SCP-2646 testified that SCP-2646-1 had always been part of the school structure. It was determined these Researchers were under the cognitohazardous effect of SCP-2646. All individuals were treated with Class B amnestics and contained for observation.

During investigation of the school, multiple postings were discovered reminding students to attend "Water Classes." Drinking fountains, all operational, were found in hallways at 2m intervals, numbering 283 in total. Several classrooms were devoid of desks and chairs. These rooms all had functional fountains at their center. In the main office, schematics for the installation of swimming pools in the gymnasium, cafeteria, and basement were found hung on bulletin boards. On the third floor, investigation teams discovered a previously nonexistent door labeled "Water." This door led to a scaffold structure up to a door in the side of SCP-2646-1. The interior of SCP-2646-1 had the appearance of a nonanomalous water tower. All missing students and faculty were found drowned inside the structure. The water supply of SCP-2646-1 was discovered to be at 73% capacity at this time.

Foundation Agents embedded in Massachusetts state government had ████████ High School declared structurally unsafe and permanently closed. Students were administered Class B amnestics and enrolled in adjacent districts. Faculty were administered Class A amnestics and provided with documentation consistent with permanent lay off. Agents were dispatched to inform families of the deceased that they had perished in the reported gas leak. However, families in question were discovered to be under the cognitohazardous effect of SCP-2646 and had no memory of the individuals killed in the incident.

Addendum: Incident 2646-11

On 6/5/19, Agents in observation of SCP-2646-1 reported its original location as being inconsistent with Control Document SCP-2646-A. Agents were deemed under the cognitohazardous effect of SCP-2646 and were recalled from the field and amnesticized. Agents transferred to Site-2646-Beta reported that the object had spontaneously relocated 28m in the direction of the downtown commercial district of ███████. Neutralization of SCP-2646-1 is pending O5 approval.

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